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This circuit showcases Togo from a cultural perspective. This small country of Africa is however very rich in its landscape, ethnic and traditional diversity. You will discover local activities and Togolese know-how by soaking up the specific cultures of each locality. Traditional dance, artisan and artist workshop, botanical walk, gastronomic initiation... Visitors can experience immersive moments punctuated by encounter and sharing.

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12 days

From : €1,380*

Day 1: Welcome to Togo !

Day 2: Discovering Togolese culture

Day 3: Around Lake Togo

Day 4: Return by the coast Aného - Agbodrafo

Day 5: Kpalime and local scents

Day 6: Kloto villages

Day 7: The City of the Seven Hills

Day 8: Sokodé

Day 9: Bafilo

Day 10: Heading North and the Tamberma Landscape

Day 11: Bassar and Bandjéli and the theme of fire

Day 12: Back to the south Togo by Notsé and Tsévié

Day 1 : Welcome to Togo !

Arrival in Togo will be via Lomé Airport, usually at the end of the day. Travellers will be greeted from the airport to their hotel where an arrival party will be organised. They will be able to discover the traditional dances and songs of Togo alongside local artists (waders, dancers, percussionists and fire-eaters).

• London-Lomé flight
• Transfer to hotel (1 hour)
• Traditional dance arrival evening
• Dinner and overnight


Day 2 : Discovering Togolese culture

The second day is dedicated to the discovery of Lomé, the capital of Togo. Lomé is full of economic, cultural and gastronomic activities. You will therefore discover these local artists: painters, sculptors and chefs, under the sign of encounter and sharing. You will then discover the Togolese seafront before returning to your guest house and enjoy a local meal.

• Craft meeting
• Walk on the beach
• Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel

Day 3 : Around Lake Togo

After breakfast, tourists will travel on the third day to Togoville where they will visit the city and discover the local fishing and biodiversity that reigns on Lake Togo aboard an African canoe. It will also be an opportunity to discover several local production processes: coconut oil, gari and red oil. In the afternoon, discover another facet of Togolese culture at the barter market. You can also enjoy a swim and admire the sunset over the lake.

• Transfer Lomé Togoville (1h)
• Canoeing, fishing and biodiversity discovery
• Agricultural discovery around local products
• Barter market
• Dinner and overnight in hotel by the lake


Day 4 : Return by the coast Aného - Agbodrafo

From Togoville, you will return by land to Aného to discover its beautiful harbor at the mouth, then you will continue your route to Agbodrafo where you will spend the day in a cultural center. On the program: visit of Agbodrafo, workshop of African masks made of recycled materials. Meeting and sharing will be at the rendezvous. Departure at the end of the day for Kpalimé.

• Togoville Transfer – Aneho – Agbodrafo - Kpalimé (1h – 20 – 2h30min)
• Visit to the port of Aného
• Visit to Agbodrafo and the slave house
• Local meal
• Workshop of African masks made of recycled materials
• Dinner and overnight in Kpalimé

Day 5 : Kpalime and local scents

This fifth day will be an opportunity to discover the saponification processes. You will select your own products in the forest before making your 100% organic soap. At the exit of the workshop, your guide will take you to a last surprise in the valley of bats, where you will witness a most natural spectacle.

Botanical walk around the plant colorization

Manufacture of 100% organic soaps

Valley of bats

Dinner and overnight at the hotel

Day 6 : Kloto villages

The sixth day is a continuation of the route in the region of the plateaus to go to the villages of the locality. On the program: hiking, waterfalls, plant painting, pottery, batik, etc. Everyone will find their way between natural and cultural discoveries. To also discover the process of making local alcohol and proceed to a tasting. For a complete immersion, you will sleep in the village in bivouac.

• Hiking, botanical discovery and waterfall
• Various craft activities
• Overnight in bivouac

Day 7 : The City of the Seven Hills

During the morning, you will take the road to Atakpamé to reach the North South axis that will allow you to go to the North of Togo. You will be transferred to the hotel where you will have time to rest and have lunch or else you can go to the Ayomé waterfall if you are not tired. In the afternoon, you will go on a discovery of the city and its surroundings, then you will have the chance to attend a dance show Chebé, famous dance with stilts of the locality.

• Kpalimé Transfer – Atakpamé (2h)
• Free morning or waterfall swim
• City and Mountain Tour
• A show by Chebé, the stilts dance, one of the most famous dances in Togo and one of the specialties of the region.
• Overnight at the hotel

Day 8 : Sokodé

Day8 : Sokodé ©Talatah FAVREAU

In Sokodé, you will be welcomed by a cultural center that will make you discover the local crafts of the region: batik, vegetable dye. You can learn these techniques and make your own creation. You will also attend an evening on the theme of oratory art, with tales, theatre and dance.

Day 9 : Bafilo

This excursion to Bafilo will bring you the history of the natural and cultural heritage there. You will discover both the city and the surrounding mountains. You will then have the chance to witness the weaving of loincloths, traditional fabrics, by weavers who will be happy to describe their activities to you. You will then witness a traditional dance in the local outfits woven just before.

Day 10 : Heading North and the Tamberma Landscape

Early in the morning, you will take the road to the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site of Togo: the Tamberma landscape characterized by its traditional houses called the Sombas Tatas. You will be surprised to discover another region and another ethnic group of Togo. You’ll have the chance to share highlights and sleep on the roofs of its iconic homes.

• Sokodé Transfer – Tamberma (2h)
• Village tours, local activities
• Dinner and overnight on rooftops


Day 11 : Bassar and Bandjéli and the theme of fire

The arrival in the city of Bassar will be on the morning of the seventh day. Its inhabitants are the first blacksmiths of West Africa. It is also the city of a much appreciated agricultural product: yam. Thus, you will discover the market and the making of a local meal based on yams. Then you will meet the head of the village Bandjéli, and tourists will discover the art of ironwork. Finally, you will discover the iconic T'bol fire dance during the evening.

• Visit the market and discover a local dish like foufou
• Meeting with a traditional chef
• Discovering the art of ironwork
• T'Bol Traditional Dance Show
• Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel


Day 12 : Back to the south Togo by Notsé and Tsévié

The return to South Togo will be by the main road that crosses the country. You will make a first stop in Nosté to discover the remains of the Palaces of the Kings. Then you will have lunch there. Finally, you will stop in Tsévié to discover the life of an incredible artist and learn a little more about the locality.

• Bassar Transfer – Rated - Tsévié (4h30min – 1h)
• Visit the Palaces of the Kings
• Meetings and immersion at the cultural centre
• Dinner and overnight in Tsévié


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