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Why leave to Madagascar ?

It is often said that the Big Island is a true "sanctuary of nature". The expression seems to come from a commercial brochure, but there are few as accurate as it is: it is even a real enchantment. We no longer count the mineral and vegetable wealth of this land of abundance, nor the number of endemic species. The lemur stands next to luminescent orchids, in the company of chameleons, reptiles, thousands of birds, fantastic baobabs and... lovers! With, in the background, the formidable notches of the Tsingy, limestone massifs shaped by thousands of years of erosion.

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Preparing for your trip to Madagascar

Adventure for all :

The adventure is possible for everyone in Madagascar: for the intriguing at the end of the world who will discover almost virgin spaces; or for the more placid traveller who is looking for a minimum of comfort. The Big Island gives the permanent impression of offering itself without ever giving itself. You can easily go down like an Indiana Jones in a canoe in the middle of a rainforest, hike like a John Wayne in a mountain range that evokes the mountains of the American West, or get lost like a Robinson on hundreds of kilometres of wonderful beaches. Those who flee modernity only need time, space is given to them. Those looking for a natural paradise will always find dream places in the middle of nowhere.
plage de sable blanc à Madagascar

A festival of colours

Red, like the laterite of the Highlands. Blue, like the infinite sea, all around. White, like the foam of this raging ocean. Green, like the mysterious forests of the coasts. Amber, like the sun that crushes the beaches of the West... The colours are everywhere, leaping like young crazy waves, nestled in the hollow of the slightest canyon, in the apple of the slightest glance that passes, before escaping, coquettish and mischievous, towards other even more subtle pastels... You will be intoxicated by this abundance of deep and mysterious nuances.
Rivière Masoala à Madagascar

A mosaic of cultures

Eighteen peoples live together on the Big Island. This mosaic of faces, colours, music and perfumes makes up a fascinating ensemble, like a human symphony. The island boasts a centuries-old culture where lemurs keep company with their ancestors, and where the latter, who return to earth in the bodies of crocodiles, dance with the living during festivals where rum is drunk. Travelling to Madagascar is a great plunge into a different world, towards the luminous elsewhere, where things and spirits dwell with men.

A warm and welcoming population

Smiling, welcoming, curious and yet so unhappy in their daily lives, the Malagasy population could give life lessons to many moralists and other bigots of all faiths. The joy of the children who greet you with a "hello vazaha" ("hello, stranger") is not only the occasion for a beautiful photograph: it warms the heart, as if, somewhere (where? when?), we had lost the ability to be happy under any circumstances.