Cerdagne and Capcir, paradise of lakes and sun

Trip description

A circuit in the Eastern Pyrenees, between Cerdagne and Capcir, where the lake of Bouillouses, the lakes of Carlit and the lakes of Camporells make it one of the most beautiful hikes in the Pyrenees.

Cerdagne and Capcir ... second largest lake in the Pyrenees! Renowned for its sunshine, the Eastern Pyrenees also owe their reputation to the numerous lakes such as Bouillouses, Camporells and Carlit. During this stay, we will therefore set off to discover the most beautiful lakes of this enchanting region, where the bucolic landscapes and grandiose panoramas give this hike a unique character. We will also have the opportunity, during a day, to take the Little Yellow Train of Têt, the famous "Canary Train" due to its color and classified as a Regional Heritage. It is from a charming hotel with swimming pool that we will shine during this discovery of the Pyrenees Orientales; we will also spend a night in a mountain hotel, surrounded by magical landscapes near the Bouillouses lake, in order to better appreciate the wild spaces of the mountain. A unique stay, with the unique landscapes of Cerdanya and Capcir, different from other Pyrenean massifs, and a pace accessible to many hikers.

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The hours of walking are understood to be without stops and are strictly indicative. Depending on the weather conditions, the level of the participants as well as sometimes the state of the ground (mud, snow, etc.), these walking times may vary upwards or downwards.

The program has been established according to the latest information known at the time of its writing (on 04/09/20); contingencies are always possible and situations beyond our control can change the course. If this happens we will notify you by phone and an addendum to your travel log will be sent to you immediately.


Day 1: Perpignan - Font Romeu

Day 2: Lac des Bouillouses - Mont Llaret (2376 m)

Day 3: Lac des Bouillouses - Lacs du Carlit

Day 4: La Llagonne - Balcon de la Têt (1875 ) - Yellow Train

Day 5: Lacs de Camporells

Day 6: Vallée du Carol - Lac de Lanoux (2215 m)

Day 7: Font Romeu - Perpignan - End of the stay

Day 1 : Perpignan - Font Romeu

Le Castillet, une des portes de la ville de Perpignan ©Nicolas Rung - Author's Image

Reception at Perpignan SNCF station at 5 p.m. and transfer to Font Romeu. If you come by vehicle from the Ariège valleys and surroundings, you can meet the group directly on Font Romeu around 6.30 pm On your arrival, a short briefing on the stay by your guide.

Transfer: private vehicle, approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. Accommodation: hotel **. Meals included: dinner. Meals not included: breakfast - lunch.

Day 2 : Lac des Bouillouses - Mont Llaret (2376 m)

Chevaux aux Bouillouses ©Yvann K - Fotolia

Short transfer to Pla de Barrès then, aboard the public shuttle, we reach Lac des Bouillouses. Then hike in the forest of Malpas, a pine forest characteristic of the Eastern Pyrenees; discovery of the lake and the valley of Auda then continuation to the summit of Mont Llaret (2376 m), a veritable belvedere on the Puig Carlit massif (2821 m), on the lake plateau which extends at its feet, and on the Puig Péric massif (2810 m). To the east, Lake Matemale and the summit of Madres (2469 m) close the landscape. A 360 ° panorama ... Continuation then to the lakes of Balmette then, between pines, torrents and vast green meadows, discovery of the magnificent high lake of Esparver. Return along the banks of Lac des Bouillouses and check in at the mountain hotel (2050 m) built by the lake.

Transfer: privatized vehicle then public shuttle, approximately 30 minutes. Walking time: around 6 hours. Positive elevation: + 500 m. Negative elevation: - 500 m. Distance: approximately 12 km. Accommodation: mountain hotel. Meals included: breakfast - lunch (picnic) - dinner.


Day 3 : Lac des Bouillouses - Lacs du Carlit

Randonnée au Carlit. ©Yvann K - stock.adobe.com

After admiring the sunrise which sets the Carlit summits ablaze with pink, departure on the path which gradually rises above Lac des Bouillouses; it then winds through the countless lakes that cascade between small groves of pines at the foot of the Carlit peak ... a veritable myriad of colors! The panoramic views are magnificent, the landscapes of undeniable charm! Return via the trio of Pradella, Negre and Long lakes, nestled in the pine groves, which give these landscapes the appearance of a real Japanese garden. Return at the end of the afternoon to the Hotel de Font Romeu.

