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Jordan is a safe country and Jordanians are friendly and helpful, this tour of 08 days 07 nights in decent and comfortable hotels in total freedom without driver and rental car in the country is fun and reassuring, you admire yourself the beauty of the landscape between Amman and Petra also between Wadi Rum and the Red Sea and in the rest of Jordan from the Dead Sea to Jerash, we confirm you the right routes and the best conditions to have an unforgettable trip. See Jordan differently and in freedom.

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My name is Omar I am the director of See Jordan Tours agency, our job title is the satisfaction of our customers to have the best travel services as expected with a good professional French speaking team that takes care of the whole trip with us you will always be in good hands.

Day 1: Amman (Welcome to Jordan) (Distance 35 Kms)

Day 2: Amman Mont Nébo Madaba Kerak Petra (330 Kms)

Day 3: Pétra

Day 4: Petra Wadi Rum (150 Kms)

Day 5: Wadi Rum Aqaba (60 Kms)

Day 6: Aqaba Mer Morte Amman (320 Kms)

Day 7: Amman Jerash Amman visite (100 Kms)

Day 8: Amman Airport

Day 1 : Amman (Welcome to Jordan) (Distance 35 Kms)

Mosquéeu du Roi Abdallah ©Ahmad A Atwah _

Arrival in Amman. Welcome by our agent at the airport (Queen Alia). Obtain visa, then transfer with driver to your hotel for the night (Night in Amman)

Day 2 : Amman Mont Nébo Madaba Kerak Petra (330 Kms)

Mont Nébo, croix de Gian Paolo Fantoni ©Visit Jordan

After breakfast, a rental car will be provided to you at your hotel by one of our representatives. Then you start your free driving for a Road to Mount Nebo at 45 Kms from Amman, Visit of its sanctuary, the presumed site of the death of Moses and his burial place. Then drive to Madaba, 10 km from Mount Nebo, where the map of Madaba, a map of the Holy Land, dating from the 6th century, is kept in St. George's Church.

Then you drive via the road to Kerak about 100 km to arrive in Kerak, this road that allows you to discover the middle Jordan is called the Road of the Kings, it is the road used by the Hebrews during the exodus from Egypt to Palestine and it is also the road used by the Magi when they went to Yemen to look for the Incense and Myrrh. It also takes you through a beautiful valley called the Al Mujib Valley. Panoramic stop in the Al Mujib valley. Visit of the castle which is known to be impregnable. Continue south to Petra, 180 km from Kerak. Arrive in Petra and proceed to your hotel for the night. (Overnight in Petra)

Day 3 : Pétra

Site de Pétra ©Katsiuba Volha _

After breakfast, a day trip to Petra to visit the moving pink-red city, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The pink city "Petra", "the stone" in Greek, derives from the Aramaic toponym "RQM" (pronounced "rekem" or "rakm") (pronounced "rekem" or "rakmou"), which means "two-coloured". Geology is indeed at the origin of the red city, entirely carved in soft sandstone. In total, nearly 800 monuments, mostly tombs, are scattered over 100 km2 of Petra.  A wonder of the world and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is the most famous site in Jordan and even the Middle East.

You will cross the Siq, a narrow and long fault line caused by a prehistoric earthquake. At the end of the Siq, the most majestic monument of Petra, "Al Khazneh" or the "Treasure" with its Greco-Roman decoration, suddenly appears. What a dazzling spectacle of beauty... Beyond the Treasury, there are hundreds of sculpted buildings, temples, royal tombs, houses, burial chambers, festival halls, baths, monumental staircases, arched doorways, cobbled streets and above all the Roman theatre with about 3000 seats.  You will cross the Roman cardo and visit the Qasr El Binet, the only temple still standing and in a good state of preservation. 

In the afternoon, climb to Mount El Deir or the Monastery (optional), and free time and overnight at the hotel (Night in Petra)                                

Day 4 : Petra Wadi Rum (150 Kms)

Désert du Wadi Rum ©Ppictures _

After breakfast, visit "Little Petra", the site of Siq el-Bared and the neolithic remains of Beidah. Then you drive south to Wadi Rum about 120 kms from Petra for a 2 hours excursion by local Jeep to discover the unique and colorful desert landscape of Jordan, the valley of the moon, the setting of the Hollywood movies with its exceptional scenery in the world. At the end of the day you will enjoy a beautiful sunset over the desert. Typical dinner and overnight in a Bedouin camp (Night in Wadi Rum)

Day 5 : Wadi Rum Aqaba (60 Kms)

Le fort 'Aqaba. ©Ppictures /

After breakfast at the camp, drive to Aqaba. The drive takes about an hour as there are about 60 km between Wadi Rum and Aqaba on the Red Sea, you take a tour of the town and see the beach with a possibility to do some sea activities like snorkeling among the corals and multicolored fish of the Red Sea from a diving centre. For those who wish, scuba diving among the best preserved coral reefs in the world.

As the beach is very popular in the city, foreigners are advised not to go swimming in the area. We advise you to go to the bathing beaches 15 km south of Aqaba, where there is also a marine park of coloured fish and birds. A beautiful natural aquarium to discover with masks and snorkels. Overnight at the hotel (Overnight in Aqaba)

Day 6 : Aqaba Mer Morte Amman (320 Kms)

La Route des Rois s'étend dans la réserve du Wadi Mujib ©Irène ALASTRUEY - Author's Image

After breakfast, you will drive on a beautiful road (Wadi Araba Road) to the Dead Sea, 250 km from Aqaba, for an unforgettable experience. The Greeks called it the "Asphaltite Lake", the Muslims the "Stinking Lake", the Hebrews the "Sea of Salt" or the "Sea of Lot", alluding to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the two cities on the shores of the lake, from which only Lot and his family escaped.

The Dead Sea is 75 km long and 15 km wide, covering an area of 920 km2, almost twice the size of Lake Geneva. The maximum depth of the Dead Sea is 399 m. The lower level of the Jordan Depression is therefore 410 m below the level of the open seas and as such, it represents the lowest point on earth.

 In the afternoon return to Amman, 50 kms from the Dead Sea, you will be directed to your hotel for free time and overnight (Overnight in Amman).

Day 7 : Amman Jerash Amman visite (100 Kms)

Église grecque-orthodoxe sur le lieu du baptême de Jésus à Béthanie ©Irène ALASTRUEY - Author's Image

Breakfast at the hotel and departure for Jerash In the morning departure to the ancient city of Jerash or Gerasa about 45km north of Amman, via the northern road, It is the second major site in Jordan after Petra. Today, it is considered one of the best preserved Roman provincial cities in the Near East. Jerash is the epitome of extensive and formal Roman municipal planning throughout the Middle East. It is adorned with cobbled, colonnaded streets, huge hilltop temples, delightful theatres, spacious public squares, baths, fountains and walls pierced by towers and gates.

Day 8 : Amman Airport

La cascade de Hammamat Ma'in, Madaba ©Mytho - iStockphoto

After breakfast, transfer to the airport for departure.

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