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Discover Brazil in a new way

Discover Brazil in a new way Posted on 12 mars 2020

Dreaming of a unique escape? Between nature, culture and history, festive colours, Brazil has many surprises in store for you! You will discover dazzling sites while being in contact with a population endowed with great hospitality and generosity.

We propose you to discover surprising places that will leave you with unforgettable memories. 

The Costa Verde

Surrounded by lush green nature, white sandy beaches with turquoise waters, the Costa Verde is an area of 200 km that represents one of the jewels of Brazil. Here you will discover 365 islands and can wander through small local fishing villages. You will be able to approach the islets by boat and relax on wild beaches…

The city of Paraty will take you back to the colonial period with authentic architecture dating from this period. This one is exclusively pedestrian; you will be able to continue your visits peacefully. For a more festive atmosphere, wait until early evening to enjoy the bars and music of the country until the end of the night!

You will have the chance to taste the local gastronomy and be warmly welcomed by the locals!


Iguassu Falls

It is the magic place to see in Latin America, in the Parana region of Brazil.

This protected natural park offers you 3 kilometers of waterfalls through 275 waterfalls. The most grandiose is the far La Garganta del Diablo, or Devil’s Gorge. With its 80 meters high, it splashes up to several kilometers.

You can take a plane and fly over the waterfalls for an exceptional view.

Pass by the Güira Oga centre, a refuge that welcomes about 300 animals. It takes care of sick and injured animals before ensuring their rehabilitation in their natural environment.

Just a few hours drive away, you will have the chance to be immersed in the local culture through the Guarani community. You will meet the inhabitants who will make you discover their traditions.


Minas Gerais

Minais Gerais has all the authentic architecture to offer you. A former colonial region, you will discover the rich history and culture of colonization. The towns have buildings from that period that will take you centuries back in time.

Don’t miss the Maria-Fumaça steam train for a ride.

For hiking enthusiasts, climb to the top of Pico da Bandeira. Located in the Caparao National Park, it is one of the highest peaks in Brazil and guarantees a unique panorama.

In the same vein, take a walk in the Serra do Cipo park, nature and well being at the rendezvous! Rich fauna and flora, you will have the chance to observe many animals and idyllic landscapes.


The Amazon

Dive emotionally into the heart of the green lungs of the planet. Fully immersed in this luxuriant jungle with an infinite richness of flora and fauna, you will have the possibility to stay in a local’s home or to approach the jungle through a cruise along the river.

This is the perfect off-the-beaten-track stay par excellence. For a magical human experience, meet the local communities and share their daily life. The cultural exchange will leave you with memories you will never forget!

You have the opportunity to take part in several activities such as kayaking, swimming or hiking with a local guide in Jau National Park.


Ceara Region

West of Fortaleza, discover the small fishing village of Jericacoara. Located between strips of white sand and the Atlantic Ocean, grandiose landscapes await you. This small town remains isolated and if you are looking for relaxation and authenticity, head for Jéri!

This side of Brazil rhymes with tranquility, between relaxation and desert dunes or water sports, you have the choice in terms of activity! You will be able to refresh yourself in lagoons between some zip line descents.


Salvador de Bahia

Cultural and historical city, Salvador de Bahia offers you festivities, gastronomy and typical architecture. It is divided into two parts; the upper city and the lower city. Take the Lacerda lift to visit the city as a whole.

Enjoy the beaches, the museums and the good local gastronomy that offer a perfect mix of Portuguese, oriental and African flavors.