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Dubrovnik and Konavle: The jewels of Croatia

Dubrovnik and Konavle: The jewels of Croatia Posted on 12 mars 2020

Discover Croatia and its countless idyllic landscapes. You will be guided through unique private excursions to experience an authentic journey! Don’t wait any longer to discover this country with its unusual and magical places.

Dubrovnik is the southernmost city of Croatia. Its history is marked by its strategic position at the entrance to the navigation channels formed by the 1200 islands of Croatia. It will thus evolve to become a crossroads between East and West, a free city-state using diplomacy to maintain itself on the important commercial cordon that was the Adriatic Sea.

Live this experience on a private excursion!


Transfer with the English speaking guide and the driver in a private car to the old town of Dubrovnik.

Visit of Dubrovnik with your local guide. You will see the main street Stradun, monasteries of the Franciscans and Dominicans, cathedral and St. Blaise church, rectors palace and Sponza as well as the old port.

Duration of the visit: 2h00

Dubrovnik was a Mediterranean city-state that was able to preserve its freedom and avoid conflicts through skilful diplomacy. The extent of its trade can be seen in every stone of this city, which is one of the best preserved medieval cities in the world. The “Pearl of the Adriatic” is the most important tourist destination in Croatia and is classified by UNESCO.


The Konavle region has an ancient history. Its name comes from Canalis, canals built by the Romans to supply their camp Epidaurus, today the beautiful village Cavtat. Konavle is a special microclimate on the Croatian Adriatic coast, between the sea and the Sniježnica massif, which rises to 1234 m. Konavle is famous for its cypress forests embracing its authentic stone villages.

Transfer from Dubrovnik to the village Gruda in the heart of Konavle.

Duration of the trip: 40 min.

Discovery of the art gallery AR of the academic painter Antonija Rusković. The workshop has received the national label of art protection for Konavle embroidery.

The Konavle region is famous for silk production and embroidery. A tradition that is still alive because women pass on family motifs from mother to daughter. All the woman’s pride and craftsmanship is illustrated by the embroidery of her traditional costume.

The AR workshop produces silk as the elders used to do. They use their cocoons for presentation and traditional silk yarn production workshops. It also has a rich collection of embroideries that are part of traditional costumes and other domestic uses.


Free discovery of the village Cavtat.

Cavtat is one of the most beautiful villages on the Dubrovnik Riviera. Typical stone village with rich captains’ houses.

It shelters a mausoleum made by the great Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović, a monastery of Franciscans and the birth house of the impressionist painter Vlaho Bukovac. The seaside promenade around the capes is magnificent.

Return to Dubrovnik to your accommodation or boat and end of the excursion.


The spirit of a private excursion is that the guide will adapt the excursion to your wishes. In Konavle, it is also possible to make beautiful walks on the cliff path, wine tasting of wines, especially of the native Dubrovnik grape variety: Malvasija, sports activities such as quad biking, diving along the cliffs or horseback riding. However, it is always best to let us know your wishes in advance to book the services.