Majestic Japan under the Sakura trees

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A trip to discover Tokyo and is surroundings with the many shades of pink of the Sakura. A fascinating moment and a magical experience around the flowering of cherry trees.

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10 days

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Day 1: Arrival in Tokyo

Day 2: Tokyo

Day 3: Tokyo

Day 4: From Tokyo to Nikko

Day 5: From Nikko to Tokyo

Day 6: Tokyo

Day 7: Kamakura getaway

Day 8: Hakone

Day 9: From Hakone to Tokyo

Day 10: Sayōnara Nihon

Day 1 : Arrival in Tokyo

SENSO JI ©Takashi Images -

An assistant will meet you at the airport and help you get to your hotel by public transportation. Depending on your arrival time, you will begin your discovery of the amazing Japanese megalopolis.

Day 2 : Tokyo

gare de tokyo ©Easyturn

Accompanied by your English-speaking guide, you will begin your first day of discovery in Tokyo. On the program: walks in the gardens of the Imperial Palace, in the Gyoen Park and the Yoyogi Park. Visits to the emblematic Shinto shrines of Tokyo "Meiji-jingu and Hie jinja". Followed by a walk in Shibuya district, see the famous dog Hachiko, and in the lively district of Harajuku and its street Omote-Sando where you will be immersed in one of the most fashionable districts.

Day 3 : Tokyo

Vue sur le mont Fuji ©f11photo -

This is a free day where you can walk around at your leisure. You can explore Akihabara, the otaku district, and its "maid cafes". Or stroll in Asakusa, the historical center of the capital, and you will plunge into the charm of yesteryear by passing through the charming pedestrian street of Nakamise, and take the opportunity to visit the thousand-year-old Sensô-Ji Temple. Ueno Park is also a good alternative, it will charm you with its museums as well as its beautiful temples and shrines. And why not admire the sunset on Mount Fuji from the Tokyo Sky Tree, the 2nd highest tower in the world with a 360° view on the capital.

Day 4 : From Tokyo to Nikko

Temple Toshogu, Nikko ©Luciano Mortula -

For this day trip, let yourself be carried back in time to the era of the shoguns, and discover Nikko's shrines and temples classified UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as the natural beauty of its waterfalls and springs coming from the Chuzenji lake that surround them, constituting for centuries a sacred place where masterpieces of architecture and artistic decoration have been built.

Day 5 : From Nikko to Tokyo

Saison des cerisiers en fleurs à Tokyo ©FilippoBacci -

Another day to complete your discovery of Nikko. Take the opportunity to walk along the shores of Lake Chuzenji and discover the Chuzenji Buddhist temple with its statue of Senju Kannon, carved in a tree still rooted. Stop at Kegon Falls, located in the heart of Nikkō National Park, and admire Ryuzu Falls, literally meaning "dragon's head". 
In Nikko, visit the Nikko Futarasan Shinto Shrine and walk through the 8th century Shinto temple grounds.

Day 6 : Tokyo

Jardin botanique de Koishikawa ©Takashi Images -

A new free day where you can explore the megalopolis, for multiple visits and walks are at your disposal. Do you want to go for a walk in the air of time? So stroll on the artificial island of Odaiba to get a taste of the future and a wide range of entertainment. The Museum of Future Science will allow you to dive into a world of technology and understand our daily world in a different way. Stroll through the beautiful Hama Rikyu Garden, a modern Japanese garden that offers a breath of fresh air in the heart of downtown. Or on the other hand, go back to the past by visiting the Samurai Museum located in the heart of Shinjuku. Do as your wishes.

Day 7 : Kamakura getaway


This free day in Kamakura will allow you to take another trip into the past and spirituality among various temples built for several centuries in the city. Visit one of the region's must-sees, the Kamakura Great Buddha at Kotoku-in. Take a detour through the Hōkoku-ji temple, an ancient Zen Buddhist temple with a solemn atmosphere. It is particularly famous for its bamboo forest. Don't forget to visit the most important Shinto shrine of Kamakura: Tsurugaoka Hachimangu located a few steps away which every year in April continues to revive the glorious era of samurais through ancestral ceremonies. 

Day 8 : Hakone

Hakone ©Krishna.Wu -

Discover Hakone in this free day. A great breath of fresh air at the edge of the lake Ashi located in the heart of the ancient volcano, the Hakone. Take the mythical photo of the amazing Torii of Hakone Jinja, feet in the lake with a view of Mt Fuji and take the opportunity to visit this Shinto sanctuary whose buildings are located in the heart of a cedar forest.

Day 9 : From Hakone to Tokyo

Torii menant au Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū ©Author's Image

On this new day, discover the Gora Park and walk through in the flowery alleys of the hillside botanical garden with tea house, greenhouses and beautiful central fountain. Live the experience of tea ceremony at the Hakuun-Do tea garden, or learn glassblowing techniques at the Hakone crafthouse.

Day 10 : Sayōnara Nihon

La tour de Tokyo ©Ooyoo - iStockphoto

For this last day, depending on your return flight schedule, you can enjoy a free half-day in Tokyo to explore this multifaceted city as you wish.

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