Best of Pakistan mountains trek and Hunza valley culture tour

Trip description

Best of Pakistan mountains trek and Hunza valley culture tour, including easy hikes for beginners which can be adjusted for people who would like to have some more challenging hiking adventures.

We will have an amazing close-up view of Nanga Parbat mountain when visiting Fairy Meadows, where you also have the chance to visit the Raikot face base camp. After that we will go to Baltistan home to a great number of mountains including the famous K2. A relaxing 3 day hike will give you the opportunity to see the mighty K2 in the distance as well as Masherbrum and some other Karakoram peaks. We will also take the time to discover some of the history and culture of Baltistan by visiting Skardu and Shigar Fort, Khaplu Palace and the very old Chaqchan Mosque.

The Hunzakuts (people of the Hunza Valley) are famous for their longevity, we will visit the Hunza Valley to learn more about their culture & history, taste their amazing traditional food and experience their very warm hospitality. At the same time we will enjoy the most incredible mountain views, you will see Rakaposhi Peak, Lady Finger Peak, Spantik - the Golden Peak and many more. 

Before ending our tour of the best mountains of the north we will continue to upper Hunza and go all the way to top of the Khunjerab Pass (4733m) , while traveling will be treated to even more stunning views and the chance to spot some mountain wildlife.



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19 days

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Day 1: Islamabad

Day 2: Chilas

Day 3: Fairy Meadows

Day 4: Fairy Meadows

Day 5: Skardu

Day 6: Shigar

Day 7: Ghanche

Day 8: K2 View Camp

Day 9: Skardu

Day 10: Gilgit

Day 11: Minapin

Day 12: Karimabad

Day 13: Karimabad

Day 14: Gulmit

Day 15: Borith Lake

Day 16: Khunjerab Pass

Day 17: Islamabad

Day 18: Taxila

Day 19: Home flight

Day 1 : Islamabad


Arrive in Islamabad – a member of the Adventure Pakistan team will meet you and take you to a hotel or guest house for some rest to recover from the long flight. Afternoon sightseeing tour of Islamabad & Rawalpindi: the Faisal Mosque, the Government buildings on Constitution Avenue, the Shakar Parian Park with its rose and jasmine garden and a trip to Damn-e-Koh, to look out over the twin cities (more if time allows it). Dinner & overnight at a hotel in Islamabad.

Day 2 : Chilas


After breakfast we drive towards Chilas by air conditioned bus / car over the famous Karakoram Highway or via the Kaghan Valley over the Babusar Pass. Chilas is a small bazaar town from where we can glimpse petroglyphs dating to the 1st century BC. Overnight at hotel in Chilas.

option: it is also possible to fly from Islamabad to Gilgit and from there drive to Chilas.

Day 3 : Fairy Meadows


From Chilas we will go to Raikot Bridge where we transfer into 4X4 jeeps before heading to Tatto village. After arriving in Tatto village it is going to be a 3 hour trek to Fairy Meadows. Overnight stay in huts.

Day 4 : Fairy Meadows

©Abrar Sharif -

Full rest day at Fairy Meadows, visit to Beyal, Raikot face base camp of Nanga Parbat, explore around BC, overnight stay in huts.

Day 5 : Skardu


We say goodbye to the beautiful Fairy Meadows and trek back down to Tatto Village from where we will take the 4x4 jeeps to Raikot Bridge. Transfer to A/C bus or car and proceed to Skardu. If time allows it we will go for some small sightseeing in Skardu: Bazaar area and or Sadpara Lake. Overnight at hotel in Skardu.

Day 6 : Shigar


A sightseeing day to discover the incredible diverse nature and nice villages in and around the Skardu & Shigar area incl. Skardu Fort, Nansoq Eco Village, Kachura Lake, Katpana Cold Desert and Shigar Fort. Dinner & overnight at the hotel in Skardu or Shigar.

Day 7 : Ghanche


Early morning we drive to Khaplu from where our first day of the trek will start: Khaplu to Ghanche Camp - 4 to 5 hours hike. Overnight in a tent.

Day 8 : K2 View Camp


3 hours hike, from here you have splendid views of K2, Masherbrum and the Karakorum peaks. Overnight in a tent.

