Oriental Kaleidoscope

Trip description

- A complete journey between Anatolia, the Mediterranean and Istanbul
- A morning of sea kayaking
- Ancient sites, the caravanserai and the city of Konya
- Hiking on the Lycian Way and the Way of St Paul

- 7,5 days of walking
- Activity: Hiking.
- Environment : Seaside and Islands, Heritage and Nature, Mountains.
- Type of trip : Itinerant
- Group: 3 to 15 participants.

From Anatolia to the Mediterranean, you will discover all the richness and diversity of Turkish landscapes, culture and history. Cappadocia, an immense volcanic tufa plateau where erosion and human ingenuity have created a fantastic setting of fairy chimneys. You will discover this region in a playful way with a morning of mountain biking. You will continue your journey in Turkey by the coast, a unique opportunity to visit sites steeped in history and the turquoise scenery of the Mediterranean. On foot or by kayak, you will appreciate the beauty of the coastal landscapes. And to conclude, destination Istanbul, the cosmopolitan city at the confluence of Europe and Asia.

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14 days

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Day 1: Kayseri - Cappadoce

Day 2: Mustafa pacha - Gomede Valley - Kizilçukur

Day 3: Vallée Blanche - Uçhisar - Valley of the Pigeons

Day 4: Ihlara Valley - typical village of Guzelyurt

Day 5: Konya - Lake Beysehir

Day 6: Beysehir - Kopruluk Canyon

Day 7: Selge - Gokcukur - Kusca - Altincukur

Day 8: Çamyuva - Tekirova

Day 9: Chimaera - Cirali and visit of Olympos

Day 10: Kapakli - Kale - Ucagiz

Day 11: Aperlae - Kekova - Yoruk Ramazan - Ucagiz

Day 12: Antalya - Istanbul

Day 13: Istanbul

Day 14: Flight back

Day 1 : Kayseri - Cappadoce

Plan du Circuit ©QuotaTrip

Flight to Kayseri. Reception at the airport and transfer to Cappadocia (1h30 drive), we arrive at the village of Çavusin installed at the foot of a cliff. Depending on the time of arrival, our stage starts towards Pasabagi ("Pasha's vineyard") where we can see the most typical examples of Cappadocian fairy chimneys as well as the various geological layers that make up the cliff. Overnight in a pension. Between 2 hours and 2 hours 30 walking.
Transfer: by vehicle, around 1 hour.

Day 2 : Mustafa pacha - Gomede Valley - Kizilçukur

Vallée rouge (Kızılçukur). ©Author's Image

In the morning start of the hike from the village of Mustafapacha to the Gömede valley. Passing through the Pancarlik valley, we reach the village of Ortahisar dominated by its famous fortress. After lunch we leave our bikes and start our hike in the Kizilçukur valley (Red valley) which is named after its beautiful red and pink colours. Here you will see the fairy-tale result of millions of years of wind and rain erosion on a soft volcanic rock. Peaks, valleys, penitents and fairy chimneys alternate harmoniously. Man's ingenuity has added a special touch, through the need to integrate into this lunar landscape: troglodytic dwellings in large numbers and churches.
Between 4 hours 30 and 5 hours of walking. Overnight in a pension.

Day 3 : Vallée Blanche - Uçhisar - Valley of the Pigeons

Forteresse d'Uçhisar. ©Alamer - Iconotec

Walk to the village of Uçhisar through the White Valley. It is a wide valley dominated by enormous fairy chimneys where the tufa is a beautiful white colour sometimes stained with sulphur. Formerly densely populated, the troglodytic dwellings of the valley now serve as sheds or stables; these hamlets of coiffed damsels whose old doors and windows sculpted in the tufa open onto rooms that are now deserted. Visit the fortress (a mass of volcanic tuff) erected on a rocky promontory that dominates almost all the valleys of Cappadocia. After a picnic in the shade of the fruit trees, we continue our discovery of the lunar landscapes of Cappadocia. Then in the afternoon we continue our hike in the Güvercinlik valley (valley of the pigeons), which leads us to the famous village of Avcilar.

Dinner and overnight in a pension. Between 4 hours 30 and 5 hours of walking.

Day 4 : Ihlara Valley - typical village of Guzelyurt

Ihlara, municipalité d'Aksaray. ©Boojedsada - iStockphoto

In the morning, departure by bus to the Ihlara Valley. On the way, visit the underground town of Kaymakli, which is dug 8 floors deep and 55m high. Then we arrive in Ihlara. Walk in this wonderful canyon, which has offered refuge to different civilizations for thousands of years. We follow the river Melendiz and visit troglodytic dwellings and rock churches dating from the 6th to the 12th century whose frescoes are still intact. We continue our walk in the valley rich in vegetation. Through willow and poplar plantations we reach the village of Belisirma. Transfer by minibus to the village of Güzelyurt where we will spend the night. Between 3 hours and 3 hours 30 walking. Night in a pension.
Transfer: by car, between 1.5 and 2 hours.

