Cruise on the Nile by felucca

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Authentic travel includes visits to Egypt's must-see monuments, and a cruise on the Nile on one of the most beautiful feluccas ...

 It's the descent on the Nile in felucca between dunes, palm trees and secret gardens, you pose at the villagers, stroll in the local market, discover the Real Egypt.  

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6 days

From : €740*

Day 1: Assouan

Day 2: Cruise on the Nile

Day 3: Cruise on the Nile

Day 4: Kom Ombo - Edfou

Day 5: Louxor

Day 6: Departure

Day 1 : Assouan

Reception early in the morning in Aswan, departure by car and then by boat for the visit of the Philae temple, which is undoubtedly the "Pearl of the Nile", built on a submerged island in the 1970s by the rise in the level of the reservoir of the old Aswan dam following the construction of the high dam. The temples and monuments built on the island in Pharaonic and Greco-Roman times were moved to the new island, also known as Philae.

Among others, you will visit the Temple of Isis, which is obviously the main construction of Philae. So it is one of the major shrines of the goddess in Egypt. After that you will visit the chapel of the goddess Hator. To conclude visit the Kiosk of Trajan which is the main feature of the site.

Accompaniment and installation in your Nubian hotel/house (modest and typical) located in the middle of the real Nubian village of the Elephantine Island, Mango guest house (possibility to have lunch at the Nubian meal hotel).

Afternoon free, possibility of a free walk in the Nubian village and in the very colourful popular souk with its baskets filled with spices and fruit pyramids.

Day 2 : Cruise on the Nile

After breakfast, transfer to your small sailing boat. Your cruise on the Nile, will make you discover the authentic Egypt "the True Egypt"; it will also be carried out on one of the most beautiful feluccas on the Nile (exceptionally equipped with sanitary facilities), and this cruise includes the 3 typical Egyptian meals prepared on the spot by the crew, mineral water as well as hot drinks at will.

Sailing to the village of Kobaniya (about 3 hours) possibility to swim in the Nile. Mint tea, coffee or herbal tea at will during the navigation. Dinner and night on board.

Day 3 : Cruise on the Nile

After breakfast, visit the village of Kobaniya, walking tour in the middle of the Nubian village, cultivated fields and Nubian houses. Sailing (about 5 hours) to reach the village Ballouly. Lunch (depending on the possibility) on a peninsula. Break with mint tea or coffee or infusion at will during the navigation. You admire the sunset from your felucca. Dinner and night on board.

Day 4 : Kom Ombo - Edfou

After breakfast, departure by car to visit the temple of Kom Ombo dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek and the god Horus the Elder.

Departure to join the small town of Edfu, visit the temple dedicated to the falcon god Horus, son of Isis. Edfu owes its celebrity, not to its high antiquity, but to the colossal temple which rose in the Ptolemaic period in the city. It is one of the best preserved temples in Egypt and the second largest building after Karnak: 137 metres long, 79 metres wide, 36 metres high for the pylons. The temple was erected on top of a much older temple. Its construction work began under Ptolemy III in 237 BC and was completed under Tiberius 180 years later. Entirely built in sandstone, this temple is remarkable for its harmonious plan with perfect proportions.

Continuation to Luxor (170 km away). On arrival, escort to your 4* local standard hotel, Aracan Eatabe Luxor Hotel, located close to the city centre (rooms with garden view). Night at the hotel.

Day 5 : Louxor

Temple de Louxor, allee des sphinx. ©Cali - Iconotec

After breakfast, the morning is dedicated to the visit of some of Luxor's grandiose monuments (the known and the less known to mass tourism), in the necropolis of Thebes where the rulers were buried in hypogeums, dug in the mountain. We will visit three remarkable tombs in the Valley of the Kings, which have preserved exceptional painted reliefs, thanks to the care taken during their realization. On the way back, stop at the foot of the Colossus of Memnon, once the guardian of the million year old castle of King Amenophis III.

At the end of the morning, lunch in a restaurant on the Left Bank.

Departure for an in-depth visit of the temples of Karnak. The religious complex of Karnak -abusively called Karnak Temple or simply Karnak- comprises a vast complex of ruins of temples, chapels, pylons, and other buildings located north of Thebes, now the city of Luxor. The Karnak complex, rebuilt and developed over 2,000 years by successive pharaohs, is composed of three enclosures. It is the largest religious complex in all antiquity, it was dedicated to the Theban Triad headed by the god Amun-Ra. The complex was connected to the temple of Luxor by a sphinx alley almost three kilometers long. The site has been the subject of excavations conducted since the nineteenth century by French archaeologists, organized since 1967 within the Franco-Egyptian Centre for the Study of the Temples of Karnak, followed by a visit to one of these small temples little known to mass tourism by first passing through an impressive display of thousands of pieces of stone from the fields of excavations undertaken on the site, then a visit to a small unknown very popular among the ancient Egyptians, where you will be almost alone.

Late afternoon departure for the visit of Luxor temple illuminated under a very beautiful lighting that puts it in its most beautiful beauty.

Day 6 : Departure

Breakfast at the hotel - End of our services.

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