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Floride : When to go ?

It's here in Florida and nowhere else that magic, dream, fiction and nature blend with disconcerting elegance. Orlando, Palm Beach, Miami, or the Kennedy Space Center exhibit itself as fascinating parallel worlds. Like Universal and Disney, Nasa also takes visitors to the borders of the real while in the middle of the marshes, the elusive nature of the Everglades thrives. And then, of course, these kilometres of white sand are bathed in the Turquoise Sea of the Caribbean or in the Gulf of Mexico... From Miami Beach to Keys, Daytona Beach or Sarasota, Florida beaches are truly paradise.To best discover these countless facets of Florida, an online tour with a local agency is the best solution. You will thus be able to match your stay with your desires of visits while being sure not to miss the enlarge of this American dream state that is Florida.In winter, comfortable temperatures make the region a magnet for crowds of retirees. The period is ideal but there are many people and prices are at the highest. In summer, you will have to withstand temperatures of between 30 ° C and 40 ° C. Mosquitoes abound in some areas. Moreover, in August there is a violent storm almost every day and it is also the devastating tornadoes and hurricanes.To fully appreciate Florida's charms without there being too many people, it is better to come in the spring or autumn...Spring is beautiful (especially April and May). The air is warm, it is not yet wet and the vegetation is in full bloom.In autumn, the vegetation turns to red and gold, and temperatures are pleasant, without excessive humidity.

Floride : Go with a local agency

Miami Beach and its Art Deco neighbourhood
The famous Art Deco District reminds us that the city was one of the jewels in this architectural style of the 1930 s and 1940 s. Some 800 buildings classified as historic buildings are the Art Deco neighbourhood in Miami Beach's palm trees. On the other hand, nightlife is dense and trendy clientele. Thanks to a guide commissioned by a local agency, you are sure to discover the most beautiful Art Deco buildings in South Beach and find the best places of exit for the parties.Orlando and its amusement parksOrlando has become a world capital of amusement parks. The titans'struggle with Disney studios and Universal Studios has led to an incredible escalation in order to seduce the tourist. So there are many parks in Orlando like Sea World, a specialist in the marine world.Keys and Charm of the CaribbeanThe Keys are the southernmost part of the American continent. Formed from a chain of islands, they extend over 180 miles, from Key Largo in the North to Dry Tortugas in the South. The Keys, located between the ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, are connected by bridges for the most are above water.Each Key has its own charm and features... If you organise your trip to Florida live with a local agency, you will be able to integrate the tour of the main keys into your circuit by being sure not to miss anything important.The Everglades and their incredible ecosystemEverglades National Park is the largest American park in the east of the Rocky Mountains. It covers 137 miles of coastline and over 565 000 hectares. Many plant varieties are one of the main resources of the park. An extraordinary place for all lovers of nature and hiking.

Florida is one of the most expensive states. So prepare yourself to spend your savings even if you can get out of it at less cost by paying attention. In general, prices burn in large cities and tourist places, and are divided by three in smaller cities. Remove one third of the prices displayed, especially those of hotels, during the low season.However, we always need to think about adding VAT to the price indicated on the label or on the restaurant map and tip, and what is going on for a very small price at the beginning invariably increases by 20%. That is a habit.FormalitésTo travel to the United States, you need to:A round trip ticket that proves your exit from US territory, whatever your destination.A biometric or electronic passport, or an individual optical reading passport valid and issued no later than October 25, 2005.Have completed the ESTA form no later than 72 h before departure! Since January 12, 2009, a new procedure is in force regarding the questionnaire allowing you to access US soil as a tourist. Great novelty: it is no longer a form distributed on the plane, but a form to be completed on the Internet. The form can be completed no later than 72 hours prior to departure from the aircraft, but it is recommended that it be completed immediately.The statement should be made on: The application is paid and costs US $ 14.The Electronic System for Travel Authorization is a questionnaire, identical to Form I 94 W, which was completed on the aircraft (among the information requested include passport number, country of residence...). Adults and children (regardless of age) are subject to this procedure. After completing and validating this form, the traveller receives an electronic travel authorization that must be submitted at the airport check-in. Without it, no departure.In most cases, internal security officers will give an online agreement almost immediately by referring the reference to "approved authorization". The authorization is valid for a period of 2 years or until the passport expires.

Spoken languages

If English remains the official language in Florida, Spanish is spoken by nearly 30% of the population at home. They are, of course, immigrants from Latin America, who have recently been or have been living for generations, who continue to speak their language. If you are brown or brown, and you have a mate, you will be told very spontaneously in Spanish in the streets and shops of Miami because the Hispanic population is particularly important; we will therefore think logically that you are Latin American. But this will not happen to you in the centre or north of Florida, where Florida residents are usually non-Hispanic whites and rather of European descent.


The US dollar of course! You can withdraw money very easily with your credit card, and you can change your euro without any problems.


Heat and humidity are the two constants of the subtropical climate. The temperatures are therefore pleasant to much less unpleasant throughout the year... They vary between 12 ° C (minimum in the North) in winter, and 35 ° C in the south in the summer. The temperature of the water is very good throughout the year and we are happy to get there and without hesitation.

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Why travel with a local agency ?

  • Each local agent lives in the place and is an expert of the destination.
  • Your trip will be 100% tailor-made and will fit all your wishes.
  • Your local agent will always be available to ensure your trip fulfills your requirements.
  • Enjoy the best prices being constantly in touch with the local organisation.

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