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Fall in love with the beauty of the Alps during this trek around Mont Blanc... 

Enjoy incredible views and live unforgettable moments!
Our team will do everything possible to accompany you during the first hikes but also to ensure your transportation throughout your stay.
And as we have at heart to share with you our secrets and our expertise of the Alps, our mountain guides will take good care of you with picnics composed of local specialties, from their homes.
For us, it's like opening the door to our home!

Let us guide you and live an experience at Mont Blanc... differently !

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11 days

From : €2,200.00*

Day 1: Let's go!

Day 2: Getting started through Les Contamines

Day 3: Heading to Italia!

Day 4: Destination Courmayeur

Day 5: The Italian Dolce Vita will Win you Over

Day 6: Ready for the Val Ferret!

Day 7: Let's Strengthen our Quatriceps in Champex!

Day 8: Let's go to Tré-le-Champ!

Day 9: Tré-le-Champ, Lac Blanc: A Winning Combo!

Day 10: Discovering Cham

Day 11: What?! It's already the end?

Day 1 : Let's go!

Le tramway du Mont Blanc

"Very authentic mountain hut, the view is splendid, we haven't walked yet and we are already seduced by the magnificent landscapes" (Thierry, summer 2020)

From your arrival train station, we come to pick you up to take you to the heights of St Gervais!

At the end of the afternoon, Laurence will give you a briefing of your trek.

You will then enjoy a dinner in an authentic hut, facing the Mont Blanc.

Day 2 : Getting started through Les Contamines

Eglise des Contamines-Montjoie.

From Contamines to Chapieux

7:10 walking - Accommodation: mountain hut - Meals included: breakfast, lunch & dinner - Transportation: 30 minutes.

"Laurence was a great guide, nothing to say, we learned a lot with her and spent two great days in her company. We had never really hiked before and she was able to reassure us, give us pieces of advice and give us the right pace". (Malorie, summer 2020)

After breakfast at the mountain hut, meet Olivier & Laurence near the accommodation who will take you to the hike departure point. That's it, you start your trek from Notre Dame de la Gorge. Our guide Laurence accompanies you all day long to share her tips and pieces of advice of a mountain expert.

At the end of the afternoon, we will meet you at Les Chapieux with Olivier, our private chauffeur, for a drive to your accommodation in the evening. Finally, recover from your day with dinner and a night in a mountain hut.

Detailed itinerary: 

Cross the torrent of the Bon Nant, up to the chalet of the Nant Borrant. Then, after crossing the Plan des Dames, reach the Col du Bonhomme (949 m) via a short but steep scree slope, where large snows stay late in the season. Cross the Nant des Lotharets and reach the Col de la Croix-du-Bonhomme (2,479 m), then continue on to the Col de la Croix-du-Bonhomme hut (2,433 m). Go down through the mountain pastures to reach the chalets de la Raja (1,796 m). Then continue the descent on the grassy path that leads to the village of Chapieux (1,549 m).

Day 3 : Heading to Italia!

Descente sur la vallée Blanche, vers Chamonix.

From Chapieux to Col Chécrouit

5:40 walking - Accommodation: mountain hut - Meals included: breakfast, lunch & dinner

"Impressive scenery, good, quite long and very beautiful race." (Brice, summer 2020)

In the early morning, appointment for a breakfast at the refuge before leaving for the day's hike! 

After your hike, dinner is served in an Italian refuge, where you also spend the night. 

Detailed itinerary:

Start your ascent to reach the Col de la Seigne (2,516 m). Then descend through the wide valley of the Lée-Blanche where you will have the chance to see many marmot colonies. By a path first downhill then flat, finally reach the lower Alpe de la Lée-Blanche (2 035 m) where you will see this time ruined sheepfolds and old barracks. Continue to reach the water reservoir of the lake of Combal (1,975 m) and continue your ascent to the chalet of the upper Arp-Vieille (2,303 m). Then reach Lake Chécrouit (2,165 m), then its mountain pass (1,956 m) where your accommodation is located.

Day 4 : Destination Courmayeur

Paysage vers Courmayeur.

