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This 100% customizable itinerary will make you explore a variety of incredible natural landscapes, the most beautiful parks of the American West, the biggest iconic cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles or even Las Vegas. As you traverse the highways of California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada you'll discover Wild West landscapes, Navajo remnants, geological wonders, Wild West villages, giant redwood forests and more.

With more than 10 national parks, all the natural and authentic beauty of the American West awaits.

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Vacances America

19 days

From : €1,750*

Day 1: Arrival in Los Angeles

Day 2: Los Angeles

Day 3: Los Angeles

Day 4: Palm Springs

Day 5: Williams

Day 6: Grand Canyon

Day 7: Page

Day 8: Monument Valley

Day 9: Moab

Day 10: Torrey

Day 11: Bryce Canyon

Day 12: Zion

Day 13: Las Vegas

Day 14: Death Valley

Day 15: Mammoth Lakes

Day 16: Yosemite

Day 17: San Francisco

Day 18: San Francisco

Day 19: End of stay

Day 1 : Arrival in Los Angeles

Day1 : Arrival in Los Angeles ©Pixabay

Upon arrival in Los Angeles, you will pick up your rental car directly from the airport. Check into your ideally located hotel.

Day 2 : Los Angeles

Day2 : Los Angeles ©Pixabay

Today, discover Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Newport Beach.

Day 3 : Los Angeles

Day3 : Los Angeles ©Pixabay

Today, our local travel agency will take you to the Bel Air and Beverly Hills neighborhoods with its millionaires' homes. Then you will discover the district of Hollywood while passing by the famous Hollywood Boulevard. Many activities can be organized, such as a visit to the movie studios, a day at Universal Studios or a tour as a paparazzi!

Day 4 : Palm Springs

Day4 : Palm Springs ©Pixabay

The adventure will start with a visit to the city of Palm Springs and then to a 100% wild west village. In the afternoon, discover the sublime Joshua Tree Park. Depending on the length of your stay and your wishes, this stage can be divided into two.

Day 5 : Williams

Day5 : Williams ©Pixabay

This day will take you to another 100% Wild West village and the most beautiful part of Route 66.

Day 6 : Grand Canyon

Day6 : Grand Canyon ©Pixabay

Today you will discover the sublime Grand Canyon National Park. On the agenda are hikes around the park and why not take a helicopter ride over it. Don't miss its sublime sunset.

Day 7 : Page

Day7 : Page ©Pixabay

Our custom trip will continue to surprise you through Antelope Canyon and its unique rock formation. The legends and stories told by your Navajo guide during the canyon tour will leave no one indifferent. A guided tour will be arranged.

Day 8 : Monument Valley

Day8 : Monument Valley ©Pixabay

The dream will also continue by visiting one of the most famous postcard landscapes: Monument Valley. By 4x4 or on foot, no one can resist this legendary panorama. A guided tour by 4x4 will be organized.

Day 9 : Moab

Day9 : Moab ©Pixabay

You will spend 2 nights in Moab. During these 2 nights, our local agency will make you explore the most beautiful wonders of Utah: Arches and Canyonlands famous for their monumental arches and authentic landscapes. Breathtaking!

Day 10 : Torrey

Day10 : Torrey ©Pixabay

After discovering the wonders of Moab, you will discover that day the Capitol Reef park with its desert landscapes and its petroglyphs.

Day 11 : Bryce Canyon

Day11 : Bryce Canyon ©Pixabay

We'll also show you the wonders of Utah by exploring Bryce Canyon National Park with its red geological formations rising to the sky. We can even arrange a horseback ride through the park.

Day 12 : Zion

Day12 : Zion ©Pixabay

Today, discover the charming Zion National Park, a true Eldorado for hiking and photography enthusiasts.

Day 13 : Las Vegas

Day13 : Las Vegas ©Pixabay

To recover from this breathtaking nature, you will visit the famous city of sin. A true casino/hotel empire, this city leaves no one indifferent. Your hotel will be ideally located, right in the center of the Strip.

Day 14 : Death Valley

Day14 : Death Valley ©Pixabay

You will also be dazzled by the immensity of the famous Death Valley and its multicoloured hills. Famous for its rock formations, this valley is also the hottest place in North America.

Day 15 : Mammoth Lakes

Day15 : Mammoth Lakes ©Pixabay

Today, say goodbye to the sweltering heat of Death Valley. You will discover mountainous landscapes with many lakes for hiking. Visit a ghost village at the end of the day.

Day 16 : Yosemite

Day16 : Yosemite ©Pixabay

To refresh you, our trip will also take you to the world famous Yosemite Park, known for its postcard-perfect scenery. Between waterfalls and giant sequoias, our heart sways!

Day 17 : San Francisco

Day17 : San Francisco ©Pixabay

You will drop off your rental car in downtown San Francisco, just a few minutes from your conveniently located hotel. You can start exploring San Francisco in the late afternoon.

Day 18 : San Francisco

Day18 : San Francisco ©Pixabay

Discover San Francisco during several days. Between its typical neighbourhoods, its cable car and its legendary Alcatraz prison, this city will mark you forever.

Day 19 : End of stay

Day19 : End of stay ©Pixabay

Depending on your budget and desire, this tour can continue to Los Angeles and visit the Pacific Coast.

Otherwise, a private transfer will be arranged to take you to San Francisco airport. This will mark the end of your wonderful stay in the American West.

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