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Trip description

1.   Day 1: Departure from France

2.   Day 2. Arrival in Tashkent

3.   Day 3. Flight to Khiva

4.   Day 4. Train and visits to Khiva-Bukhara

5.   Day 5. Visits Bukhara

6.   Day 6. Overnight in Yourta

7.   Day 7. Trekking trip to Hayat village (Nurata mountain range)

8.   Day 8. Travel to Samarkand

9.   Day 9. Samarkand

10. Day 10. Samarkand-Tashkent departure to the country of origin

*International flights are not included*.

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10 days

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Madina Irgasheva


Number of people 6


Per person/ in euro 1079,00 euro 


In the following hotels or similar accommodations:



Tashkent - ART DELUX/QUSHBEGI 1 night

Khiva - MUSO TURA/MINOR 1 night

Bukhara - RAYYAN/KAVSAR 2 night

Yangigazgan - YOURTES 1 night

Hayat - GITE 1 night

Samarkand - REGISTON SAROY/ARBA 2 night

Air-conditioned tourist vehicle with driver during the trip, all transfers.

Hotels in "DOUBLE / TWIN" room, breakfast included.

Half board.

Service of French-speaking guide during the trip.

All entrance tickets to the objects specified in the travel program.

Tashkent - Ugrach, domestic airfare, economy class.

Train ticket on Bukhara-Samarkand route, economy class fare.

Tickets for high-speed train Talgo-Afrosiyob to Samarkand-Tashkent, economy class fare.

Maps of the cities.

24 hours agency assistance.

Organization of the stay.



Dinners *(will be in local restaurants and price for meals: 7-15 € per/person)

Camera fees (up to $5 per camera in the whole country).

Visa * (there is currently a visa-free regime for about 100 countries in the world, you can find out more about the countries included in this list through the following link:

International round trip air tickets * (you can buy the tickets directly with us).

Day 1: Departure from France

Day 2: Arrival in Tashkent

Day 3: Flight to Khiva

Day 4: Khiva-Bukhara

Day 5: Bukhara

Day 6: Night in Yurt (special dinner)

Day 7: Trekking trip to Hayat village (Nourata mountain range)

Day 8: Travel to Samarkand

Day 9: Visits to Samarkand

Day 10: Samarkand-Tashkent

Day 1 : Departure from France

Plat national ouzbek : riz sauté et viande de mouton. ©genius87 -

Flight from France

Day 2 : Arrival in Tashkent

Statue équestre de Tamerlan. ©Gim42 - iStockphoto

Arrival in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan at 05:20 21/09/2022) and meeting with the French-speaking guide and driver at Tashkent international airport.

Early check-in at the hotel at 05:20 am. After a short rest we start our journey through the capital city of Uzbekistan Tashkent, which reflects its history and modernity:

The complex of "KHAZRATI IMAM" (XVI-XX centuries) - mausoleum "Kaffal Shashi", medersa * of Barakhan and Moyi Mubarak (madrasah - religious and Islamic educational institution), mosques "Namazgah and Juma". This shrine occupies a special place in the Islamic world, where the almost complete and original manuscript of the Holy Quran * (7th century) is preserved, written by Caliph Uthman, which is very important for the Muslim people.

TASHKENT MARKET - a visit to the huge and beautiful domed bazaar of Tashkent in the oriental view and taste of Uzbek products;

TASHKENT METRO - the underground world, a separate magical world. The most distinctive feature is that not only bus stops, but also each station is approached based on a distinct work of art, and the decoration of each station in terms of artistic architecture symbolically reflects the name of the station (stations: Cosmonauts, Alisher Navoi, Pakhtakor and Independence Square;

LUNCH - In a local restaurant;

ASSUMPTION OF THE VIRGIN (TASHKENT) - The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin or Cathedral of the Dormition (roughly equivalent term), is the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Tashkent Diocese in Uzbekistan since 1945. The cathedral was built in 1871 and expanded in the 1990s; the bell tower was rebuilt in 2010.

CATHEDRAL OF THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS (TASHKENT) - The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, or more officially the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, sometimes also called the "Polish Church," is the name given to a religious building belonging to the Catholic Church and located on Sadiq Asimov Street in the city of Tashkent, in the eastern part of the Central Asian country of Uzbekistan. It is a relatively new structure that was built in the early twentieth century. It is decorated with stained glass windows, small towers on the roof, and an arched door. It has a hall and a library named after Pope John Paul II.