Day 9 : Skardu

Day9 : Skardu ©ramsha-asad-GLXZBv7o504-unsplash

5 hours hike down to Khaplu, if time allows it we can have some small sightseeing in Khaplu to see the Khaplu Palace and old Mosque. From Khaplu we drive back to Skardu for dinner and overnight stay at a hotel. 

optional: add 1 night in Khaplu.

Day 10 : Gilgit

Day10 : Gilgit ©aaabbbccc -

From Skardu we will drive to the capital city of the Gilgit-Baltistan region called Gilgit. Here we can go for sightseeing of: Gilgit Bazaar, suspension bridge, Chinese market and the Kargha Buddha. Overnight in Gilgit.

Day 11 : Minapin

©Mushtaq Jass -

From Gilgit we start early and head further north making a stop at Rakaposhi viewpoint before reaching our destination: Minapin. Here we will make a day hike to the grasslands of Hapakun where you will have northern views of Hachindar and Maiun Peaks, if we’re lucky Ibex can be seen on the cliffs above the Minapin glacier. Total 3 – 4 hours of trekking going up and 2 going down. Dinner and overnight in a guesthouse in Minapin. (we can extend this one day trek to a multiple day trek if you would like to visit Rakaposhi BC and or Diran BC.)

Day 12 : Karimabad


It will only be a short drive to the capital of Hunza, Karimabad - we will go for sightseeing of Karimabad Bazaar, the Baltit Fort and the Altit Fort. At the end of the afternoon we drive to Duikar to enjoy the beautiful sunset at the viewpoint above the Eagle’s Nest hotel. Dinner & overnight at a hotel in Karimabad or Duikar.

Day 13 : Karimabad

©Shaziafolio _

Rest day to relax and enjoy in Karimabad by yourself, if you like our guide can take you for a hike to Ultar Meadows or you can visit Ganish village - an old Silk Route settlement. Overnight at a hotel in Karimabad.

Day 14 : Gulmit


In the morning we will visit Hopar glacier & Nagar Valley, in the afternoon we drive to Gulmit - stopping on the way at the Attabad lake. We will have a sightseeing tour in around Gulmit including: Gulmit Museum, Polo ground, Old House, local handmade carpet center, Hussaini suspension bridge. It is also possible to hike to Kamaris village (1 hour each way). Overnight at a hotel in Gulmit.

Day 15 : Borith Lake

©Natalia Davidovich _

A very nice day trip: we will hike from Passu glacier to Borith Lake, the afternoon can be spend at leisure in Gulmit and meet some of the locals. Overnight at a hotel in Gulmit.

Day 16 : Khunjerab Pass

©Naihei _

From Gulmit we drive further north to the top of the Khunjerab Pass which is at the border of Pakistan and China. The area around the Khunjerab Pass is a national park where – if you’re lucky – you can see Siberian Ibexes, Marco Polo sheep (ovis ammon poli), a Snow Leopard or other wildlife. After visiting the border we will drive all the way down to Gilgit for our overnight stay. (The border crossing is closed from 30th Nov / Dec till 1st Apr / May each year - if you travel during a time when it is not possible to visit the border then we will make an alternative program for this day)

Day 17 : Islamabad

©K_Boonnitrod _

We leave early for the airport to catch our flight to Islamabad, the afternoon can be spend at leisure or we can visit the Lok Virsa Folk & Heritage museum and or Saidpur village. In case our flight got cancelled (or if you prefer to travel by road) then we will drive from Gilgit over the Babusar Pass to Naran or via the Karakoram highway to Besham.

Day 18 : Taxila

©asool _

From Islamabad we make a day trip to Taxila to visit the Taxila museum and various archeaological sites. Goodbye dinner & overnight at a hotel in Islamabad.

(from Naran or Besham we will stop on the way at Taxila for sightseeing and after that continue to Islamabad)

The city of Taxila dates back to the Gandhara period and contains the ruins of the Gandhāran city of Takṣaśilā which was an important Hindu and Buddhist centre, and is still considered a place of religious and historical sanctity in those traditions. In 1980, Taxila was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site with multiple locations.

Day 19 : Home flight


Your last day in Pakistan, time to say goodbye! Depending on your flight schedule we will bring you to the airport 3 hours before your scheduled departure time. If you still have some time today we can arrange additional sightseeing in or near Islamabad.

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