18 days for discovering Polynesian culture

Trip description

During this stay, you will discover an authentic Polynesia and its traditions beyond the clichés!

You will go over 4 islands Moorea, Huahiné, Maupiti and Raiatea with Taha'a, Vanilla Island with the inter-island pass.

After a stopover for one night in Papeete to recover from your long flight, direction Maupiti and its amazing lagoon with its motus which shelter magnificent white sand beaches.

You will stay in a faré, a kind of guest room to share moments of life with the locals. You will travel by bike or canoe to admire the landscapes. Do not hesitate to climb the Mont to enjoy a splendid overview of the lagoon. A boat trip with picnic on motu will be planned to dive in the coral garden among the multicolored corals.

Then, Raiatea, cradle of Polynesian culture with its archaeological treasures. It is also famous for being a mecca for yachting. It is the only one that shelters a navigable river that you can go up with a canoe in the heart of a dense tropical forest.

During your stay on this island, you will go to Taha'a by boat to swim in its beautiful lagoon and visit a family-owned pearl farm. You will also stop in the Vanilla Valley to learn all about the cultivation and preparation of vanilla. Finally, you will take a walk in the heart of nature in the Hamoa area to observe the flora.

3rd stage Huahine, a little corner of paradise where hiking and snorkeling will be on the program with a boat trip around the island.

Finally, last stage Moorea to enjoy the many nautical activities offered by this island. It is also the only place where you will stay in an overwater bungalow to end dreaming. In summer, you will go to meet whales with a guide for an unforgettable experience. Finally, you will be introduced to Polynesian traditions during a day ranging from driving a canoe to a cooking class. With a local, you will be truly immersed in Polynesian everyday life.

Of course, relaxing days will be planned to fully enjoy the place before your return flight.


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19 days

From : €4,800.00*

Day 1: International flight

Day 2: Papeete

Day 3: Papeete - Maupiti

Day 4: Maupiti

Day 5: Maupiti

Day 6: Raiatea

Day 7: Raiatea

Day 8: Raiatea

Day 9: Raiatea

Day 10: Huahine

Day 11: Huahine

Day 12: Huahine

Day 13: Huahine

Day 14: Moorea

Day 15: Moorea

Day 16: Moorea

Day 17: Moorea

Day 18: Tahiti

Day 19: International flight

Day 1 : International flight

Direction Papeete and French Polynesia.

Day 2 : Papeete

Day2 : Papeete

Welcome and transfer to your hotel.

Rest of the day free.

Day 3 : Papeete - Maupiti

Nageur heureux dans le lagon de Bora Bora

Inter Islands Pass - Transfer to Maupiti.

It's a high island surrounded by a beautiful lagoon and motu's that shelter immense white sand beaches. The lagoon has only one access to the ocean, to the south: the Onoiau pass is narrow and dangerous in case of heavy swell. The silhouette of the main island is marked by the presence, at each end, of large rocks called "Hotuparaoa" and "Hotua'e".

Day 4 : Maupiti

ile flottante dans le lagon de Bora Bora

Free day.

Relaxation on the beach.

You can take advantage of your stay on Maupiti to climb to the top, the view of the lagoon is fantastic. The ascent of Mount Teurafaatiu at 381 metres offers an incredible panoramic view. The 360° view of the lagoon and the motu rocked by the silhouette of Bora Bora in the distance is unforgettable. From the beautiful and picturesque Tereia beach, you can walk to the Motu Auria through shallow sandy paths in the company of stingrays. Cliffs, caves and other local discoveries await the most intrepid travellers looking for something unique.

Day 5 : Maupiti

Barques sur une plage de Bora Bora

Picnic outing on motu, boat tour of the lagoon, manta rays and coral garden.

You will start your lagoon tour with the "spot" of manta rays (depending on the season), a great discovery for first-time visitors.

After this break, it's already time to prepare your meal, so head to the motu "Pitihahei", there, several things to do such as, snorkeling, tour of the motu, preparation of coconut bread, braiding of the dishes in "niàu" etc........

After the preparation of the meal, it is time to taste the delicious meals prepared and yes as we say in Tahitian "Tamaà maitai".

Then you will continue your journey by going to the coral garden and see corals and clams of all colours.

Day 6 : Raiatea


Transfer from faré to the airport.

