Togo-Benin circuit

Trip description

Le Togo et le Bénin sont deux petits pays d’Afrique de l’Ouest et pourtant, ils regorgent de spécialités et de coutumes propres à chacun de ces deux territoires. Ce circuit permet ainsi de multiplier les découvertes paysagères, culturelles et traditionnelles... Qu’il soit au Bénin ou au Togo, le visiteur sera agréablement surpris par les rencontres et les découvertes inattendues.

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14 days

From : €1,985*

Day 1: Welcome to Togo !

Day 2: Discovering Togolese culture

Day 3: Kpalime in the heart of nature

Day 4: Heading north

Day 5: Arrival in Tamberma country

Day 6: From Togo to Benin

Day 7: Optional day: Pendjari Park

Day 8: Natitingou

Day 9: Immersion in Dassa-Zoumè

Day 10: The crafts of Abomey and Sè

Day 11: Porto Novo and the Lake Town of Ganvié

Day 12: Possotomé and Lake Ahémé

Day 13: Ouidah, Grand Popo, and return to Togo

Day 14: Optional day: Agbodrafo in company

Day 1 : Welcome to Togo !

Arrival in Togo will be via Lomé Airport, usually at the end of the day. You will be transferred to the guest house where you can relax, dine and spend the night.

• Paris-Lomé flight
• Transfer to hotel (1 hour)
• Dinner and overnight


Day 2 : Discovering Togolese culture

On the second day, you will participate in a local cooking class and enjoy your lunch. In the afternoon, you will discover a local craftsman and his manufactures. The return to the hotel will be an opportunity to rest before attending a traditional Togolese dance show. On the program: dance, percussion, fire, wading...A great moment of discovery by the sea.

• Cooking class
• Craft meeting
• Traditional dance performance
• Dinner and overnight stay at the guest house


Day 3 : Kpalime in the heart of nature

Day 4 : Heading north

From Kpalimé, travellers will reach the city of Atakpamé surrounded by the seven hills. This will be the opportunity to visit the market and take a tour in the heights. After lunch, you will return to Kara where you can observe the landscape changes during the journey.

Arriving at the hotel around 6pm, you can rest and dine.

• Kpalime Transfer – Atakpamé – Kara (2h – 4h)
• City tour
• Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel


Day 5 : Arrival in Tamberma country

On this fifth day, you will immerse yourself in the villages of Tamberma Country, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its fortified houses known as the Sombas Tatas. You will have the chance to meet and exchange with the villagers. You will even sleep on the roofs of its atypical houses…

• Kara Transfer – Kandé (1h)
• Visit the villages
• Discovering local customs
• Dinner and overnight on rooftops


Day 6 : From Togo to Benin

From the village of Tata Sombas, you will cross the border to Benin to discover the unique little village of Boukombé. You will take the road again and this time you will discover the Tanougou waterfalls in Kota where you will be able to swim and have lunch.

You will then go to the hotel to relax afterwards.

Transfer Kandé - Boukombé - Kota falls (1h - 1h)

Visit the village of Boukombé

Swimming at the Tanougou Falls

Dinner and night at the hotel

Day 7 : Optional day: Pendjari Park

Cavaliers de la tribu Peul. ©Cora Unk Photo -

Wake up at dawn to discover wildlife waking up. You will go to the discovery of wild animals in the savannah. You will spend a second night at the lodge.

• Kota Falls Transfer – Penjari Park (3h)
• Visit to the Animal Park
• Night 6 and night 7 in a lodge in the park


Day 8 : Natitingou

You will visit the city of Natitingou and have the chance to discover the process of making Shea butter. You will also visit the heart of the mountainous landscape that is full of picturesque caves and fountains. You will then go back to the south of Benin before sleeping at the hotel.

Artisanal discovery of Shea butter

Natural heritage of Natitingou

Transfer to the south Natitingou – Parakou (3h)

Overnight at the hotel


Day 9 : Immersion in Dassa-Zoumè

After breakfast, Dassa-Zoumé will set off on a mountain hike in the heart of the region’s 41 hills. You will have the opportunity to cross sacred places, palaces, and you can visit the king of the locality. Departure to Abomey, arrival at the end of the day. This day will end with a short walk of 30 minutes to discover Abomey at night. Overnight at the hotel.

• Parakou Transfer – Dassa (3h)
• Excursion to the mountains
• Discovery of sacred places and palaces
• Transfer to Abomey (1h30)

• Short night tour of Abomey
• Dinner and overnight at the hotel



Day 10 : The crafts of Abomey and Sè

Abomey is a city full of artisanal activities, so you will discover the local know-how. In Sè, you can even visit a pottery workshop and learn how to
You will then go to the city of Porto-Novo, the administrative capital of Benin.

• Craft discoveries
• Pottery course
• Transfer to Porto-Novo (3h45)
• Overnight at the hotel


Day 11 : Porto Novo and the Lake Town of Ganvié

In the morning you will visit the city of Porto-Novo, a quiet and historic city marked by its colonial past. You will then be taken to Ganvié where you can enjoy a lunch by the lake before embarking for the lake city, classified on the indicative list of UNESCO.  You will cross the lake and discover the famous «inhabitants of the water» by getting lost in the canals, between the houses in stilts.

• Visit the historic city
• Transfer to Ganvié (1h45)
• Lunch by the lake
• Afternoon in a canoe in the lake city
• Dinner and overnight at the hotel


Day 12 : Possotomé and Lake Ahémé

Lake Ahémé stretches 35 km and its shores are covered with lush vegetation. The inhabitants live from fishing. You can discover its activities, but also the fauna and flora that reign there. You will also discover the village of Possotomé, its thermal spring and the voodoo history of the locality. You will be accommodated in a hotel by the lake to continue to enjoy the place.

• Transfer Ganvié Possotomé (2h)
• Canoeing on the lake and fishing activities
• Visit Possotomé and discover Vaudoun culture
• Dinner and Hotel by the Lake


Day 13 : Ouidah, Grand Popo, and return to Togo

From Possotomé, you will go to Ouidah for a visit to the pythons temple to rediscover voodoo culture. You will then set off on the infamous Slave Route, a 4km track linking the city to the sea, a World Heritage Site. After sharing a local meal with Justine, you will head to the beautiful beaches of Grand Popo to enjoy a heavenly setting and relax. In the late afternoon, you will be back in Togo in a beautiful hotel on the coast where you can enjoy the last moments.

Possotomé Transfer – Ouidah – Grand Popo – Togo (45min – 45min – 45min)

Temple of the pythons

Slave route

Cooking class at Justine

The beaches of Grand Popo

Dinner and overnight in hotel in Togo


Day 14 : Optional day: Agbodrafo in company

During this day, you will meet an artist and his Cultural Center. You will make your own masks in recycled materials that you can bring back to France. You will also have the opportunity to visit the locality around this village located between the Atlantic Ocean and Lake Togo

Workshop of African masks

African-European meal

Visit of Togoville and Agbodrafo

Overnight and dinner at the hotel


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