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Zanzibar is an archipelago renowned for its sublime seabed, thanks in particular to a coral reef that is nearly one kilometre wide. There are diving spots both in Unguja, the most touristic island, and around the small island of Mnemba, but also in Pemba and especially in Mafia, an intact jewel little known to visitors, because it is very isolated and exclusive enough for diving

Day 1: Arrival in Stone Town, Zanzibar

Day 2: Diving off Stone Town

Day 3: Diving in Tumbatu and Mnemba

Day 4: Diving in Missali, Pemba

Day 5: Diving in the north Pemba

Day 6: Diving in Mafia, Chole Bay

Day 7: Diving in Mafia, Kilwa Marine Reserve

Day 1 : Arrival in Stone Town, Zanzibar

Day1 : Arrival in Stone Town, Zanzibar ©dsukhov - Fotolia

Arrival in Stone Town, the capital of Unguja, the main island of Zanzibar. After a strenuous journey, you rest and go for a walk in the old town to soak up the island's oriental and African atmosphere. You go to a club to choose the spots where you want to dive the next day. In the afternoon, you visit the palaces of the Sultans

Day 2 : Diving off Stone Town

Day2 : Diving off Stone Town ©Arnaud BEBIEN

You have a plethora of spots to explore from Stone Town by boat. Especially around the islands that form a rosary off the capital (Prison island, Nyange Island, Murogo Island, Bawe Island, etc.). Be guided by the advice of professionals for this first dive in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean that surround Zanzibar

Day 3 : Diving in Tumbatu and Mnemba

Day3 : Diving in Tumbatu and Mnemba ©Obladatel - Shutterstock.com

For this second day, we advise you to stay in Nungwi, quite in the north of the island, the second largest city in Unguja. You can explore the coral reefs around the island of Tumbatu just in front of the city. And of course the highlight of diving in Zanzibar: the island of Mnemba, the most famous (but also very popular) spot in the east of the island

Day 4 : Diving in Missali, Pemba

You take an early flight the next day from Unguja airport to Pemba Island. The flight lasts half an hour, but then the road is hilly enough to get to the hotels. In the afternoon, you will dive around the wonderful island of Missali, with its marine beauties still totally preserved. You rest in the evening after this marathon day

Day 5 : Diving in the north Pemba

You take the day off to explore the most famous seabed in the north of the island, because here off Ras Michamvi Point (where most of Pemba's diving clubs are located) there is another string of islands surrounded by coral reefs: Njao, Fundo, Uvinje and Kokota. So many incredible diving spots to observe the marine fauna and flora

Day 6 : Diving in Mafia, Chole Bay

Day6 : Diving in Mafia, Chole Bay ©LanceB - iStockphoto.com

The next day, you leave very early by plane, to reach Dar es Salaam, a mandatory stopover for the island of Mafia, so protected from mass tourism. In the afternoon, dive to Chole Bay and its islands, as close as possible to the hotels. You are alone in the world, you enjoy walking on the seabed without being invaded by hordes of divers

Day 7 : Diving in Mafia, Kilwa Marine Reserve

Day7 : Diving in Mafia, Kilwa Marine Reserve ©Ceneri - iStockphoto.com

You take the whole day to explore the Rufiji Mafia Kilwa Marine Reserve, the island's national park with its spectacular seabed. Choose the spots that best suit your desires and your level. In the evening you return to Dar es Salaam to catch a plane the next day to Paris

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