WALK IN SAYLGOH PARK - A walk in the park (boulevard) in the center of Tashkent (visit Amir Temur Avenue, the State Museum of Amir Temur and the Timurids, the first hotel in Uzbekistan, and the Congress Palace from the outside);

DINNER - free (accommodation in the hotel)

Day 3 : Flight to Khiva

Vue aérienne de la vieille ville de Khiva. ©KKulikov -

At 6:00 am transfer to Tashkent airpor. Departure at 07:25 flight to the capital of Khorezm region to arrive in the beautiful city of Khiva.  After a short drive to Khiva, leaving the luggage behind, we start our tour of the ancient and "one thousand and one nights" city of Khiva, an integral part of the ancient Khorezm, the homeland of algebra. (flight schedules may change according to airline changes)

MEDERSA "MOUHKAMMAD AMINKHAN AND KALTA MINOR"- The largest medersa of Khiva, built by Khiva Khan Mukhammad Aminkhan, is located next to Kalta Minor, which attracts everyone with its wonderful colors and appearance;

"KOHNA ARK" - one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings in Khiva, it is a khan palace, divided into four courtyards. Visiting the residence of this ruler, you will see with your own eyes how the rulers of the past lived at that time;

AKSHAIKHBOBO TERRACE - allows you to see all the beauty of Khiva in the form of a panorama and take excellent photos;

MUKHAMMAD RAHIMKHAN MEDERSA (FERUZ) - The medersa of Mukhammad Rakhimkhan, one of the most revered Khiva khans, is also one of the most beautiful medersas in the city and consists of a mosque, porch, classroom, library and halls;

JUMA MOSQUE is known as one of the first mosques built in Central Asia (X-XVIII centuries). It will astonish you with its 227

It will amaze you with its 227 unique wooden columns, nowhere else in the world will you find such a unique mosque;

LUNCH - In a local restaurant;

STONE HOUSE PALACE AND KHAN ARAM - Built by Khiva Khan Allakulikhan, it consists of 3 courtyards and 111 rooms: Arz courtyard, Ishrat courtyard, harem. The Haram part of the palace is also unique in that it is decorated with ornaments and wood carvings. Interesting for all tourists, the Harem has 5 separate sheds (for the khan and his 4 wives), from which the rooms are accessible through the corridors;

OLLAKULIKHAN KARAVANSARAY - Khiva as an important city on the Great Silk Road, caravanserais (caravanserais are an ancient structure where caravans stop, exchange food, serve as food and shelter) played a very important role in such a historical place.There is still a trade going on that makes you feel like you are back in time, which gives you a special pleasure; 

ISLAM KHOJA TOWER AND MADRAS - Islamkhoja is an important prime minister in the history of Khiva, and you can learn more about his services in Khiva, especially about the high tower he built during his visit to Khiva;

PAKHLAVON MAHMUD COMPLEX - majestic mausoleums built in honor of the great thinker, poet, philosopher, scientist, fighter, skilled letter carrier and master of telpakdoz Pakhlavon Mahmud, it is impossible not to admire.

DINNER - free (accommodation in hotel)

Day 4 : Khiva-Bukhara

La statue d'Al-Khawarizmi, originaire de la région de Khiva, qui introduisit l'algèbre dans les mathématiques. ©Jeff Jones - Iconotec

In the morning, after breakfast, departure to Bukhara at 8:00/09:00 and arrival in Bukhara around 15:30. By the way, Bukhara is the homeland of Avicenna (Ibn Sina), known as one of the greatest medical figures in the world. We leave our luggage at the hotel and start our journey through the historical city.

LABI HAVUZ COMPLEX (XVI-XVII CENTURIES) - Labi Havuz, Nodir Devon Begi hall and medersa, Koukeldach medersa is a favorite place of local and foreign tourists, and its history is a special pleasure for all.  Originally a market place on the site of this historic architectural complex, a large pool was dug in the middle of the square, surrounded by stones, and has always been popular among people.  