From Col Chécrouit to Courmayeur

2:00 downhill walking - Accommodation: mountain hut - Meals included: breakfast, lunch & dinner - Transportation: 10 minutes.

You are expected early in the morning for breakfast at the hut before leaving for a short hike.

After a good pizza, take advantage of your afternoon to relax at the accommodation's spa.

After a day rich in farniente, enjoy a night in a warm and authentic mountain hut.

Detailed itinerary: 

From your hut, take the trail going down to the hamlet of Praz-Neyron (1,807 m). From there, walk north around the buildings of the Plan Chécrouit ski resort (1,701 m) and then, through numerous bends, you will reach the picturesque village of Dolone (1,210 m). By the road, cross the Dora Baltea, go up towards the cemetery and reach the center of Courmayeur (1,226 m). You then have an appointment with Olivier at 11:30 am for a transportation from the arrival of the trek in Courmayeur, to the hut, which also has a relaxation area with swimming pool and treatments accessible from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Check-in at the hut is scheduled at 15:00 and at 19:30, recharge your batteries with a dinner at the accommodation restaurant. An "à la carte" menu including 3 tasty dishes will be proposed to you.

Day 5 : The Italian Dolce Vita will Win you Over



Accommodation: hotel - Meals included: breakfast, lunch & dinner - Transportation: 20 minutes.

To start the day, gain some energy with breakfast at your accommodation. Then, join Laurence for an excursion to Courmayeur. She will undoubtedly share her local knowledge and fun facts with you, and will accompany you all day long to guide you, always in a good mood!

On the program: a hike to the Lac d'Arpy and a local picnic made by Laurence.

Then, at 7:00 pm, you are expected in front of your hotel where a local driver will pick you up to take you to the restaurant. Enjoy a dinner composed of local specialties!

Day 6 : Ready for the Val Ferret!

From Courmayeur to Champex

6:00 walking - Accommodation: mountain hut - Meals included: breakfast, lunch & dinner - Transportation: 1h00.

"The Val Ferret hike, one of the most beautiful places we have been to during this trip, according to me, and that I enjoyed the most!" (Agnès, summer 2020)

After breakfast at your accommodation, meet Sarah, our guide from Chamonix, for a transportation to the starting point of the hike.

When you are ready: a little message, and Sarah is there! She will take you to your accommodation so you don't have to worry about anything.

In the evening, you will have dinner and spend the night in a chalet, all in a warm and wooded setting.

Detailed itinerary:  

After a descent to the hamlet of Lavachey (1,642 m), reach the Bonatti hut (2,025 m). Then join the buildings of the Alpe Inférieure de Malatra (Malatra-Desot; 2,054 m) to reach a crossroads of trails. After crossing a stream by a bridge, reach the poorly maintained cottages of Gioé-Desot (2,009 m). Enjoy a breathtaking view over the peaks and glaciers overlooking the Italian Val Ferret. Climb up to the Val de Bellecombe; then go down by laces to reach the Ferret valley at Arp-Nouva-Désot (Arnuva on the IGN map: 1,776 m). Cross the Doire du Val-Ferret and continue on to the wide flat area where the Elena hut (2,054 m) is located, at the Pré-de-Bar mountain pasture. Go up north to reach the Grand col Ferret (2,537 m). After going around the top of the vast combe Revers de la Peule, cross the meadows of La Chaudière mountain pasture. A steeper slope then leads you to the La Peule chalet (2,071 m). Continue and cross the Drance de Ferret, then after a short ascent, arrive at the foot of the Ars-Dessous chalets (1,800 m). Take the road on the left that leads to the village of Ferret (1,705 m).

Day 7 : Let's Strengthen our Quatriceps in Champex!

Mannlichen, montagnes de Lauterbrunnen.

From Champex to Trient

6:00 walking - Accommodation : mountain hut - Meals included: breakfast, lunch & dinner.

After a gourmet breakfast at your accommodation, you will leave for the hike of the day.

In the evening, you will enjoy a dinner and a night in an authentic mountain hut, the comfort after the effort!

