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Why leave to Jamaica ?

Jamaica is a real haven for nature lovers. Still not very touristy, the island is preserved and keeps its confidential and authentic character. You will be buried in a wild and welcoming Eden. You will discover no less than 120 rivers, 237 orchid species including 60 endemic, 3,000 varieties of flowering plants including 800 native ones, cacti, 550 species of ferns, 200 species of birds including 25 endemic, 80 species of endemic butterflies, hundreds of varieties of marine animals and magnificent coral reefs. The interior is lush, with waterfalls, rivers, tropical forests, mountains, hills as far as the eye can see, jungles and plantations (bananas, sugar cane, coffee). The natural treasures are numerous and all more fabulous than the other: the Blue Mountains and their bluish light, the Black River and its crocodiles, the YS Falls and their translucent waters, the Blue Lagoon and its indescribable turquoise... The island is a natural setting with flamboyant colours and bears its name of "land of forests and rivers".

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Preparing for your trip to Jamaica

The ocean as a horizon :

With its thousand kilometres of coastline, Jamaica is an ideal destination to take to the water (and to bubble on its divine beaches!). The island offers a wide variety of coastal landscapes, from the gilded fine sand setting bordering a turquoise and warm sea, to the coasts cut by the fury of the waves ready to welcome surfers and windsurfers. The richness of the marine fauna also makes the island an ideal place for scuba diving. From Negril and its 12 km long beach, to the south and its black sand, passing through Frenchman's Cove, the Caribbean dream operates...

The country of reggae

Jamaica is an island that vibrates to the sound of reggae, thanks in particular to the international success of Bob Marley, who has imposed this musical style and the entire island in the eyes of the world. More than just music, reggae and its modern derivative, dancehall, make the island's heart beat faster. The omnipresent music dictates the rhythm of all daily activities and irrigates every element of Jamaican culture. There is not a day without music, not a street without a reggae note, not an evening without a sound system.

A golfer's paradise

That's how Constant Spring's golf director in Kingston calls his island. No less than 12 courses including some of the most famous on a tropical island as big as Corsica. Tryall, for example, hosts the Johnnie Walker World Championships every year and Breezes, the Jamaica Open and the Heineken Trophy.