LUNCH - In a local restaurant;

ANCIENT AND CLOSED MARKETS OF THE EAST (XVI-XVII): Taqi exchange office is the main center of money exchange. Taqi telpakfurushon is a domed building for the production and sale of hats. Abdullah's team is the largest covered trading post in Bukhara. Toki Zargaron is a commercial center for selling jewelry. Taqi Zargaron is the largest and most complex Taqi of Bukhara;

The Ulugek and Abdullaziz Khan Medersas (XV-XVII centuries) are architectural monuments decorated with art and skill. The large roof is decorated with elegant and rare patterns of curry tiles.

DINNER - free (accommodation in hotel)

Day 5 : Bukhara

Portrait de fillettes. ©Jeff Jones - Iconotec

Today we continue our journey through the legendary city of Bukhara:

MAUSULATE ISMAIL SOMONI Masterpieces of the IX-X century, the world's first brick building and mausoleum, still young without any changes, and the history of the Samanids, which has its own history;  

MAUSULATE OF CHASHMAI AYUB (XII-XVI centuries) - The mausoleum of the prophet Job is known and famous in all religions;

BOLO KHAOUZ MOSQUE (XVIII-XX centuries) was built step by step and surprises everyone with its beautiful decorations and style. In particular, the huge porch at the entrance of the mosque, with its high carved columns, is of incomparable beauty;

BUDKHARA MARKET - Bukhara, like other cities, has many markets, but you won't find such a beautiful oriental-style food market anywhere; 

ARK (V-XX) - a historical monument of the city-fortress. It was the residence of the rulers of Bukhara and one of the most luxurious and charming monuments of Bukhara. Coming out of the great gate through a long sloping corridor, each step of a century takes you back so far in history.

LUNCH - In a local restaurant;

POYI KALON COMPLEX (XII-XVI centuries) - Poyi Kalon mosque and minaret, Miri Arab medersa. The splendor and charm of this complex will give you a special pleasure. If you want to pass under the tower and look at the end of it, it is better to take your hat in your hand. Otherwise, due to its height and beauty, your hat like Genghis Khan might fall to the ground.

DINNER - free (accommodation in the hotel)

Day 6 : Night in Yurt (special dinner)

Forteresse de Kyzyl-Kala, dans le désert de Kyzyl Kum. ©Yulia_B -

In the morning we will go to Nurata, one of the ancient cities, and we will find the remains of the ancient fortress of Nur (also called Alexander's Fortress), the walls of the defensive wall (IV-III centuries BC), the "Chilustun" Mosque (IX-XX century), we will be able to see the Mosque of the Great Dome (XVI century) and taste the water of the mysterious Nurata spring.

LUNCH - today we will eat in a real desert house!

In the afternoon we will continue our trip and visit the largest lake in the country, Aydarkol, which looks like a mirage in the seemingly endless desert of Kyzylkum. It is also possible to enjoy this beauty and take a swim there (in summer, of course).

We arrived late in the day at the family camp in the desert. Located in the Kyzylkum desert, the largest desert in Central Asia. These tourist camps tell us about the life and past of the ancient nomadic tribes. A calm, peaceful and quiet ride in the desert on a camel is a great pleasure for any tourist. On the way, you will have the opportunity to watch a beautiful sunset and sunrise.

DINNER - In the yurt with the team, why not sit around a campfire, listen to magical and enchanting nomadic music and dance together!

ATTENTION: In high season, the yurts accommodate up to 4/6 people.

Day 7 : Trekking trip to Hayat village (Nourata mountain range)

Montagnes ouzbeks. ©Konstantin Bolotov -

Nurata Mountains is one of the most attractive destinations for ecotourism in Uzbekistan. It is located on the border of Kyzyl-kum desert, near the Aydarkul lake and far from densely populated lands. It is a place for hiking, walking and horseback riding. You will be overwhelmed by the warm welcome and hospitality of the Uzbek and Tajik speaking local people. You will be able to rest wonderfully in the green garden near the mountain stream, in the shade of an old walnut or mulberry tree, enjoy the beauty of the landscape and discover the way of life and folklore of the locals. In this unique area you have the opportunity to explore amazing wildlife, petroglyphs and ancient ruins. You can make an excursion to the Fazilman mountain lake and much more.