Detailed Itinerary: 

Join Champex d'En Bas (1 359 m), and by a forest road with a gentle slope, go to the foot of the Clochers d'Arpette. Admire the view over the Rhone valley and the Combins. Then, continue your way to the chalets of the Bovine mountain pasture (1 975 m). Cross the Portalo pass (2,049 m), descend into the larch forest where combes open up the view of Martigny and the road to the La Forclaz pass, and reach the chalet de la Giète (1,884 m). Follow the path downhill to the La Forclaz pass (1,526 m). Continue to the village of Trient (1 281 m).

Day 8 : Let's go to Tré-le-Champ!

mont blanc et lac de joux plane

From Trient to Tré-le-Champ

6:00 walking - Accommodation: mountain hut - Meals included: breakfast, lunch & dinner - Transportation: 10 minutes

After an early start of the day with breakfast at the hotel, be ready for the hike's departure!

At the end of the afternoon, you have an appointment with Sarah in Tré-le-Champ for a transportation to your accommodation.

Then, Sarah will take you for a dinner at a restaurant where you will enjoy a sophisticated meal. Then, enjoy a night in an old Savoyard farmhouse.

Detailed itinerary: 

After reaching the hamlet of Peuty (1,326 m), cross the Nant Noir. Continue your ascent and take a winding path to reach the place called Tsanton des Aroles, which leads to the mountain pastures before reaching the sheepfolds of Les Herbagères (2,036 m). By a mule track, continue the ascent and, after a few bends, reach the wide Balme pass (2 191 m). Pass under the Mont Béchat, then go down along a ski lift line in the South-West to reach the Col des Posettes (1,997 m). Find the path that joins the GRP Tour du Pays du Mont-Blanc, follow it South-South-West and find the GR at the crossroads of the tête-aux-Vents. Follow the D 1506 to the left to the hamlet of Tré-le-Champ (1 417 m).

Day 9 : Tré-le-Champ, Lac Blanc: A Winning Combo!

Le lac Blanc près de Chamonix

From Tré-le-Champ to Chamonix

6:00 walking - Accommodation: chalet - Meals included: breakfast & lunch - Transportation: 55 minutes

"The chalet where we stayed was incredible and had a lot of charm!" (Angèle, summer 2020)

You get up early to have breakfast at the hut. Then, join Sarah and let yourself be driven to the start of today's hike, in complete tranquility.

You then have an appointment in the afternoon with Sarah at the bottom of the cable car of La Flégère for a pre-dinner drink, before returning to your accommodation.

Then, enjoy a dinner in the center of Chamonix, Sarah will take care of the transportation.

Spend the night in a private mountain style chalet.

Detailed itinerary: 

After passing the Aiguillette d'Argentière (climbing school), climb a wide chimney and a succession of twists, then continue the ascent to the Tête-aux-Vents crossroads (2,132 m). Pass a cairn, continue the ascent, overlooking the Chéserys lakes and reach the Lac Blanc (2,352 m), then the Chéserys chalet (1,998 m). Then continue your way to the chalet de La Flégère (1 877 m).

Day 10 : Discovering Cham



Accommodation: cottage - Meals included: lunch & dinner.

"A very nice way to end the trip with a majestic helicopter tour that simply makes you want to stay in these beautiful mountains and go hiking again!" (Maxime, summer 2020)

Meet Sarah at the reception desk of your accommodation at 8:00 am and discover the iconic Aiguille du Midi!

Enjoy a lunch in a local restaurant, Sarah will take care of your transportation.

Then, take off on a panoramic helicopter flight around Mont Blanc, lasting 30 minutes. 

A cocktail awaits you at your chalet, to end the day in style!

For more information about the excursion to the Aiguille du Midi: 


Day 11 : What?! It's already the end?

"Thank you for Oliver and Sarah's patience and enthusiasm. Both of them were great. Oliver is always there, no matter what time of the day. A faultless one!" (Marie-Christine, summer 2020)

At the end of your stay, we take care of your transportation to your train departure station or airport.

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