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With its legendary cities, sublime national parks, relaxed lifestyle and atmosphere of freedom, a trip to the American West is the promise of a unique and breathtaking journey. This diverse and rich region is the dream of all travelers wishing to discover sumptuous natural landscapes and mythical cities. The West Coast is inevitably one of the most beautiful and spectacular regions in the United States. By car or motorbike Vacances America will make your travel plans a daydream!

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16 days

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Day 1: Discovering Los Angeles

Day 2: Visit to Joshua Tree

Day 3: Discovering the Grand Canyon

Day 4: In the heart of the Navajo Nation

Day 5: Discovering Utah's parks

Day 6: Visit Las Vegas

Day 7: Discovering Death Valley

Day 8: Yosemite and its redwoods

Day 9: San Francisco

Day 10:

Day 11:

Day 12:

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Day 16:

Day 1 : Discovering Los Angeles

Day1 : Discovering Los Angeles ©Pixabay

A visit to the cosmopolitan city of Los Angeles will take you through its many neighbourhoods: from the golden beaches of Santa Monica and Newport Beach, to the millionaires' homes of Beverly Hills and Bel Air, to the famous Hollywood Boulevard in West Hollywood. Whatever your taste, Los Angeles will charm you.

Day 2 : Visit to Joshua Tree

Day2 : Visit to Joshua Tree ©Pixabay

Before joining the famous Route 66 and its typical places, you will discover the Joshua Tree National Park. It is here that your dream of discovering the national parks of the American West will become reality.

Day 3 : Discovering the Grand Canyon

Day3 : Discovering the Grand Canyon ©Pixabay

Crossing the arid deserts of southern Arizona, you will discover the famous Grand Canyon National Park in the north. Its rock formations dating back more than 6 million years will not leave you indifferent.

Day 4 : In the heart of the Navajo Nation

Day4 : In the heart of the Navajo Nation ©Pixabay

The wonderment will continue and take you to the Navajo territory and the multitude of landscapes each more unique than the other: Antelope Canyon with its local legends, Horseshoe Bend with its "horseshoe" around the Colorado River, Monument Valley with its valley of red rock peaks emerging from nowhere.

Day 5 : Discovering Utah's parks

Day5 : Discovering Utah's parks ©Pixabay

We'll also show you the wonders of Utah by exploring Bryce Canyon National Park with its soaring red geological formations and the charming Zion National Park, an Eldorado for hiking and photography enthusiasts.

Day 6 : Visit Las Vegas

Day6 : Visit Las Vegas ©Pixabay

To recover from this breathtaking nature, you will visit the famous sin city Las Vegas. A true casino/hotel empire, this city leaves no one indifferent.

Day 7 : Discovering Death Valley

Day7 : Discovering Death Valley ©Pixabay

You will also be amazed by the immensity of the famous Death Valley and its multicoloured hills. Famous for its rock formations, this valley is also the hottest place in North America.

Day 8 : Yosemite and its redwoods

Day8 : Yosemite and its redwoods ©Pixabay

To refresh you, our trip will also take you to the world-famous Yosemite Park known for its postcard-perfect scenery. 

From giant redwood forests to huge waterfalls, the abundant flora and fauna of this region will amaze all nature lovers.

Day 9 : San Francisco

Day9 : San Francisco ©Pixabay

The last stop of this trip on the West Coast will be the famous and bewitching city of San Francisco. Between its typical neighbourhoods and its legendary prison, this city will leave a lasting impression on you.

Day 10 :

Day10 : ©Pixabay

Day 11 :

Day11 : ©Pixabay

Day 12 :

Day12 : ©Pixabay

Day 13 :

Day13 : ©Pixabay

Day 14 :

Day14 : ©Pixabay

Day 15 :

Day15 : ©Pixabay

Day 16 :

Day16 : ©Pixabay

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