You can choose the length and difficulty of the route according to your preferences, you will get to know the unique flora and fauna of the region. In the Nurata Mountains you have the opportunity to see the endemic wild sheep, Severtzov's argali. In Kyzylkum you can see a desert monitor, the largest lizard in Central Asia. The whole area is ideal for bird watching. The most observed birds are griffon, lammergeier, golden eagle and paradise flycatcher.

The level of difficulty of the hikes is easy to medium.

 12:00 Arrival at the village of Hayat;

 13:00 Lunch;

 14:00-18:00 Trekking through the village of Hayat (7 km);

 19:00 Dinner and rest in Hayat Guest-house;

ATTENTION: In high season, in the guest houses we stay in a yurt up to 4/6 pax.

Day 8 : Travel to Samarkand

Kebab ouzbek. ©eagle_marat -

Arrival in Samarkand

LUNCH - Today we try the traditional Uzbek dish called Samarkand Plov;

MAUSOLUM OF AMIR TEMUR (TAMERLAN) (XIV-XV): one of the masterpieces of Samarkand, built during the reign of Amir Temur and the Temurids, this monument always surprises the world with its unique beauty and majesty;

REGISTAN SQUARE (XV-XVII centuries) - Ulugbek Madrasa, Tilla Kori and Cherdor. The former International Trade Center of the Great Silk Road, and later the "Sandy Place" - Registan Square, now the center of science, will captivate you with its charm both day and night;

BIBI KHANYM MOSQUE (XIV-XV centuries) - was built by the order of Amir Temur after his beloved queen Bibi Khanim and was famous as the largest mosque in Central Asia;

SIYOB MARKET - an opportunity to get acquainted with the famous old Siyob bazaar in Samarkand and to enjoy the oriental sweets and dried fruits that you read in your fairy tales;  

DINNER - free (accommodation at the hotel

Day 9 : Visits to Samarkand

samsa ©eagle_marat -

Today we start our journey in the ancient and eternally alive city of Samarkand, which is almost three thousand years old:

THE CHAKHI-ZINDA COMPLEX is one of the holiest shrines for Muslims and consists of a complex of mausoleums from the IX to XIX centuries. CHAKHI-ZINDA means "living king" and is the title given to Qusam ibn Abbas, a cousin of the Prophet Muhammad. The mausoleum dedicated to him and the mausoleums of people related to Amir Temur give a particular beauty to the complex;

Ulugbek's OBSERVATORY (15th century) - was founded during the reign of the Timurid ruler, the famous astronomer Mirzo Ulugbek, and the sciences created there have made a significant contribution to world civilization;

LUNCH - In a local restaurant;

AFROSIYOB RESTRUCTIONS - conquering the ancient Afrosiab hills and ruins extending over 220 hectares, as well as the Afrosiab museum, which tells the whole story of Samarkand's past, conquerors such as Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Amir Temur came to live on these lands. You feel inside. The ruins of this ancient city and the thousands of exhibits in the museum will tell you about the ancient Turkic peoples, Persians, Greeks, Arabs, Mongols and others;

PAPER FACTORY - A factory is a place where equipment works, but this paper factory uses 100% manual labor. The reason you visit here is to see with your own eyes how high quality tissue paper, which has been used for thousands of years, is made and crafted by hand;

SAMARKAND SILK CARPET FACTORY - Here we enjoy the famous Samarkand silk carpet factory, which is made of colorful and high quality ancient handicrafts. Seeing each of the natural and precious carpets individually hand woven from high quality silk teaches a person to appreciate the work behind it. You have the opportunity to see this process by visiting the factory;

DINNER - free night at the hotel

Day 10 : Samarkand-Tashkent

Bukhara, Uzbekistan - April 16, 2014 : Craftsmen at work in the Taqi Sarrafon market in the old city center ©Gim42 - iStockphoto

Free time and departure (option: one of the students of the National University of Uzbekistan will take you for a short walk and you will have the chance to meet one of the young people who is learning French as a specialist in his field).

Transfer to Tashkent International Airport 30.09.2022 / 28.10.2022 at 13:50 

This is the end of our short journey to Uzbekistan.

Thank you for opening the door to “The Lost World” with us. See you again!!!

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