Inter Islands Pass

The cradle of Polynesian culture, Raiatea is home to archaeological treasures, including the first spectacular international Polynesian marae, a sacred place once used for religious, political and social activities. Dive into the heart of a unique natural heritage to discover endemic species including the Apetahi tiara, a delicate white flower in the shape of a half-corolla, which has become the emblem of Raiatea. The island also stands out as the Mecca of yachting in Polynesia, and water sports enthusiasts will not be left out since it is considered to be a sailing paradise. 

Day 7 : Raiatea

Fonds sous-marins de Bora Bora.

Free day.

Day 8 : Raiatea

Vue de Bora Bora et ses chapelets de motus

Enjoy a wonderful day on the nearby island of Tahaa with a tour of the lagoon and numerous land and underwater discoveries on the programme! Embark aboard a beautiful, stable and comfortable boat with easy access to the water to enjoy more swimming. Lunch of local specialities is provided on a motu. Enjoy sunbathing and a final swim before heading back to Raiatea.

Discover the multi-coloured coral garden and visit a family pearl farm and vanilla plantation.

Day 9 : Raiatea

Plage à Bora Bora

Walk to the 3 waterfalls of the Domaine d'Hamoa.

Medium level hike. Discover the 3 waterfalls on the east coast of Raiatea. You will start your hike in a forest of "Mape" (Polynesian chestnut trees) and bamboos, and follow a river that you will have to cross several times. Finally, you can enjoy a swim in the basin formed by the third waterfall. 

Day 10 : Huahine


Transfer from faré to the airport.

Inter Islands Pass

This small piece of land consists of two islands, Huahine Nui to the north and Huahine Iti to the south, connected by a bridge that separates the two large bays of the island. Huahine, home of singer and painter Bobby Holcomb, is a real cocktail of Polynesian landscapes and atmospheres. Joy and smiles are always in evidence on this island which exudes a certain magic due to its confidential and mysterious side. Many adjectives could qualify the natural and cultural beauty of this little corner of paradise.

Day 11 : Huahine


Hiking in Tefarerii.

This full day hike will take you through the lush vegetation of the island and the highest peak of Huahine Iti, Mount Pohue Rahi (466m altitude). Admire the superb view of the lagoon and on a clear day, you can see the islands of Moorea, Maiao and even Tahiti! 

Day 12 : Huahine

Discovery of the island by boat.

Enjoy a superb day of snorkeling in a coral garden and then in a natural aquarium where you can meet multicoloured tropical fish.

Visit Huahine's unique pearl farm on the water and learn the secrets of black pearl culture.

Then settle down for a picnic lunch on the motu beach and enjoy a stroll along the long white sandy beach and a swim before continuing your day.

Day 13 : Huahine


Free day.

Day 14 : Moorea

Vue aérienne de Haapiti

Transfer to the airport.

Inter islands pass

Moorea is one of the Society archipelago's islands that delights visitors fond of activities. Thanks to its lagoon, snorkelling, diving and swimming are a must, while the trade winds benefit sea lovers with dug-out canoes, kite-surfing, water-skiing, paddling and surfing. 

On the mountain side, the eight peaks dominating this little paradise have created a natural caldera inviting hikers to enjoy the lush vegetation. Only 30 minutes by boat from Tahiti, Moorea offers all the delights of the images you have in mind: white sandy beach, multicoloured lagoon, myriads of flowers and Polynesian hospitality. 

Accommodation in Moorea will be in bungalows on piloti.

Day 15 : Moorea


Free day.

Day 16 : Moorea


Encounter with the whales.

Thanks to a passionate guide, you will be able to discover these majestic cetaceans evolving in their natural environment, in a relaxed atmosphere and in small groups. Over the years, he has built a special bond with these animals, which he will try to share with you during this magnificent adventure on the high seas of Moorea. 

Day 17 : Moorea


Away from the hustle and bustle and noise of the city, forget your daily routine and get to know Sam, your host for the day. This unique tour will turn you into a true Polynesian: in the morning, you will be introduced to rowing techniques on a traditional pirogue, then you will learn how to fish with a net, and you will have a cooking lesson with your morning catch; lunch will be the opportunity to share a pleasant moment with your host.

The afternoon will be spent in Sam's plantation, a green place where your senses will be awakened by the tropical scents of seasonal plants and fruits. 

Day 18 : Tahiti

Plage à Tahiti.

Hotel transfer to the airport

Departure by ferry from Moorea to Tahiti (30 minutes).

Free day at leisure.

Day 19 : International flight


Transfer from the hotel to the airport for your international flight.

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