Transfer: public shuttle and private vehicle, around 30 minutes. Walking time: about 5 hours. Positive elevation: + 400 m. Negative elevation: - 400 m. Distance: around 10 km. Accommodation: hotel **. Meals included: breakfast - lunch (picnic) - dinner.

Day 4 : La Llagonne - Balcon de la Têt (1875 ) - Yellow Train

Petit train jaune dans les Pyrénées-Orientales. ©Matteo Scarano - iStockphoto

Short transfer to La Llagonne, a small mountain village located at an altitude of 1650 m. Via a path bordered by dry stone walls, cross agricultural terraces to reach the small village of Sauto which marks the entrance to the Têt valley. Then it is by the famous "Chemin Vauban" and the "Balcon de la Têt" that we will continue, in order to reach the very small village of Llar (1300 m), undoubtedly the most authentic remaining in the Eastern Pyrenees. Then descent by a winding path where we will gradually find the deciduous forest which will bring us to the station of the "Little yellow Train of Tet" classified as Regional Heritage; we will take it for the return to the hotel (the station is 200 m from the hotel) at 5.30 pm. In case of fatigue on the descent, some participants may wait in the village of Llar for the guide. pick them up around 6 p.m. They will then take the next "Yellow Train", if they wish, to arrive at the hotel around 7:30 pm.

Transfer: private vehicle, approximately 20 minutes. Yellow train: around 1 hour. Walking time: about 5 hours. Positive elevation: + 300 m. Negative elevation: - 900 m (only - 500 m if you wait in the village of Llar). Distance: about 14 km. Accommodation: hotel **. Meals included: breakfast - lunch (picnic) - dinner.


Day 5 : Lacs de Camporells

Prades est une petite ville blottie au pied du Canigou ©Nicolas Rung - Author's Image

Transfer to the Formiguères ski resort. Then depart on foot among scattered pine groves and clearings to quickly reach the ridge of Serra Mauri (2412 m). This offers an exceptional 360 ° panorama over the entire border chain with the Ariège, from the peak of Baxouillade (2546 m) to the peak Carlit (2921 m), via the peak Péric (2810 m) and the myriad of lakes of Camporells and Bouillouses. Further on, the peak of Canigou (2785 m) seems to watch over these grandiose landscapes ... Then descent to the Camporells refuge (2240 ​​m) built on the banks of the lake; we will have the pleasure of stopping there for lunch and tasting some grilled meats ... Continuation of the descent by a magnificent path which winds between the rhododendrons and the scattered pines, along the torrent of Galba, to join the valley of 'Esposolla renowned for its authenticity.

Transfer: private vehicle, around 1 hour 15 minutes round trip. Walking time: about 5 hours. Positive elevation: + 750 m. Negative elevation: - 750 m. Distance: about 14 km. Accommodation: hotel **. Meals included: breakfast - lunch (picnic) - dinner.


Day 6 : Vallée du Carol - Lac de Lanoux (2215 m)

Transfer to Porte-Puymorens where our hike begins. Nice loop starting from Lake Passet (1700 m), a place of transhumance for a few animals; a path, on the mountainside, runs along the slope and offers a magnificent panorama over the entire valley and over the Font Viva lake. This region, wild and green, hosts a few herds of chamois that we may be able to observe among the rhododendrons and other large flowers in bright colors. Arrived at the large dam of Lanoux (2215 m), at the foot of the Carlit peak, the path gradually rises above the lake and reaches a magnificent point of view on the multitude of lakes "posed" on this high plateau. Return by the small cabin of Coma Joan (2133 m) built on the edge of the torrent where rhododendrons, green meadows, erratic boulders and pine groves are legendary ... On the way back, we will take a break at the ancient baths of Dorres to discover the hot sulphurous waters of this place.

Transfer: private vehicle, around 2 hours round trip. Walking time: about 5 hours. Positive elevation: + 600 m. Negative elevation: - 600 m. Distance: approximately 12 km. Accommodation: hotel **. Meals included: breakfast - lunch (picnic) - dinner.


Day 7 : Font Romeu - Perpignan - End of the stay

Vue sur le canal et le Castillet de Perpignan. ©Alex Tihonov - stock.adobe.com

Return transfer to Perpignan SNCF station after breakfast, arrival in the morning.

Transfer: private vehicle, approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. Meals included: breakfast. Meals not included: lunch - dinner.

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