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Why leave to Mauritius ?

It is the magic of the four S's: we come for the Sand, the Sun and the Service... and we receive the Smile as a bonus! Naturally mild and hospitable, Mauritians are the first wealth of Mauritius. Both discreet and open, they welcome the traveller with respect and sympathy and do everything to optimize his stay. While the tourism industry is one of the pillars of the economy, this behaviour is not a direct consequence. Because Mauritians, undoubtedly because of their African and Indian origins, are naturally Zen, fatalistic and friendly - even endearing, by the simple and sincere spontaneity that characterizes them. This results in one of the best hotel and tourist services in the world and a literally contagious atmosphere of nonchalance!

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Preparing for your trip to Mauritius

The cultural mix :

A plural nation is Mauritius. Successively occupied by the Dutch, the French and then the English, the island, at the time of its colonization, was populated by Africans and Indians. Later, at the end of slavery, Chinese arrived to open small businesses...Maurice keeps these prints and exhales this melting pot in each of his arteries. In the eclectic wetness of the markets, jeans rub against saris, blond locks cross paths with jet hair, the colours of skins mix... While inter-ethnic marriages remain relatively uncommon, it does not prevent people from rubbing shoulders with each other with tolerance and brandishing their "Mauricianism" as the best antidote to racism and civil instability. Wise and peaceful land.

The sweetness of life

First of all, the climate is mild: never too hot (trade winds on the coast) nor too cold (winter temperature of 20°C on average) and rarely violent, even in cyclonic periods - in general, storms pass out to sea!The softness of the landscapes then, where the legendary beauty of the beaches competes with the more discreet charm of the inland. In Mauritius, there are no high peaks or dizzying peaks: the island is rounded into green hills, carved out of polychrome valleys and watered by waterfalls... From the top of the hills, the view plunges into white sand tongues bordered by turquoise bottoms. And, from the bottom of the beaches, eyes are lost in small mountain ranges drawing lace of rock and greenery on the blue sky...No breathtaking or grandiose panoramas, but a natural heritage that exalts the senses and often arouses emotion.

An easy to understand destination

From France, it is one of the ideal and easiest destinations. No big time difference (3 hours in winter and 2 hours in summer), pleasant weather all year round, quality infrastructures, a 5-star welcome, a stable political context, a harmless fauna and generally satisfactory hygiene standards... Mosquitoes, the most annoying insects (nothing to do with many other destinations where they proliferate, which is not the case in Mauritius), are not carriers of malaria. From a health point of view, nothing to say: the island is quite clean as a whole and, apart from a few bouis-bouis, there is no risk in discovering its local cuisine. Mauritius also has good private clinics capable of providing first aid or treating ugly injuries. You can go with your family without any apprehension: the pharmacies are well stocked, the nannies are exemplary and the majority of hotels have very good mini-clubs. In addition, crime remains limited and the general atmosphere is holiday-like! The height of happiness: we speak in one of the most classic French spiced with tasty old formulas ( "pamphlets" for brochures, "literature" for magazines, "nib" for pen...). English may be used in administrations, schools and courts, but it is Molière's language that prevails in playgrounds and the press. Creole, a dialect common to all the inhabitants of the island, is a direct derivative of our language from which it borrows most of its terms.

The sea, the beach... but also nature and culture

A pleasant temperature all year round, a huge lagoon protected by a coral reef, white and warm sand lined with coconut palms... Mauritius has solid arguments for lovers of seaside activities. In 40 years, it is the real beauty of its beaches that has helped to attract millions of tourists and make the destination attractive and competitive. This natural maritime heritage, which has been self-sufficient until recently, has recently been enriched by a promising and justified development of green and cultural tourism: discovery of the primary forest on foot, on horseback or by mountain bike, guided hikes to the peaks of the hills, "flying" over ravines and waterfalls by zip line, cultural strolls in the houses of planters transformed into museums... This results in a different and increasingly varied tourist offer, leading to a discovery of the island from the interior and more by its coastline alone. Ancient buildings are transformed into guest rooms, adorable rustic cottages emerge from the lush vegetation, luxury "cabins" are planted in front of waterfalls... and are promises of exclusive moments "far" from the beaches, and complementary experiences to a stay only at the seaside.

An outstanding hotel business

By reputation and fact, it is one of the best in the world. In addition to an excellent service provided by an army of employees trained at a good school, the island has some of the finest international hotels, where the discretion of butlers is matched only by the refinement of the spas. Constance Prince Maurice, Shangri-La's Le Touessrok, Royal Palm Beachcomber, One & Only Le Saint Géran, The Obero Mauritius, Four Seasons Resort... these establishments with their exceptional architecture welcome stars and famous businessmen, to whom are given an avalanche of attentions.In slightly less starred establishments and even in boarding houses and small structures, we benefit just as much from a quality service and much better overall services than in many other islands in the Indian Ocean.

A delicious mixed cuisine

This is one of the island's assets, and not the least of it. Drawing its inspiration from Indian, French and Chinese culinary traditions, Mauritian cuisine is a fusion cuisine that highlights local regional products. Rich in fish and seafood, Mauritius also has good market gardening land that supplies it with fresh fruit and vegetables. To your forks!