Mustang, the hidden kingdom...

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A trek to the Mustang, a region of Nepal still authentic, thanks to its geographical location; a true trekking in the Himalayas.

The Mustang… An ancient mysterious kingdom, it was for a long time ignored and unknown by Western countries because it was inaccessible to foreigners; it was visited only by a few explorers. It is now open to a limited number of foreign trekkers and becomes the dream at last granted to be able to penetrate this mysterious territory. Hidden behind the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, this high plateau sinks into Tibetan soil with great reinforcements of fairy chimneys, time-worn canyons, cave cities and huge red cliffs… The capital, Lomanthang, surrounded by ramparts, suddenly emerges in the high desert, standing like a challenge to nature… it is undoubtedly an exceptional trek where never two stages are alike, with in the background the great Himalayan peaks…

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19 days

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Day 1: England - Kathmandu

Day 2: Kathmandu

Day 3: Kathmandu - Pokhara (880 m)

Day 4: Pokhara - Jomosom - Kagbeni (2800 m)

Day 5: Kagbeni - Tangbe - Chuksang - Chele (3075 m) - Samar (3640 m)

Day 6: Samar - Syangboche (3800 m) - Geling (3570 m)

Day 7: Geling - Col Nya La (4010 m) - Ghami (3510 m) - Dhakmar (3800 m)

Day 8: Dhakmar - Muy La (4170 m) - Ghar Gompa (3665 m) - Ghar La (4200 m) - Lo Manthang (3810 m)

Day 9: Lo Manthang (3820 m)

Day 10: Lo Manthang - Col Lo La (3950 m) - Dhi Gaon (3880 m) - Yara (3650 m)

Day 11: Yara - Luri Gompa - Yara (3400 m)

Day 12: Yara - Tangye (3220 m)

Day 13: Tangye - Tetang (3100 m) - Chuksang (3020 m)

Day 14: Chuksang - Muktinath (3760 m) by the Gyu La pass (4077 m)

Day 15: Muktinath - Lupra (2790 m) - Jomosom (2710 m)

Day 16: Jomosom - Pokhara - Kathmandu

Day 17: Kathmandu

Day 18: Kathmandu - England

Day 19: England

Day 1 : England - Kathmandu

Durbar Square ©Skouatroulio -

Flight to Kathmandu.

Accommodation: plane (meals on board).

Meals included: on board.

Day 2 : Kathmandu

Garden of Dreams ©The-Walker -

Reception at Kathmandu airport by our team then transfer and installation to the hotel. Briefing by your guide and final preparations for the trek. Rest of the day free on Kathmandu for a first immersion in the city of the famous roofed temples in "pagodas". Free meals in the city.

Transfer: private vehicle, approximately 1 hour. Accommodation: hotel***.

Note: For some time now, the "luggage carriers" have been putting pressure on leaving Kathmandu airport; they are becoming more and more urgent even with our guides. The "normal" tip for this "service" is 100 Rps (€1) per person.

Day 3 : Kathmandu - Pokhara (880 m)

Devil Fall ©Jesse33 -

Transfer to Kathmandu airport for the flight to Pokhara. Situated on the shores of Lake Phewa, Pokhara offers a breathtaking view of the gigantic peaks of Macchapuchare (6997 m), Annapurna III (7555 m) and Annapurna IV (7525 m). Its lively alleyways will be the occasion for some last shopping before leaving for the Mustang. Free meals.

Transfer: aeroplane, 35 minutes.

Accommodation: hotel***.

Meals included: morning. 

Meals not included: noon - evening.

Day 4 : Pokhara - Jomosom - Kagbeni (2800 m)

Jomson ©Dzianis_Rakhuba -

Morning transfer to Pokhara airport for flight to Jomosom. From Jomosom, we take a vehicle to reach, via the newly created runway along the Kali Gandaki River where many marine fossils abound, the beautiful fortified village of Kagbeni with its Tibetan architecture which closes the Mustang valley. 

Transfer: aeroplane, about 25 minutes, then private vehicle to Kagbeni, about 1 hour.

Accommodation: lodge.

Meals included: morning - noon - evening. 

Day 5 : Kagbeni - Tangbe - Chuksang - Chele (3075 m) - Samar (3640 m)

Entrée du village de Jarkot situé dans la vallée du Mustang. ©Thierry Lauzun - Iconotec

Today we take a jeep to go to Samar. Indeed, for this stage, there is no alternative except to walk on the track. So we opted for a jeep transfer. On leaving the village we pass the check post and show our permits for the Upper Mustang. We leave the Lower Mustang and go through the village of Tangbe. Along the torrent, we continue our road to the village of Chuksang located in front of a huge cliff hollowed many caves...Still along the Kali Gandaki, here called Mustang Khola, we cross a bridge on foot to change vehicles that will take us, through the track, to the village of Chele where we will discover vertical manis, which is unusual. Passage of a pass to 3500 m from where the view of the snow-covered mountains is magnificent; then descent to the village of Samar which is an important caravan stop. Samar in Tibetan means "red earth". Discovery of the wooded village of willows and poplars surrounded by barley and wheat fields, with, in the background, the peaks of Nilgiri (7134 m) and Tilicho (7161 m) that dominate us.

