Sri Lanka, between discovery and relaxation

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During this tailor-made trip to Sri Lanka you will see the essence of the cultural triangle: the lion's rock of Sigiriya, the golden temple of Dambulla and the sacred city of Anuradhapura. 

You will also visit Galle, on the south coast, a beautiful city with colonial influences. You will meet the emblematic animal of Sri Lanka, the elephant, and cook a local dish. 

You will also have the chance to discover Kandy, the cultural capital and its magnificent botanical garden. 

Finally, you will enjoy the beautiful wild north-western coast at Kalpitiya.

A complete stay in Sri Lanka, between discovery and relaxation that will satisfy all your expectations! 

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11 days

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Day 1: Negombo, first step in Sri Lanka

Day 2: Kegalle, meeting with elephants

Day 3: Kandy and its splendid garden

Day 4: Two-day Knuckles Wellness Retreat

Day 5: Second day of the Knuckles wellness retreat

Day 6: Discovery of Dambulla

Day 7: Lion's Rock and Jeep Safari not to be missed!

Day 8: The sacred city of Anuradhapura

Day 9: Ascent of the hill from Mahinda to Mihintale and departure for the wild coast.

Day 10: Free day at the seaside

Day 11: End of the stay on the pearl of the Indian Ocean

Day 1 : Negombo, first step in Sri Lanka

Préparation des poissons avant de les vendre au Fish Market.

You will be greeted by your chauffeur on your arrival at Bandaranaike International Airport. You will arrive in tropical land, with as a first step, Negombo, nicknamed the "Little Rome" which gathers one of the largest fishing communities of the island.

As an option, you can take a boat trip on the Dutch canal or to the Muthurajawela marshes, south of the city.

Day 2 : Kegalle, meeting with elephants

Orphelinat des éléphants

Early in the morning, before heading to Kandy, we recommend a stroll around the fish market and the beautiful beaches where fresh fish is salted and dried. 

On the way to Kandy, you will stop in Kegalle to meet the elephants, Sri Lanka's animal par excellence. You will go to the Millennium Elephant Foundation's care centre and have lunch there. You will start with a short tour of the local museum, and then accompany the elephants on a walk and bathe them. The centre also has a paper mill that recycles elephant dung into quality paper. 

You will then head back to Kandy. You can start your tour of the city with the various outdoor viewpoints, such as the Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha statue, before exploring the city centre on foot. 

Don't miss the 6:30 pm ceremony at the Tooth Temple, a sumptuously decorated sacred Buddhist site that houses the relic of the Buddha's tooth.

Day 3 : Kandy and its splendid garden

Temple de la dent.

This morning you will visit the 60 ha Peradeniya Botanical Garden on the banks of the Mahaweli River. This garden features majestic royal palms, a sublime collection of orchids, many colourful flower beds, as well as spices and medicinal plants. Allow a good two hours for this visit. 

You will then set off on a short hike. You will discover three majestic temples: the Gadaladeniya, decorated with murals and statues, the Lankatilaka, built on top of a hill and finally the Dewala of Embekke, famous for its rich carved wood decorations.

Day 4 : Two-day Knuckles Wellness Retreat

Rizière, Kandy

Today, you will join your specialised accommodation, not far from Kandy, for a two-day wellness retreat in a full package. 

You will be able to enjoy meditation and yoga sessions as well as massages in a calm environment close to the lush nature that invites you to disconnect completely.

Day 5 : Second day of the Knuckles wellness retreat

Lever du soleil sur le Pic d'Adam.

You will continue this day in your accommodation to recharge your batteries in the midst of Sri Lankan nature.

Day 6 : Discovery of Dambulla

Statue de Bouddha dans le temple d'Or de Dambulla.

After a good morning breakfast, you will start the cultural triangle route through the Golden Temple of Dambulla. 

Before that, you will have the chance to take part in a Sri Lankan cooking class in your eco lodge and learn the secrets of preparing the essential "rice & curry".

After lunch, you will take the road to the cultural triangle. On the way, you will stop in Matale to visit the spice garden. This visit is an opportunity to discover many spices and to learn more about their uses: cooking and body care. 

You will then visit Dambulla, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This archaeological site, perched on top of a hill, is composed of 5 caves where you can admire incredible mural paintings and superb statues of Buddha. From the top, you can also enjoy an incredible view of the surrounding area. 

Finally, don't miss the famous fruit and vegetable market of Dambulla, one of the largest on the island.

Day 7 : Lion's Rock and Jeep Safari not to be missed!

Rocher de Sigiriya.

On this new day, you will set off to discover the Lion's Rock of Sigiriya where you will enjoy the coolness away from the hustle and bustle of this most visited place in the country. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this massive rock, which overlooks the village from a height of 200 metres, owes its reputation to Kasyapa, a megalomaniac king who built his residence here in the 10th century.

With your guide, you will visit the different parts of the site: the gardens, the natural caves, the frescoes of the Demoiselles and the ruins of Kasyapa Palace. 

Afterwards, you can enjoy a jeep safari in the Minneriya National Park, which is famous for its elephant population of about 400 animals. Other wildlife includes crocodiles, buffalo, deer, lizards, lizards, cormorants, pelicans and a multitude of other birds. The landscapes, between swamps, lakes and mountains are also interesting and extremely exotic.

Day 8 : The sacred city of Anuradhapura

Monastère de Puliyankulama

Today you will visit the holiest and northernmost city in the cultural triangle: Anuradhapura. 

Along the way, you will discover the Ritigala nature reserve, home to an ancient Buddhist monastery. These remains, dating from the 2nd century BC, are in the middle of the jungle, which makes the walk very pleasant. A film by Indiana Jones was made here! 

Once settled in your hotel, you can explore the ancient city of Anuradhapura. Royal ruins adorn this 50 km2 area. There are a multitude of Buddhist temples that are still in operation as well as the sacred Sri Maha Bodhi tree. If you choose to take this tour, you will be able to contemplate the most beautiful dagobas and you will be told about the prosperity of this city for more than 10 centuries.

Day 9 : Ascent of the hill from Mahinda to Mihintale and departure for the wild coast.


At dawn this morning, accompanied by your guide, you will visit Mihintale, located about 15 kilometres from Anuradhapura. This site is considered an entry point for Buddhism in Sri Lanka. It is here that Mahinda, Buddha's disciple, came to settle to spread the word of his master. You will reach the top of Mahinda's hill after climbing some 1840 steps, but once at the top, you will not regret the beautiful scenery in the area. 

Then you will head towards Kalpitiya. This region is located on the northwest coast of the country. This beautiful wild coastline is still not much frequented and is famous for its corals and dolphins. It is also a well-known spot for kitesurfing. Notice to the amateurs! 

Day 10 : Free day at the seaside


There are a number of excursions in the Kalpitiya area. You will have the opportunity to snorkel on the "Bar Reef", a coral reef where the ecosystem is well preserved. 

You can also go out to sea to watch dolphins (optional excursion). Kalpitiya is famous for dolphin watching, it's all about being lucky! 

If you want a quieter day, you can also take the opportunity to relax on the heavenly white sandy beach and coconut trees and/or unwind at your hotel. 

Day 11 : End of the stay on the pearl of the Indian Ocean

Retour de peche

This stay in Sri Lanka, between discovery and relaxation, is already coming to an end. Through the various visits and experiences on this beautiful island, you have certainly been able to create some wonderful memories.

You will quietly take the road towards the airport. 

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