Day 5 : Konya - Lake Beysehir

Plage de Konyaalti. ©David GUERSAN - Author's Image

Early enough to do the whole day's programme, we drive west with the sun on our backs. We drive through Aksaray, an endless steppe which catches us. Steppe, like in Mongolia, Iran, Siberia ! Is it monotonous? No of course, it is, on the contrary, the opportunity to discover the immensity of this country ! On the way, visit of a 13th century caravanserai (From Sultan Hani). Visit of Konya before leaving to spend the night on the shores of Lake Beyshehir. Overnight in a boarding house.

Transfer: Vehicle, between 4 and 4.30 am.

Day 6 : Beysehir - Kopruluk Canyon

Port de plaisance d'Antalya. ©Alamer - Iconotec

We leave this enchanting place to head south and the Mediterranean. Lunch on the way in the Taurus (altitude restaurant) before arriving in view of the Mediterranean. At the Köprü Canyon, comfortable riverside accommodation. Overnight in a pension.

Transfer: Vehicle, between 4 hours.

Day 7 : Selge - Gokcukur - Kusca - Altincukur

Avenue au nord de la nécropole ©Elena Odareeva

We go up by minibus to the mountain village of Selge (1000m). We enter a world of fantastic looks. Selge was an important Roman town at the beginning of our era, very populated. But apart from the theatre, it was devastated by many earthquakes. We go up to the theatre, but at its foot to the south, we can see the remains of the stadium, the ancient agora, the Roman baths, and the ancient temple of Zeus. Some fragments of walls and some sarcophagi complete our discoveries. We set off on foot towards the Bosburun massif. Behind us, to the south, the Mediterranean, and all around, the valleys with wooded massifs. Our minibus is waiting for us in Altincukur to take us to our riverside accommodation.

Between 5 hours and 5.5 hours walking, altitude difference + 600 metres. Night in a pension.

Transfer: Vehicle, between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

Day 8 : Çamyuva - Tekirova

Plage de Çirali. ©Author's Image

Transfer to Çamyuva where we will have lunch. In the afternoon we take time to visit the remains and then walk to Tekirova. We take the coastal path which allows us to swim in some beautiful creeks throughout the hike. At the end of the afternoon, transfer to Cirali for dinner and overnight stay.

Between 2 hours and 2 hours 30 of walking, height difference + 50 / - 50 meters. Overnight in pension.

Transfer: Vehicle, 1 hour.

Day 9 : Chimaera - Cirali and visit of Olympos

Mont Olympos vu depuis le théâtre de Phasélis. ©David GUERSAN - Author's Image

We take a wild path in the mountains to Chimaera: natural gas fumes spontaneously ignite on contact with the air. We enter the Olympos site and visit the remains (necropolises, theatre, baths, temples, warehouses...) of this ancient port which survived from the pre-Hellenistic period until the Arab-Islamic invasions. Most of the remains are in the shade of a forest of fragrant laurel trees. After the visit, return to our accommodation in Cirali. Between 3 hours and 3 hours 30 of walking, altitude difference + 200 / - 300 meters. Night in a pension.

Transfer: Vehicle, between 30 minutes.

Day 10 : Kapakli - Kale - Ucagiz

Kalekoy, sur l'ile de Gokceada. ©79mtk - iStockphoto

After breakfast, transfer to Kapakli village. On the road, we make a stop at the town of Demre to visit the magnificent site of the ancient city of Myra: necropolis dug into the cliff, remarkable Roman theatre with astonishing masks... We start our hike towards the beautiful village of Kale, passing by two isolated creeks where swimming is possible. Arrival at the small port of Kale, only accessible by sea or, like us, on foot! Flower-filled houses, feet in the water and numerous Lycian sarcophagi, some of which are submerged, make up the charm of this small port. Short transfer to the hotel in Uçagiz where we stay for two nights by the sea, opposite the island of Kekova.

Between 3 hours and 4 hours of walking, difference in altitude + 30 / - 200 meters. Night in a pension.

Day 11 : Aperlae - Kekova - Yoruk Ramazan - Ucagiz

Port de Kekova. ©David GUERSAN - Author's Image

After our breakfast, we meet up with our sea kayaks in Uçagiz to tour the bay of Kekova. We will pass through the village of Simena, visit the sunken city and the cove of Tersane. Then back to the village of Ucagiz. 4 hours of kayaking. Overnight in a pension.

Day 12 : Antalya - Istanbul

Vieille ville d'Antalya (Kaleici). ©Jokerpro - Fotolia

Transfer to Antalya and flight to Istanbul. Self-guided tour.
Overnight in a *** hotel.
Transfer: Vehicle, 30 mnt.

Day 13 : Istanbul

Free visit of Istanbul, the opportunity to discover its many treasures: Saint Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar, Egyptian market...
Overnight in a *** hotel.

Day 14 : Flight back

Complexe religieux de Soliman le magnifique. ©Sabinoparente

Transfer to Istanbul airport and return flight.

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