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Why leave to Chile ?

Chilean" is a fact: it is the art of living in a slightly seasoned way, which makes the Chilean language, in theory of Spanish, an immense field of unusual expressions. But Chile is above all a country of many indigenous peoples whose traditions continue: Aymaras or Atacamaeans in the north, Mapuche in the south... These cultures, long suffocated, nowadays protrude with force from the tutelary shackles imposed since the Spanish colonization. Not everything is rosy in their daily struggles. As for the peoples of the Great South, decimated since the Whites colonized their lands, they relive (a little...) in the museum windows...

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Preparing for your trip to Chile

A simple and attractive cuisine :

Not that Chilean cuisine is the finest in the world... But it remains a crossroads of influences, particularly French, Italian, Spanish and German. Everywhere, seafood is a delight... and much cheaper than in Europe. The opportunity for a good cure of salmon, conger eel, scallops, crab and clams! Not to mention the famous Chilean wine... whose surprising Carmen grape variety is endemic in Chile (despite its French origin).
Eglise vers San Pedro de Atacama au chili

A warm hospitality

Dig deeper into the apparent distance and unshakeable seriousness that characterize relationships between people: in fact, Chileans are very hospitable and will bend over backwards to make your stay pleasant. Very laughing and willingly mocking, they do not surrender as easily as their eastern neighbours (the Argentines), but their friendship is deep and authentic.
Torres del Paine en Patagonie chilienne

A superb and untamed nature

That's what makes it so beautiful and intoxicating. Whether you love the fierce and desolate landscapes of the Andean altiplano, the impenetrable and soggy forests of the glacial valleys, the emerald lakes or snow-covered volcanoes, the vast wild beaches or the small wild valleys, everywhere nature seems to invite you to a part of your legs... on earth. A paradise for trekkers, Chile is still one of those places where you really think that we are at the end of the world...

A secure and stable country

By respecting the customary rules that everyone follows in their daily lives, nothing should happen to you. Santiago, like any capital city, and the country's major cities pose some problems of petty crime, but at least we don't expect to be cut at the first crossroads or kidnapped for ransom... You will be surprised at how easy it is to travel to Chile, equipped with very good infrastructure.