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Travel to Morocco

#A mosaic of landscapes Morocco, due to its large surface area and its position between the Rif, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and Sahara, offers an incredible diversity of natural landscapes. The northern region of the Rif is spectacular for its canyons, numerous waterfalls and green valleys. From the famous Fez and Meknes, you can easily walk through the hills with their thorny vegetation and the peaks of the Middle Atlas. Further south, the High Atlas and its highest peak, the Djebel Toubkal at an altitude of 4,167 m, is home to sensational landscapes and an incredible choice of hikes through picturesque Berber villages. On either side of the Atlas Mountains, you will find Marrakech, its souks and magnificent ramparts. But also Ouarzazate, the starting point for countless excursions to the magnificent palm groves and the famous Dades Gorge. These regions still offer many trails that are not very popular with tourists but are increasingly accessible thanks to new roads. Along the coast, a completely different world: from Cape Spartel to Cape Juby, the coastline is a succession of sandstone or limestone cliffs and sandy beaches.
A culture between East and West :

For thousands of years, Morocco has been and remains a crossroads of cultures. Gateway to Europe and the Maghreb, the country has a history of blends: Berber, Roman, Phoenician, Almoravid, Marinid, Alawite, Portuguese, Spanish, French, etc. invasions. All of them have contributed to forging today's Moroccan identity. Traditional Souks, Portuguese constructions, buildings built by great European architects of the early 20th century, the country offers a rich panel of visits that one never tires of (re)discovering.
Riad à Marrakech

A service adapted to all budgets

The quality of accommodation and catering is at the level of the world's largest tourist destinations. Hotels, riads, guest rooms, youth hostels... the offers are suitable for all budgets. You will find a large number of pensions or small hotels in the city centre or near passenger stations at affordable prices (80 DH per person). On the catering side, the price of a tagine or a skewer/salad dish, in a small restaurant, is very cheap.
Dunes de sables dans le Sahara

An exceptional welcome

Moroccans have a culture that is resolutely oriented towards the outside world. Every day, men meet on the terrace of a café, women chat at length on their doorstep, at the dairy or during an outing to the hammam! Few will be your walks without being offered a cup of tea in the shade of a gargote. Amazing conversations await you about culture, traditions, customs... The warmth and hospitality are one of Morocco's specificities and its greatest asset!

An extraordinary cuisine

Moroccan cuisine is known all over the world and it is not for nothing. Those who like tasty spice mixes and sweet and sour will be served! It all starts at breakfast where you will usually enjoy wheat cakes, harchas, and pancakes, msemmens and beghrirs, accompanied by delicious date and orange jams. At lunchtime, why not opt for a succulent beef and prune tajine, a candied lemon chicken or a good almond chicken pastilla? If it's Friday, opt for couscous. Finally, you will easily find harira or hssoua soups and various salads for the evening. All the hotels, concerned about the comfort of their guests, offer a varied and generally high-quality international cuisine.
Practical guide for you trip to Morocco
Practical guide for you trip to Morocco

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