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This exceptional itinerary, from Florida to Louisiana, will take you to explore two unique southern states. From the paradisiacal beaches of Florida, to the roller coasters of Orlando, passing through the bayous of Louisiana, get ready to fall in love with this region so authentic and unique. With exotic nature and a poignant story, this Florida-Louisiana combo is the promise of an unforgettable tailor-made trip.

This region also reserves many other magical moments for its travellers. Its relaxed lifestyle, its authentic charm and its natural beauty leaves no one indifferent. Whether you are with family, couple or friends: Let us make you taste the tropical magic of this region.

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12 days

From : €1,200*

Day 1: Discovery of South Florida

Day 2: Orlando and its parks

Day 3: The Panhandle

Day 4: New Orleans

Day 5: In the heart of Louisiana

Day 6: Orlando

Day 7: Fort Myers

Day 8: Fort Myers

Day 9: Naples

Day 10: Key West

Day 11: Key West

Day 12: End of the stay

Day 1 : Discovery of South Florida

Day1 : Discovery of South Florida ©Pixabay

When you arrive in Miami, you will discover a multicolored city where more than 70 languages are spoken! The unique places of this city will surprise you by their originality and authenticity. You will also discover nearby the Everglades National Park. A real nest of exceptional fauna and flora, this ecosystem is magnificent and deserves to be seen.  Heading north, you will discover the cities of Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. Relaxing on tropical beaches and discovering the luxurious neighborhoods of these cities will be a must.

Day 2 : Orlando and its parks

Day2 : Orlando and its parks ©Pixabay

The discovery of Florida will also take you to Orlando to enjoy its theme parks. Further north, you'll discover the region's natural turquoise springs. Away from the hustle and bustle of Miami and the roller coasters of Orlando, you'll probably fall under the spell of North Florida's untouched nature.

Day 3 : The Panhandle

Day3 : The Panhandle ©Pixabay

The Northwest coast of Florida is also unbelievably beautiful. Golden beaches, views of wild turtles and dolphins and unique sunsets, Northwest Florida promises a unique Florida trip.

Day 4 : New Orleans

Day4 : New Orleans ©Pixabay

Further west, our Florida-Louisiana combo will take you to the amazing city of New Orleans. Its colourful streets, live concerts and French Quarter will reflect a unique atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else.

Day 5 : In the heart of Louisiana

Day5 : In the heart of Louisiana ©Pixabay

In the surrounding area you will explore a natural region with its marshes "the bayous" where alligators, turtles, beavers and hundreds of species of birds live in harmony. This natural haven will also take you on a journey through the history of the country where the huge antebellum houses and their plantations reflect a dark period but are a must-see.

Day 6 : Orlando

Day6 : Orlando ©Pixabay

The discovery of Florida will also take you to Orlando to enjoy its theme parks. Between Disney and Universal Studios, our hearts swing! The number of days will depend on your wishes and budget!

Day 7 : Fort Myers

Day7 : Fort Myers ©Pixabay

After the excitement of the theme parks, you will discover the charming city of Fort Myers with its natural parks and historic downtown.

Day 8 : Fort Myers

Day8 : Fort Myers ©Pixabay

Today we will make you discover the sublime island of Sanibel. Its landscapes will make you fall in love with this unique region.

Day 9 : Naples

Day9 : Naples ©Pixabay

This day we will show you the most beautiful places in the city of Naples. It is the American city of South Florida par excellence.

Day 10 : Key West

Day10 : Key West ©Pixabay

Leaving Naples, you will discover the Everglades National Park. A nest of exceptional flora and fauna, this ecosystem is magnificent and deserves to be seen. We will also organize a tour by hydrofoil. In the afternoon, you will take the beautiful scenic road to Key West.

Day 11 : Key West

Day11 : Key West ©Pixabay

A trip to Florida is also the promise of a unique tropical lifestyle. Between Key West, its neighboring islands and the road to get there, the change of scenery will be total and guaranteed. Its multicolored sunsets, art galleries and charming colonial houses will make your vacation a magical and unforgettable experience.

Day 12 : End of the stay

Day12 : End of the stay ©Pixabay

Today you will drop off the rental car at the Miami airport. This will mark the end of your tropical adventure with Vacances America.

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