Transfer: private vehicle, about 3 hours.

Walking time: about 1 hour.

Difference in height: + 200 m.

Negative difference in height: - 200 m.

Accommodation: lodge.

Meals included: morning - noon - evening.

Day 6 : Samar - Syangboche (3800 m) - Geling (3570 m)

Parc National Royal Bardia ©Utopia_88

Departure on foot on the path that follows the bed of the river then goes up in balcony in front of the Nilgiri and the Annapurnas range. Among some pastures where the shepherds settle down in summer, we quickly dive into a superb canyon with steep walls, and visit a sacred cave where many pilgrims come to pray; we arrive at the tiny white village of Syangboche with its flat roofs, closed on itself. You continue to climb until you reach a pass at 3850 m, then it is the descent to Geling where you enter following a red ochre wall. Geling is vast, its fields, largely irrigated, are protected by a long dry stone wall. A superb monastery, dating from the 1400s, preceded by a pretty chorten, dominate Geling... Visit the monastery.

Walking time: about 6 hours. Positive drop: + 750 m. Negative drop: - 820 m. Accommodation: lodge. Meals included: morning - noon - evening.

Day 7 : Geling - Col Nya La (4010 m) - Ghami (3510 m) - Dhakmar (3800 m)

Col de Baga dans le Dolpo. ©Hugo Canabi - Iconotec

Via the Geling mountain pastures, a good path goes up to the Nya La pass (3990 m); the view is clear on the Annapurnas. Then descent into a deep gorge with carved walls, then a side crossing takes us to the small pass of Ghami which opens the view on the village of the same name. White houses with windows and brightly painted woodwork, chortens, prayer mills, make Ghami a very pretty village that dominates its beautifully drawn fields. After lunch, possible walk to discover the longest mani wall of the Mustang. Then we leave Ghami by the way that leads us to a new small pass; from there we discover the extraordinary red ochre cliffs that close the horizon and overlook Dhakmar. As usual, some chortens mark the entrance of the village.

Walking time: 5 hours 30 approx. Positive drop: + 850 m. Negative drop: - 500 m. Accommodation: lodge. Meals included: morning - noon - evening.

Day 8 : Dhakmar - Muy La (4170 m) - Ghar Gompa (3665 m) - Ghar La (4200 m) - Lo Manthang (3810 m)

Festivités de Losar, Bakhtapur. ©gorkhe1980 - Shutterstock.Com

Among the penitents of earth, the path taks until the first pass of Muy la, then crosses a pretty plateau until the real pass of Muy La (4170 m). He then goes on a balcony and winds through the pastures where goats and yacks graze and then crosses the monastery (which we will visit) of Ghar Gompa, very lively and decorated with beautiful frescoes. Descent then into the thalweg then climb gradually to Ghar La (4200 m), accompanied by the song of a small stream. From the first pass, you cross the flank to circumvent the valley and thus reach the second pass of Ghar La at 4280 meters. In a landscape of beautiful colorful hills, ranging from white to red ochre with all shades of yellow, all crowned by snow-capped peaks, we reach Lo Manthang, fortified capital of the ancient and mythical Kingdom of Lo

Walking time: about 7 hours. Positive drop: + 900 m. Negative drop: - 830 m. Accommodation: lodge. Meals included: morning - noon - evening.

Day 9 : Lo Manthang (3820 m)

There are many walks around Lo Manthang, in the middle of the barley, mustard and buckwheat fields. Walk in the narrow streets of this city, meeting the inhabitants discussing on the square of the royal palace, returning from the fields or returning the herds. Ancient monasteries with beautiful paintings and mandalas deserve a visit. Optional excursion to Choser, towards Tibet, with its caves and half-built monastery in the cliff. In this case, we will have to rent horses to make the round trip in the day.

Accommodation: lodge.

Meals included: morning - noon - evening.

Day 10 : Lo Manthang - Col Lo La (3950 m) - Dhi Gaon (3880 m) - Yara (3650 m)

Stupa et roues à prières sur le circuit de treck d'Annapurna. ©Blazej Lyjak -

We cross the pass over Lo Manthang. The path forks into the adjacent valley of the Mustang Khola and then, a beautiful balcony path, with a splendid view of the high peaks of the Annapurna and the Dhaulagiri leads us to a small pass at an altitude of 4000 m. Then descend to the village of Dhi Gaon by a steep path that ends in a lunar setting, between huge penitents of land. Magnificent view of the village and the river. Then climbed for a good hour in the bed of the river Puyun Khola, dominated by cliffs dug of ancient cave dwellings forming a real city of 7 floors. The trail straightens up and you arrive at the small hamlet of Yara, with its houses crowded together.

