Break in Maldives

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Take a break and enjoy the moment with this trip to the Maldives. The archipelago invites you to savour its wonders, between large white sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

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6 days

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Shanti Travel

Day 1: Arrival in the Maldives

Day 2: Maldives at your pace

Day 3: Relaxation in the Maldives

Day 4: Snorkeling

Day 5: Feet in the sand

Day 6: Goodbye Maldives

Day 1 : Arrival in the Maldives

Welcome to the Maldives! You arrive at Male airport and board a speed boat that takes you to the paradise island where your hotel is located, in the South Male atoll. White sandy beach, turquoise water, exotic trees... everything is there!

Day 2 : Maldives at your pace

Day2 : Maldives at your pace ©

You let your desires run free and organize the day at your own pace, as you wish. You can laze on the beach, discover the surrounding islands, or even go fishing with the Maldivians.

Day 3 : Relaxation in the Maldives

Put this day under the sign of relaxation and well-being. For example, why not enjoy the relaxing pleasures of an Ayurvedic massage on your fairy island? Relaxation and delight are the only order of the day.

Day 4 : Snorkeling

Poisson ange duc dans la mer des Maldives. ©GoodOlga -

Discover the Indian Ocean and its colourful fish during a snorkeling trip with your fins and snorkel. A magical immersion in the middle of an exceptional underwater fauna and flora. The transparent water allows you to fully appreciate this abundant and wonderful nature.

Day 5 : Feet in the sand

A new day to indulge in the heavenly pleasures of your island, with your feet in the sand by the ocean, accompanied by a fresh fruit juice. You enjoy your dinner with the sound of water splashing in the background.

Day 6 : Goodbye Maldives

Last day in the Maldives, you take your speedboat and reach Male airport while admiring once again the archipelago scattered in the Indian Ocean. Then you say goodbye to the Maldives and its dreamlike scenery.

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