Traditions and legends in the heart of the Japanese Alps

Trip description

Nature and tradition. It is the concept of this trip which condenses the essential and the authenticity of Japan with its rich and luxuriant nature and its thousand-year-old culture.

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15 days

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Day 1: Arrival to Tokyo

Day 2: Tokyo

Day 3: Tokyo

Day 4: From Tokyo to Hakone

Day 5: From Hakone to Kyoto

Day 6: Kyoto

Day 7: Excursion to Takao

Day 8: Kyoto

Day 9: Nara trip

Day 10: Kanazawa

Day 11: from Kanazawa to Takayama

Day 12: Takayama

Day 13: Shirakawa-Go getaway

Day 14: From Takayama to Tokyo

Day 15: Tokyo

Day 1 : Arrival to Tokyo

La tour de Tokyo. ©Ooyoo - iStockphoto

Arrival in Tokyo. You will be met at the airport by an assistant who will help you get to your hotel by public transport. Depending on your arrival time, start your discovery of the megalopolis of a thousand faces.

Day 2 : Tokyo

Saison des cerisiers en fleurs à Tokyo. ©FilippoBacci -

Start your first day of discovery in Tokyo and get to the heart of the matter. In the program: walks in the gardens of the Imperial Palace, in the Gyoen and Yoyogi parks. Visit of the emblematic Shinto shrines of Tokyo "Meiji-jingu and Hie jinja". Followed by a walk in the Shibuya district, to see the famous dog Hachiko, and in the lively district of Harajuku and its street Omote-Sando where you will be immersed in one of the most fashionable districts. 

Day 3 : Tokyo

SENSŌ-JI ©Takashi Images -

Continue your exploration of the Japanese capital with the must-sees of eastern Tokyo: head for the Asakusa Shrine and the superb Senso-Ji temple, emblem of the Asakusa district. Its mythical red lantern will guide your steps to the main building, not without having faced the crowds in Nakamise street. But also the Ueno park a few steps away which houses many temples and the national museum. Take the opportunity to admire the sunset on Mount Fuji from the Tokyo Sky Tree, the 2nd highest tower in the world with a 360° view on the capital.

Day 4 : From Tokyo to Hakone

Hakone ©Krishna.Wu -

Discover Hakone in this free day. A great breath of fresh air at the edge of the Ashi lake located in the heart of the ancient volcano, the Hakone. Take the mythical picture of the sublime Torii of Hakone Jinja, your feet planted on the edge of the lake with a view of Mt. Fuji and take the opportunity to visit this Shinto shrine whose buildings are located in a forest of cedars of the Fuji Hakone Izu national park. And you will also be able to reach Owakudani, the geothermal valley to admire its famous fumaroles, and to offer you a panoramic view on the Mount Fuji. 

Day 5 : From Hakone to Kyoto

KINKAKU-JI - Pavillon d'or ©I love photo -

Hakone is also the ideal place for a Japanese hot spring experience called onsen. After relaxing in the Japanese hot baths, you can walk in the park of Gora and stroll in the flowery alleys of the botanical garden on the hillside and its tea rooms, greenhouses and beautiful central fountain. Try the tea ceremony at the Hakuun-Do tea garden, or learn glassblowing techniques at the Hakone Crafthouse.

Day 6 : Kyoto


Accompanied by your English-speaking guide, explore Kyoto and learn about the history and ancestral Japan culture. Walk the streets and witness ancient traditions, stunning architecture and beautiful parks. The shrines and temples of the ancient Japanese capital will transport you back in time. Will you have the chance to meet a Geiko during your stay?

Day 7 : Excursion to Takao

Kyoto compte sans doute plus de Torii que tout le Japon réuni. ©Barthélémy COURMONT

Leave with your guide for a gentle and friendly hike to discover the treasures of Takao. This small village at the foot of the mountain located in the northwest of Kyoto, houses the Hiraoka Hachimangû shrine and three superb temples: the Jingo-ji, the Saimyo-ji and the Kozan-ji, all rich in history and perfectly integrated in their environment.

Day 8 : Kyoto

Sanctuaire Heian. ©Itzak Newmann - Iconotec

Immerse yourself one last day in the heart of this amazing city and go to the Fushimi Inari Taisha, the largest Shinto shrine in Japan where 30,000 torii follow one another forming a red vault snaking through the heart of the forest and the mountain. Your journey will end on the Philosophy Walk, from Ginkaku-ji, called Silver Pavilion to Eikan-do Zenrin-ji temple. A walking path lined with cherry trees, the most beautiful in spring, and dotted all along with small temples and shrines where you will enjoy strolling.

Day 9 : Nara trip

Nara. ©Sean Pavone - iStockphoto

Take a walk in the big park of Nara city, ancient imperial capital, and especially famous for its shika deer which will certainly greet you with a nod. It is very easy to approach them and they will surely come to tease you to get a rice cake they love. Their meeting delights young and old, and makes some pretty funny photos.

Day 10 : Kanazawa

Higashi Geisha District ©Milosz Maslanka -

Discover the city of Kanazawa with an English-speaking guide, near the Japanese Alps. Visit one of the most beautiful parks in the country, the Kenroku-En, the garden has a typical Japanese landscape architecture, with splendid ponds and streams, take time to walk around. Everything is beautiful in any season. Kanazawa castle and various temples of the city are also beautiful.

Day 11 : from Kanazawa to Takayama


Move to Takayama in the heart of the Hida Mountains in the Japanese Alps for a gentle hike. Afterwards, you can relax in a traditional ryokan, enjoy fine food during a typical dinner (kaiseki) and take a bath in the hot spring bath. (Onsen)

Day 12 : Takayama


Step back in time as you stroll through the historic district of this ancient feudal city with its charming streets lined with beautifully preserved old houses from the Edo period. Many of these wooden houses are nowadays museums or sake breweries. An opportunity for a cultural and historical tour and to indulge in a small tasting.

Day 13 : Shirakawa-Go getaway

OGIMACHI ©beibaoke -

Continue your timeless journey in the heart of the mountain in the small historical village of Shirakawa-Go, classified Unesco world heritage site for its traditional Gassho style farms with thatched roofs: the Gassho Zukuri. A very charming escapade.

Day 14 : From Takayama to Tokyo


Back from your trip in the heart of the Japanese Alps, you will join Tokyo for a free day where you can stroll as you wish. You will be able to explore Akihabara, the otaku district, a very lively district with its colorful neon signs and its "maid cafes". Not far from there, Ginza will delight shopping and contemporary architecture lovers. Or you can visit Shinjuku and discover this amazing business district which when the sun goes down transforms into a colorful and sonorous area. Don't forget to try one of its ramen restaurants.

Day 15 : Tokyo


Depending on your flight schedule, enjoy half a day at leisure, then head to Tokyo Haneda or Narita airport.

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