Walking time: 5 to 6 hours. Positive drop: + 680 m. Negative drop: - 800 m. Accommodation: lodge. Meals included: morning - noon - evening.

Day 11 : Yara - Luri Gompa - Yara (3400 m)

Panorama sur les montagnes de l'Annapurna. ©soft_light -

Passing at the foot of a troglodyte city of seventeen floors high and arriving at Luri Gompa, a monastery dug in the chimneys of fairies. Discovery of his 15th century Buddhist frescoes and magnificent «stupa». Return to the village of Yara.

Walking time: 4 to 5 hours.

Positive drop: + 400 m. Negative drop: - 400 m.

Accommodation: lodge.

Meals included: morning - noon - evening.

Day 12 : Yara - Tangye (3220 m)

Long climb up to a pass (3700 m); then down to the Dhe Khola river… the landscapes are very desert but oh so grandiose!! After passing a second pass at 3900 m, descent to the village of Tangye (3320 m), remarkable by its chörtens range.

Walking time: 6 to 7 hours.

Positive drop: + 915 m.

Negative drop: - 1100 m. Accommodation: lodge. 

Meals included: morning - noon - evening.

Day 13 : Tangye - Tetang (3100 m) - Chuksang (3020 m)

Trek sur l'Annapurna. ©My Good Images -

Without a doubt the most beautiful day of the whole trek (but also the longest)… Pass Paha Pass at 4100 m with stunning scenery over the entire Mustang region… striking contrasts between the red of the Mustang cliffs and the snowy and rocky Annapurna (8091 m) and Dhaulagiri (8167 m)… Along ancient salt mines, arrived on the unusual village of Tetang (3100 m), with its houses high as true fortresses. We will continue to Chuksang for the night.

Walking time: 8 to 9 hours.

Positive drop: + 990 m.

Negative drop: - 1400 m.

Accommodation: lodge.

Meals included: morning - noon - evening.

Day 14 : Chuksang - Muktinath (3760 m) by the Gyu La pass (4077 m)

La montagne Annapurna. ©v_apl

Climb to the Gyu La Pass (4077 m), along a river topped by high cliffs, then descend to Muktinath (3810 m) crossing Buddhist shrines, temples, pagodas and sacred springs where burns a flame of natural gas!. Stunning views of the Dhaulagiri (8167 m), Tilicho (7134 m) and Nilgiri (7061m) peaks.

Walking time: 8 hours 30 approx.

Positive drop: + 1200 m.

Negative drop: - 500 m. A

ccommodation: lodge.

Meals included: morning - noon - evening.

Day 15 : Muktinath - Lupra (2790 m) - Jomosom (2710 m)

We continue the descent through the arid landscapes opening onto the Tibetan plateaus to the north and, to the south, the scenery of high snowy mountains: here is the Nilgiri and especially the impressive pyramid of Dhaulagiri. Short climb to a pass (4000 m) from where the view of the Dhaulagiri is exceptional. Then down to Lupra, the only village "Bön" on our route. The religion "Bön" is the Tibetan religion pre-existing to Buddhism.

Walking time: 5 to 6 hours.

Negative drop: - 1050 m.

Accommodation: lodge.

Meals included: morning - noon - evening.

Day 16 : Jomosom - Pokhara - Kathmandu

Jeune Népalaise partie cueillir des feuillages pour le bétail. ©Author's Image

Transfer to Jomosom airport for a first flight to Pokhara then, directly for a second flight to Kathmandu. Free meals in Kathmandu, rest of the day free to relax or start visiting the city.

Transfer: plane, about 1 hour. 

Accommodation: hotel***.

Meals included: morning.

Meals not included: noon - evening.

Day 17 : Kathmandu

La visite du quartier de Thamel se fait plus facilement à pied qu'en rickshaw. ©Thierry Lauzun - Iconotec

Accompanied by a French-speaking Nepalese guide, you will explore the Kathmandu Valley. Visit of Bhaktapur which is often considered the most extraordinary "museum city" of the whole Kathmandu valley. The finest examples of civil or religious architecture can be seen around large squares in different neighbourhoods. Every alley, every nook and cranny preserves buildings of brick and wood delicately carved, which are characteristic of Nepalese art. Then visit Bodhnath where stands a monumental stupa (hemispheric building), the largest in Nepal. The top of its dome is surmounted by a quadrangular tower whose each face bears a pair of Buddha eyes; many monks of Tibetan origin live nearby. Free lunch, traditional dinner in the evening in a typical Nepalese restaurant.

Accommodation: hotel***.

Meals included: morning - evening.

Meals not included: noon.

Day 18 : Kathmandu - England

Free time on Kathmandu if flight hours allow it, to make your last purchases or to continue some visits to the capital and its surroundings. Then transfer to Kathmandu airport for the flight back to England. Free meals. 

Accommodation: plane (meals on board).

Meals included: morning.

Day 19 : England

Arrival in England.

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