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Why leave to Sweden ?

To enjoy the fresh air in the great outdoors, in the Far North where the population density does not reach one inhabitant per square kilometre.For an unforgettable hike in the Scandinavian Alps, beyond the Arctic Circle, following in the footsteps of the 500 km long Royal Trail.To discover another part of Europe, which has its own cultural identity and traditions that are exclusive to Scandinavia.For its archipelagos, in Gothenburg, Stockholm or Karlskrona, which are treasures of preserved nature, splendid and delightfully peaceful.For its big cities:Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city, with its wide avenue and hectic pace, its dialect and the jovial and very direct ways of its inhabitants; Malmö, the country's third largest city, whose pulse beats at the speed of a major metropolis and which has become the link between Scandinavia and the European continent via the Öresund bridge; Lund, only 15 km from Malmö, a majestic university city, more than a thousand years old, with a gigantic cathedral, where nightlife is multiple and unpredictable.For Swedish design:Amateurs will be served. In Sweden, design is synonymous with lifestyle! Stroll through the streets of Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö and attend the major events taking place there.For Swedish gastronomy,One of the most dynamic scenes in Europe. With the emergence of a new generation of chefs, there is a reinterpretation of codes, between tradition and modernity, on an international scale.

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Preparing for your trip to Sweden

In summer… :

To break with the reputation that makes it an icy desert even in July, and because the fine sand of the beaches of the Gulf of Bothnia is well worth that of southern Europe.To experience the days that never end.... The further north you go, the longer it will be daylight; people who have experienced it say they have experienced a kind of euphoria, a mixture of creativity and energy whose source is this inexhaustible sun.For its large lakes (Vänern, Vättern, Mälaren), with such varied landscapes and waters full of fish.

In winter....

To dive into the night that may allow you to admire a Northern Lights over your head.To participate in a sleigh adventure, to go downhill skiing and, after a sauna, to roll naked in the snow to cool off!