Colombia in Family - 15 days

Trip description

If you want to travel to Colombia safely with your family, this programme has been specially designed for you!

Thanks to our expertise and the feedback from travellers who have trusted us to organise their first trip to Colombia with their children, we have been able to create this unique programme which will appeal to young and old alike: adapted travel time and accommodation, visits and fun activities at each stage, the diversity of the landscapes, contact with the locals...

Come and discover the true face of Colombia, its breathtaking landscapes between sea and mountains, its coffee plantations, its colonial villages, its tropical forests, its heavenly beaches on the Caribbean coast, not to mention the incredible hospitality of the Colombians. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries in South America that your family will love.

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14 days

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Day 1: Arrival in Bogota

Day 2: Visit of Bogota

Day 3: Direction Villa de Leyva

Day 4: Villa of Leyva - Barichara

Day 5: Chicamocha Canyon and horse riding in Barichara

Day 6: Barichara - Bucaramanga - Pereira - Alcalá

Day 7: Alcalá - Vallée de Cocora - Salento - Filandia - Alcalá

Day 8: Alcalá - Rio la Vieja - Alcalá

Day 9: Alcalá - Coffee Park - Alcalá

Day 10: Alcalá - Pereira - Cartagena

Day 11: Cartagena

Day 12: Cartagena - Palomino

Day 13: Palomino

Day 14: Back to Bogotá

Day 1 : Arrival in Bogota

Le centre historique de Bogotá. ©DC_Colombia - iStockphoto

A French-speaking assistant will meet you at the airport and accompany you to your hotel in a private vehicle. He or she will give you your travel documents and a telephone on loan. 

Welcome to Bogotá, a multicultural and dynamic capital in the heart of the Andes, at an altitude of 2,600m.

Dinner is free.

Day 2 : Visit of Bogota

La Candelaria ©Nicolas LHULLIER

Breakfast at the hotel.

Visit the Paloquemao market, the largest flower market in the country, with your English speaking guide. Tasting of an exotic fruit juice and an empanada. You then take a private transport to the cable car ride up to the Cerro Monserrate, located at 3,150m above sea level. The panoramic view over the valley and the town is unique.

Lunch is not included.

Afternoon bike graffiti tour. You will discover the historic district of La Candelaria and the street art that colours the streets of the Colombian capital.

Dinner optional.

Day 3 : Direction Villa de Leyva

Casa en Villa de Leyva ©OSTILL is Franck Camhi -

Breakfast at the hotel.

You depart this morning by private transport to Villa de Leyva.

Lunch is free.

Visit on foot to soak up the peaceful atmosphere of this architectural jewel founded in 1572, one of the best preserved colonial towns in the country, enjoying an ideal Mediterranean-style climate. The surrounding green hills give it an air of Castile. The surrounding green hills give it a Castilian air. You will find churches, cobbled squares, stone fountains carved with gargoyles and shields, statues of famous local figures, wooden balconies and shops displaying the diversity of Colombian craftsmanship.

Dinner is free.

Day 4 : Villa of Leyva - Barichara

Barichara. ©Nicolas LHULLIER

Breakfast at the hotel.

This morning you leave by private transport to the Periquera Natural Park and discover its 5 magnificent waterfalls. You walk with your guide in the heart of nature and have the possibility to swim.

Lunch is free.

Transfer to Barichara,

You are free to visit the village of Barichara which is characterised by the typical construction techniques of its buildings. You will then go to the outskirts of the town to meet the many craftsmen (stonemasons, potters or painters). The afternoon will end in the district of La Loma which overlooks the city and from where you can enjoy the sunset.

Dinner is free.

Day 5 : Chicamocha Canyon and horse riding in Barichara

Gorge du parc national de Chicamocha. ©StreetFlash

Breakfast at the hotel.

Departure to the Chicamocha canyon where you will take a paragliding flight (approx. 30 min). This activity is available from 7 years old. You also have the possibility of replacing this activity with rafting on the Fonce River (San Gil) for those over 15 years old only.

Lunch is free.

Afterwards, you will visit the surroundings of Barichara on horseback with your local Spanish-speaking guide. During about 2 1/2 hours you have the chance to discover the Colombian countryside and its tobacco, corn, bean and of course coffee plantations. A family horse ride that you will not soon forget!

Dinner is free.

Day 6 : Barichara - Bucaramanga - Pereira - Alcalá

Sur la place de Barichara. ©Nicolas LHULLIER

Breakfast at the hotel.

Private transfer to Bucaramanga Airport.

Flight (not included) to Pereira with stopover in Bogota.

Free lunch.

Transfer to your finca in Alcala

Afternoon free,

Dinner included at your finca.


Estimated travel time: about 4h30 private transfer

Accommodation: Hotel Bosques del Saman Alacalá -

Day 7 : Alcalá - Vallée de Cocora - Salento - Filandia - Alcalá

Jeep Willys chargée de sacs de café. ©Adrien Scat

Breakfast at the hotel.

After breakfast, you will make seven flights over the coffee plantations, during which you will have the opportunity to marvel at the unique landscapes of the Colombian coffee region (departure from your hacienda). This zip line offers more than 1,900 metres of emotion, with two departments crossing each other during one of its flights.

You then leave by private transport with your English-speaking guide for the Cocora Valley,

You will evolve in a hilly setting where wax palm trees, the Colombian national emblem, can reach up to 60m high. You will discover the landscapes of the Coffee Axis, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Lunch free.

You spend the rest of the day visiting the villages of Salento and Filandia. You visit the colonial streets, artisan workshops and viewpoints.

Return by private transfer to your finca.

Dinner included at your finca.


