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Why leave to Spain - Andalusia ?

In most of the country, this generous ally of the Andalusians will very rarely stand you up, even shining 320 days a year on the Costa de Almería or the Costa de la Luz. A very pleasant rhythm of life!

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Preparing for your trip to Spain - Andalusia

A pleasant climate all year round :

In summer, let yourself be stunned by a very hot and almost tropical climate that is revered especially by holidaymakers on the Costa del Sol. Then, be surprised and conquered by the mildness of its autumns and winters, probably the mildest in all of Europe. What about spring then? Always a little wonder!
Jardin et fontaine de l'Alhambra

An ideal situation

Privileged and unique, Andalusia brings together two continents. It is here that Europe and Africa meet. But this vast region also celebrates the marriage between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea in a strait of passage where you can even observe cetaceans.
Danseuse de flamenco à Séville

A diversified geography

This land of contrasts will offer you vast alluvial plains or desert areas as well as multiple types of mountainous relief, or a coastline with different categories of beaches, long golden sand, small coves of brown sand... likely to please the greatest number of people. The distances between all these geographical areas are often short. In Granada, for example, in early spring, you can ski in the Sierra Nevada in the morning or enjoy the beach at a seaside resort on the Costa Tropical in the afternoon.

Nature and various activities

Due to all its particular geographical features, Andalusia will offer travellers a wide range of natural resources, including preserved paradises such as the Sierra Nevada and Donaña national parks, which combine pine forests and lagoons, as well as a large number of natural parks where nature tourism and all its components such as hiking, walking, horse riding, mountain biking, etc., outdoor sports or simply relaxation can be easily practised.

A rich historical heritage

Granada, Seville, Cordoba: the Holy Trinity, so many unforgettable wonders frozen by time in these testimonies of refinement and cohabitation between Muslim, Catholic and Jewish peoples! Andalusia's historical and artistic heritage is phenomenal, both in terms of castles and fortresses (alcazabas) and palaces and places of worship. You can also venture to the sources of the conquest of America, especially in the provinces of Cádiz or Huelva, or discover a rather wonderful Baroque or Renaissance architectural past: Ronda, Antequera, Úbeda, Baeza, etc.

Under the sign of celebration

From February to October, many important events will reveal the ambivalence of the Andalusians. All ages combined, they know how to show unwavering religious fervour during Holy Week as well as how to have fun like crazy during many other important moments. There are plenty of opportunities to celebrate: carnivals (the one in Cadiz is particularly friendly), sumptuous ferias (those in Seville and Malaga, for the most important ones) and all the jovial festivals that mark the calendar of life in the South.

Epicureans' paradise

To meet this Andalusian people with a strong personality, you will be able to taste, in particular, the famous Jerez wines made with passion, you will feast on grilled fish, hearty regional dishes as well as excellent tapas cooked under the patronage of the venerated extra virgin olive oil, nectar of a tree so important for this part of the country.

A culture of folklore and traditions

Some of you may seize other pretexts to come to Federico García Lorca's homeland: the bullfighting shows that take place here are simply fascinating, and you will quickly be bewitched by the very essence of the soundtrack of the film of life that is played there: flamenco!