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With the beauty of its oldest national park in the United States, its mountainous landscapes, its immense forests and its desert valleys, the regions of Wyoming, Montana, Dakota and Colorado are mythical. Passing through Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Badlands and many other parks, you will fall under the spell of an authentic region with unique Fauna and Flora. From National Parks to Wild West Heritage to the Gold Rush, we'll have you falling in love with the Indian and Cowboy Country.

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12 days

From : €1,650*

Day 1: Salt Lake City

Day 2: Jackson and Grand Teton

Day 3: Yellowstone

Day 4: Cody

Day 5: Rapid City

Day 6: Rapid City

Day 7: Cheyenne

Day 8: Estes Park

Day 9: Georgetown

Day 10: Colorado Springs

Day 11: Denver

Day 12: End of the stay

Day 1 : Salt Lake City

Day1 : Salt Lake City ©Pixabay

Arriving in Salt Lake City, Utah's capital city, you will be immersed in a 100% Mormon universe. You will pick up your rental car at the airport and settle into your hotel.

Day 2 : Jackson and Grand Teton

Day2 : Jackson and Grand Teton ©Pixabay

Discover Grand Teton with its hiking points and wildlife. A stop in the western village of Jackson is also a must. With its rodeos, restaurants/bars playing country music and picturesque downtown, Jackson is a charming town not to be missed on your trip.

Possibility to stay 2-3 more nights in Jackson.

Day 3 : Yellowstone

Day3 : Yellowstone ©Pixabay

To the north, you will explore the famous Yellowstone Park. Once home to the Native American people, it is now world famous for its geysers, hot springs, waterfalls and breathtaking canyons... Not forgetting, of course, its wild bison. This colourful park is a pure wonder of nature.

Possibility to stay 3-5 nights more in Yellowstone.

Day 4 : Cody

Day4 : Cody ©Pixabay

Heading towards Cody you will discover the western part of Yellowstone Park. This part is wilder and less crowded. When you arrive in Cody, you'll be immersed in its Western and Cowboy atmosphere!

Day 5 : Rapid City

Day5 : Rapid City ©Pixabay

South Dakota also has two unique places on earth: Badlands National Park, magnificent for its canyons, buttes and pinnacles, and the famous Mount Rushmore. The latter is exceptional for its scenic roads and rock carvings of four American Presidents.

Possibility to stay 2-4 more nights in South Dakota.

Day 6 : Rapid City

Day6 : Rapid City ©Pixabay

The area around Rapid City is also known for its annual events such as the Sturgis Gathering, a mecca for bikers, and the BlackHills Powwow, a gathering of Native American tribes. You will also discover a multitude of natural parks! The change of scenery is guaranteed and the experience memorable!

Day 7 : Cheyenne

Day7 : Cheyenne ©Pixabay

Today you will discover the Indian heritage of the beautiful town of Cheyenne.

Day 8 : Estes Park

Day8 : Estes Park ©Pixabay

As you discover the famous Rocky Mountain National Park, you will explore hundreds of lakes, mountains and forests of unsuspected wonder. A true masterpiece of nature, Colorado's natural landscapes can be enjoyed in all four seasons.

Day 9 : Georgetown

Day9 : Georgetown ©Pixabay

Heading south, you'll explore many mining towns including Georgetown. A true step back in time, this is where you can learn more about Colorado's rich heritage. With its gold mines and steam train, it's a real change of scenery!

Day 10 : Colorado Springs

Day10 : Colorado Springs ©Pixabay

If your gold hunt was not successful, the journey will continue by discovering the surroundings of Colorado Spring. Between its ghost towns, its dirt roads through the forests, its mountain peaks accessible by train or via scenic roads and the enchanting natural park called the "Garden of the Gods"

Day 11 : Denver

Day11 : Denver ©Pixabay

When you arrive in Denver, Colorado's famous city, you'll discover a modern, vibrant city embracing its mountainous surroundings. Its shopping street and capitol building are well worth a look. The city is also known for its traditional restaurants and local breweries.

Day 12 : End of the stay

Day12 : End of the stay ©Pixabay

You will drop off the rental car at the Denver airport that day. This will mark the end of your adventure in the heart of Wyoming, Dakota and Colorado with Vacances America.

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