Local English speaking guide - entrance to the cocora valley included

Accommodation: Hotel Bosques del Saman Alacalá -

Day 8 : Alcalá - Rio la Vieja - Alcalá

Parque nacional del Cocuy. ©Nitram76 - iStockphoto

Breakfast at the hotel.

Highlight of your stay in the axis of the café, a day dedicated to the exploration on the water of one of the most beautiful landscapes of Colombia, a hilly bocage, tropical garden, beautiful arrangement of cattle meadows, gallery forests and bamboo groves. Unique of its kind, the "balsaje" allows you to explore nature without noise, carried by the current you observe the fauna and flora closely.

On board a raft made of bamboo trunks you descend the course of the river La Vieja, a very calm river that flows through the hilly landscape of the central cordillera. The raft is driven by perches, one or two depending on the size of the boat (up to 10 passengers per raft).

During the trip, you stop at sandy beaches for swimming, take short walks in the forest to the surrounding waterfalls. Navigation is easy, the current is moderate, you can walk on the raft, you can also get in the water and let yourself be dragged by the boat, the average water temperature is 20ºc.

You will observe a varied avifauna, waders, kingfishers, parakeets, black ibis, cormorants, savannah gulls, hummingbirds and with a bit of luck groups of howler monkeys.

 Typical lunch included. 

In the late afternoon you return to your finca by private transport.

Dinner included at your finca.


Local English speaking guide (subject to availability)

Accommodation: Hotel Bosques del Saman Alacalá -

Day 9 : Alcalá - Coffee Park - Alcalá

Séchage du café sur les toits. ©Nicolas LHULLIER

Breakfast at the hotel.

The National Coffee Park was founded by the "Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia" and the "Comite Departamental de Cafeteros del Quindío" and is part of the Coffee Culture Park Foundation. It is a non-profit entity dedicated to the preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of coffee in Colombia, the promotion of cultural, recreational and ecological activities and the development of ecotourism in the region. As a theme and attraction park, it is fortunate to be located in the heart of the Coffee Axis, surrounded by the magical landscapes of the department of Quindío.

You take a private road transport to the Coffee National Park in the municipality of Montenegro. You discover the coffee park throughout the day, enjoying its attractions for young and old and the surrounding landscape.

Lunch is free.

After lunch, you can enjoy the park's attractions again, before returning in the evening by private transport to your finca at the end of the day.

Dinner included at your finca.


Estimated travel time: about 2 hours private transfer

Accommodation: Hotel Bosques del Saman Alacalá -

Day 10 : Alcalá - Pereira - Cartagena

Entrée de la tour de l'horloge à Carthagène. ©Gary Tognoni

Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer to Pereira airport and flight to Cartagena (not included) with stopover in Bogota,

Private transfer to your hotel located in the Getsemani district.

At around 17:00, a private transport will take you to the port and you will all board a boat (not exclusive). Enjoy the calm waters of the Bay of Cartagena and the impressive sunset before taking in the lively nightlife in both the old and modern parts of the city. You will be swept away by this special atmosphere that is only found in the Caribbean, a delicious moment with your family,,,

Free lunch and dinner.


Estimated travel time: about 2 hours private transfer time

Port taxes included

Accommodation: Hotel Getsemani Luxury -

Day 11 : Cartagena

Palenquera vendant des fruits. ©andresr

Breakfast at the hotel.

This early morning you depart on a private transfer to Villa de la Boquilla, a beautiful and authentic fishing village on the Colombian Caribbean coast. You have the opportunity to observe and identify native and migratory birds from a traditional canoe.

You also have the opportunity to learn more about the ecosystem, fauna and flora of the mangrove forest.

The tour takes you through the mangrove forests of "La Virgen", "Juan Polo" and "La Isla de los Pescadores" swamps, before passing through the mangrove tunnels (tunnel of friendship, love and luck).

Lunch included,

Return to your hotel by private transport and free afternoon.

Dinner free.


Local English speaking guide (subject to availability) -

Accommodation: Hotel Getsemani Luxury -

Day 12 : Cartagena - Palomino

Peche au coucher du soleil ©Nicolas LHULLIER

Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer to the town of Palomino, located approximately 45 minutes from Santa Marta and Tayrona Park.

Settling in and free afternoon at your hotel.

Free lunch and dinner


Estimated travel time: approximately 4.5 hours private transfer time

Accommodation: Hotel Chiniu Boutique

Day 13 : Palomino

Kogi devant la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. ©Nicolas LHULLIER

Breakfast at the hotel.

After breakfast, you leave for an ecological walk of about 30 minutes, during which your local guide will teach you more about the fauna and flora of the region. You will also have the opportunity to see Arhuacas dwellings, one of the four indigenous ethnic groups that populate the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

You will eventually reach the Don Dieguito river, where you can rest for about 20 minutes, before reaching the nearby Don Diego river (you can swim in both rivers if you wish). You rest on buoys on the Don Diego river, letting you carry on for about an hour to the indigenous community of Don Diego.

Typical lunch included

After lunch, you take back the buoys and let yourself drift again for about 45 minutes to the mouth of the river that flows into the sea. During your journey you can observe red howler monkeys, turtles, birds and many others that live in the forests of the Sierra Nevada.

You return by boat up the river to the indigenous community of Don Diego and return to your hotel. (order of activities subject to change)

Free dinner


Spanish-speaking local guide and translator

Accommodation: Hotel Chiniu Boutique

Day 14 : Back to Bogotá

Le nord de Bogota depuis le mirador de la Torre Colpatria. ©Nicolas LHULLIER

Breakfast at the hotel.

Enjoy your last moments on the Caribbean coast and head to Santa Marta Airport. Fly direct to Bogotá.

Upon arrival at Bogotá Airport, a member of the team will be on hand to provide you with your deposit (return of the loaned mobile phone) and debrief your trip before your international connection.

Lunch and dinner are free.

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