Western route

Trip description

7 days / 6 nights tour on the western road to discover the traditions of the Bamileke people but also all the incredible natural sites of this magnificent region.
On the programme:

- Ekom Nkam waterfall

- Mamy Wata waterfall

- Mouankeu waterfall

- Metché waterfall

- Kayaking on the Noun river

- hiking on Mount Mbapit

- hiking on Mount Manengouba

- Ndemvoh caves

- Fovu caves

- Djutitsa tea plantation

- visit to the chieftaincies of Bafoussam and Bandjoun

- visit of the museums of Dschang and Bafoussam

Discover the agency :

7 days

From : €390*

Day 1: Ekom Nkam

Day 2: Mount Manengouba

Day 3: Dschang

Day 4: Surroundings of Dschang

Day 5: Kayaking

Day 6: Bafoussam

Day 7: Bandjoun Baham and Bafang

Day 1 : Ekom Nkam

Les chutes Ekom Nkam. ©Sébastien CAILLEUX

Departure from Douala to Ekom Nkam Falls

Accommodation in Melong

Day 2 : Mount Manengouba

peuple Sawa. ©Sébastien CAILLEUX

Climb Mount Manengouba to the twin lakes

Accommodation at the top of the mountain in tents

Day 3 : Dschang

Musée royal de la chefferie de Bafut. ©Sébastien CAILLEUX

Descent of Mount Manengouba and departure for Dschang

Visit of the museum of civilizations and the city

Accommodation in Dschang

Day 4 : Surroundings of Dschang

Vue panoramique sur Foumban. ©Sébastien CAILLEUX

Visit to Mamy Wata waterfall

Visit to the Ndemvoh cave

Visit to the Djutitsa tea plantation

Accommodation in Dschang

Day 5 : Kayaking

Le chef traditionnel de Bafoussam sur son trône. ©Sébastien CAILLEUX

Kayak trip on the Noun

Departure for Bafoussam

Visit of the Metché waterfall

Accommodation in Bafoussam

Day 6 : Bafoussam

L'entrée de la concession royale de Bafoussam. ©Sébastien CAILLEUX

Hike to Mount Mbapit

Visit to the Bafoussam chiefdom and the museum

Accommodation in Bafoussam

Day 7 : Bandjoun Baham and Bafang

Détails de la case sacrée du village de Bandjoun. ©Sébastien CAILLEUX

On the way back to Douala :

Visit to the Bandjoun chiefdom

Visit of the Fovu cave

Visit of the Mouankeu waterfall

Return to Douala

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