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Canada : When to go ?

High Tourist Season: from mid-May to mid-October, from mid-December to January, and February.Low Tourist Season: from mid-October to mid-December, January, March and from April to mid-May.

Canada : Go with a local agency

A warm peopleWhether by the highly Anglo-Saxon generosity and politeness of Albertans, the warm passion of Acadians or the smooth charity of Ontarians, every place in Canada reserves the most cordial welcome to visitors.A rich cultural heritageIn winter, the Québec City Carnival, the Saint Boniface Voyageur Festival and the Ottawa Winterlude, for example, attract many people. In summer, the Quebec City Summer Festival, the Montreal International Jazz Festival and the Calgary Stampede also bring tens of thousands or more people together. Museums, theatres, art galleries, interpretation centres in the region and the emerging spaces with artistic and musical vocations offer an evocative cultural dimension.An exceptional fauna and floraFrom north to south, from east to west, wherever you are in this country, flora and fauna are part of the décor. The flora, green in summer, white in winter and colorful in the autumn, is the habitat of a rich and diverse fauna. The black bear, grizzly bear, moose, among others, are readily observable. The coasts, oceans and Gulf of St. Lawrence are the habitat of several types of whales. Accompanied by an experienced tour guide organised by a local agency, you are sure that you will not miss this exceptional flora and fauna.Change in seasonIn the majority of provinces and territories, winters are extremely cold and rigorous, while summers are hot and humid. Towards the end of April-early May, the contrasts in temperature reflected some kind of intoxication among Canadians.Here are some price estimates to help you prepare a budget. One night in youth hostel for one person returns to a minimum of 20 CAN $, one night camping for two people between 18 and 30 CAN $ (a little more for camping 2 or 3 services). At least one CAN $ 75 per night is required in a guest room. For a motel, count from 75 to 90 CAN $ at night for two. In more chic hotels, count from CAN $ 99 per double room.Attention, prices are generally duty-free: add 5 to 15% (depending on the province).At noon and evening, the table of hosts designates the menu usually accompanied by an entrance and sometimes a dessert and coffee. At least between 6 and 10 ? CAN $ for a snack, from 8 to 15 ? CAN $ on average for a hot hot plate with salad, and host tables from 10 to 40 ? CAN $. Attention, for meals, the service of 15 ? % should be added to taxes. To count well, we must increase prices from 20 to 30 ? %!FormalitésFrench, Belgian and Swiss travellers are accepted for three months without a visa. They must be in possession of a valid passport, a return ticket (ideally) and have sufficient money to ensure their stay.Attention, new for visitors to Canada: since April 2015, non-visa visitors need to complete an AVE (Electronic travel AUTHORIZATION) prior to Travel. The AVE costs $ 7 CDN per person (less than € 5) and is valid for five years. This online application allows for the collection of basic personal information, as is currently done at customs upon arrival in Canada, and will result in a faster crossing at the border. This is the equivalent of the ESTA statement that is made to enter the United States.If you plan to cross the U.S. border, you now need a biometric passport (or a valid optical reading passport and issued before October 26, 2005). This passport allows for the visa waiver program for stays of less than 90 days. Because France is still part of Visa Waiver Pilot (VWP), which allows all French nationals to enter American soil without visa for a maximum stay of 90 days. Since January 2009, to qualify for this visa waiver, it is necessary to make an online statement for tourist stays in the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). To do this, you will need to complete the ESTA online form at and pay administrative fees, paid since September 2010, up to US $ 14.

Spoken languages

In Western Canada, English is, with a few exceptions, the only language in use. French is a majority in Quebec and also very present in the Atlantic provinces. A large community of Francophones lives in Manitoba and Ontario. In short, there are large and small Francophone communities scattered across the country. Across Canada, provincial administrations and services (parks, airports, etc.) communicate in both languages.Learning languageThere are different ways to learn a few basics of language and the offer for self-learning can be done on different media: CD, DVD, exercise books or even directly on the Internet.


Currency is expressed in Canadian dollars (CAD $, CDN $, CAN $ - not to be confused with the US dollar). CAN $ 1 and $ 2 coins, and 5, 10 and 25 ¢ (cents); tickets for 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 CAN $ (these are sometimes rejected in some stores).


Temperature and precipitation vary greatly from one province and territory to another. If winter is soft and rainy on the west coast, there is a biting cold to the North, Centre and East. In summer, the West is relatively more temperate, heat waves affect the centre and part of the eastern part of the country, and rainfall is frequent in the Atlantic provinces. Depending on your destination, it is advisable to learn about the climate in order to be well prepared.

Why choose a local agency ?

  • Each local agent lives in the place and is an expert of the destination.
  • Your trip will be 100% tailor-made and will fit all your wishes.
  • Your local agent will always be available to ensure your trip fulfills your requirements.
  • Enjoy the best prices being constantly in touch with the local organisation.
  • This is a win-win deal without intermediaries, especially for you !

Why travel with a local agency ?

  • Each local agent lives in the place and is an expert of the destination.
  • Your trip will be 100% tailor-made and will fit all your wishes.
  • Your local agent will always be available to ensure your trip fulfills your requirements.
  • Enjoy the best prices being constantly in touch with the local organisation.

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