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Explore the Natural Empire in Colombia

Explore the Natural Empire in Colombia Posted on 12 mars 2020

If we should define Colombia in one word, it would be: diversity. With an incredible variety of flora and fauna, discover the beauty and above all the magic of this country that has many surprises in store for you…

If you want an authentic stay, close to nature and far from the beaten track, here is what we recommend:

The Amazon

Located in the extreme south of the country on the border with Brazil, Peru and Venezuela, the Amazon has been home to indigenous communities for millennia. Above all, it is home to the largest variety of animal and plant species in the world (pink dolphins, caimans, monkeys, Ceibo trees, orchids, etc.).

Andean Cordillera

It covers almost the entire Colombian territory from north to south. Cradle of innumerable water sources (waterfalls, rivers) formed by glaciers, it is here where the Condor, the largest bird in the world, nests. It is also in this region that you will be able to admire many hummingbirds, during a beautiful hike in the paramo, you will discover the endemic plant el Frailejon and the giant wax palms located in the heart of the coffee zone. Moreover, this Colombian coffee landscape has been declared a UNESCO heritage site.

You will also appreciate the typical towns and villages with colonial charm such as Barichara or Filandia. Another natural treasure of this region is the Tatacoa Desert.

The Pacific Coast

The Pacific coast is in the west of the country, offering an exuberant nature still intact. It offers beaches, some with black sand and dense rainforests, where humpback whales can be observed. It is also a privileged place for divers.

The plains “los Llanos”

They are located to the east of the mountain ranges, it is in this place that the most beautiful river in the world is hidden, the river of the 5 colors: Caño Cristales. Casanare, is the ideal place to make a jeep safari, on horseback, to meet the cowboys living here, but especially to observe the jaguar and the anacondas.

The Caribbean

The most popular region in the north of the country. Bathed by the warmth of the Caribbean Sea, a land of warm and cheerful people, where the atmosphere is festive, especially around the drums.

It is here that the various indigenous ethnic groups can be found. They are the most representative of the country, like the Wayuu in the desert of La Guajira, the Koguis, Aruhacos and Wiwas in the mythical Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (the highest mountain range with Pico Colón and its 5775 meters of altitude). The pearl of the Caribbean, Cartagena de Indias, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is undoubtedly the best known of this region.

San Andres & Providencia

These islands are heavenly and only accessible by plane. It is ideal for a seaside stay between palm trees and fine sandy beaches with turquoise water.

It is not for nothing that Colombia has been designated as the new “IT PLACE” for tourism.

Nature, Culture, History, adventure or relaxation, it’s all there!