From Ouadane to Chinguetti, caravan cities

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A trek in Mauritania that connects the two major caravan cities of the Sahara, Ouadane and Chinguetti..

The immensity of the Ouarane erg, a real sea of dunes, imposes respect and contemplation... this camel ride, starting from the caravan town of Ouadane, infiltrates the immensities of the Saharan universe, from oases to camps, and it is to the rhythm of the camels that this odyssey, marked by numerous encounters, allows us to discover Chinguetti, city-library, whose minarets suddenly rise in the distance, at the bend of a dune. A total immersion in the grandiose landscapes of Adrar, to the meeting of the nomads and the discovery of the cities full of History that are Ouadane and Chinguetti both on the list of the world heritage of the UNESCO

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Day 1: Departure for Atar - Ouadane

Day 2: Ouadane - Erg Ouarane

Day 3: Oasis of Tenouchert

Day 4: Tenouchert - Oued R'Kawya

Day 5: Oued R'Kawya - El Mezrougat

Day 6: El Mezrougat - Oued Chinguetti

Day 7: Oued Chinguetti - Chinguetti

Day 8: Return

Day 1 : Departure for Atar - Ouadane

Caravane dans le désert du Sahara ©Senderistas -

Flight to Atar; welcome by our guide then transfer in 4x4 on Ouadane. Installation at the hostel or in camp arranged and dinner.

Transfer: private vehicle, 4x4, about 3 hours.

Accommodation: Saharan hostel or camp with showers and toilets.

Meals included: dinner.

Meals not included: breakfast - lunch.

Day 2 : Ouadane - Erg Ouarane

Dans la vieille ville de Ouadane ©François JANNE DOTHEE

Departure in the morning to visit the old town of Ouadane where many scholars and thinkers stayed a few centuries ago. Ouadane is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the company of our caravan and cameleliers, then departure towards the erg Ouarane, in the middle of an immense sandy plain preceding the dunes.

Walking/visiting time: about 6 hours.

Distance: 12 to 15 km. Accommodation: Camp.

Meals included: breakfast - lunch - dinner.

Day 3 : Oasis of Tenouchert

Désert dans les environs d'Atar ©Senderistas -

In a maze of small dunes dotted with camel grass (alfa), our caravan continues on its way towards the beautiful oasis of Tenouchert where the large palm trees provide an appreciable shade. Meeting with the semi-sedentary nomads of these lands.

Walking time: about 6 hours.

Distance: 15 to 16 km.

Accommodation: Saharan inn.

Meals included: breakfast - lunch - dinner.

Day 4 : Tenouchert - Oued R'Kawya

Excursion à dos de chameau dans le Sahara ©Trabalza Jin -

Beautiful stage in the Saharan immensities where the sea of sand unfolds infinitely. Here and there, a few acacias come to disturb with their darkest green, the colour of the dunes varying from the palest yellow to the deepest orange. Arrival at the oued R'Kawya, superb site lost in the middle of nowhere, where we will set up our bivouac in the shade of the acacias.

Walking time: about 6 hours.

Distance: 14 to 16 km.

Accommodation: Camp.

Meals included: breakfast - lunch - dinner.

Day 5 : Oued R'Kawya - El Mezrougat

Mosquée de Chinguetti ©DorSteffen -

The dune ridges follow one another to infinity... sometimes white sand, sometimes yellow sand, they lead us to the heart of the Adrar massif where the immense dunes of El Mezrougat, sometimes tinged with pink, invite us to climb the bivouac.

Walking time: about 5 hours.

Distance: 14 to 16 km.

Accommodation: Camp.

Meals included: breakfast - lunch - dinner.

Day 6 : El Mezrougat - Oued Chinguetti

Parc national du Banc d'Arguin ©Eric Valenne geostory -

Always in the heart of Adrar, always among the maze of dunes, small oases appear from time to time... We reach the oued Chinguetti where the well will allow us to refuel.

Walking time: about 6 hours.

Distance: 14 to 16 km.

Accommodation: Camp.

Meals included: breakfast - lunch - dinner

Day 7 : Oued Chinguetti - Chinguetti

Scène de vie quotidienne à Chinguetti ©Eric Valenne geostory -

At the bend of a dune, while we thought we were alone in the world, suddenly appear the minarets of the famous city of Chinguetti, 7th city of Islam... three-quarters invaded by the sands, it preserves nevertheless very ancient manuscripts; it is inscribed on the World Heritage List by Unesco. Visit of the ancient city, a museum and a library (optional). Transfer to Atar, possibility to visit the market. End of stay meal.

Transfer: private vehicle, 4x4, about 2 hours.

Walking time: about 4 hours.

Distance: 7 to 9 km.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Accommodation: Saharan inn. Meals included: breakfast - lunch - dinner.

Day 8 : Return

Vieille ville ©Homo Cosmicos -

Transfer to the airport and return flight to France.

Transfer: private vehicle, 4x4 or minibus, about 10 minutes.

Meals included: breakfast.

Meals not included: lunch - dinner.

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