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To get to know Bilbao and the must-see sites of Vizcaya, 8 days is the perfect length of time, allowing you, in addition to the Getxo visit, San Juan de Gaztelugatxe and the Urdaibai Nature Reserve, to plan escapades to San Sebastian or Santander

Day 1: Bilbao - day 1

Day 2: Bilbao - day 2

Day 3: Bilbao - day 3

Day 4: Getxo

Day 5: San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Day 6: Urdaibai Nature Reserve

Day 7: San Sebastián

Day 8: Santander Santander

Day 1 : Bilbao - day 1

Day1 : Bilbao - day 1 ©Philippe GUERSAN - Author's Image

Discovery of Casco Viejo. You can admire neoclassical arcades at Plaza Nueva, stroll along the Mercado de la Ribera stalls, visit the Museo Vasco and tour the Pintxos bars of the The Calles, the seven historic streets of old Bilbao.

Day 2 : Bilbao - day 2

Day2 : Bilbao - day 2 ©Philippe GUERSAN - Author's Image

Visit the Guggenheim Museum and walk along the ria to the Maritime Museum. On the way, you will see the district's avant-garde buildings, including the Euskalduna Palace and the Iberdrola Tower. The most sporty can try a paddle surf excursion along the ria (departure in front of the maritime museum).

Day 3 : Bilbao - day 3

Day3 : Bilbao - day 3 ©Philippe GUERSAN - Author's Image

A walk in the Ensanche to admire its eclectic buildings (Palacio de Chavarri, Casa de la Misericordia) and modernists (Casa Montero, Estación de Concordia). You will not miss a visit to the fascinating Fine Arts Museum, which opens on the Doña Casilda park, followed by a shopping session in the shops of the Gran Vía. You can then reach the Indautxu district to admire the architecture of the Azkuna Zentroa cultural centre and visit the Bilbao bullfighting museum.

Day 4 : Getxo

Day4 : Getxo ©Philippe GUERSAN - Author's Image

Getxo is a small seaside town accessible by metro from Bilbao. You can admire the Puente Vizcaya, a ferry bridge built in 1893 that connects the cities of Portugalete and Getxo on either side of the Nervión. Home to the local bourgeoisie since the early 20th century, Getxo is home to sumptuous palaces that you will discover during your visit. Don't miss the old fishing district, Puerto Viejo, with its typical houses and pintxo bars

Day 5 : San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Day5 : San Juan de Gaztelugatxe ©Jose Ignacio Soto - Fotolia

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is a peninsula and a pilgrimage place where the hermitage of the same name stands. Provide good shoes to cross the trail and climb the 200 steps that allow access to the hermitage. After effort, comfort: meal at the Incontournable restaurant, perched on a promontory facing the sea. In the afternoon, enjoy the beaches of Bakio or Bermeo.

Day 6 : Urdaibai Nature Reserve

Day6 : Urdaibai Nature Reserve ©Yvann K - Fotolia

We could spend two days in Urdaibai so many possibilities are there. First, with a visit to its coastal cities: Elantxobe, with its suspended houses; Mundaka, the Mecca of the best surfers in the region; Gernika, symbol of Basque identity, etc. Then, to enjoy nature, with a visit to the Urbaibai Bird Watching Centre, the painted forest of Oma and the splendid beaches of Laga and Laida.

Day 7 : San Sebastián

Day7 : San Sebastián ©Philippe GUERSAN - Author's Image

The capital of Gipuzkoa is within a 1-hour bus ride from Bilbao. An indispensable stroll on the streets of La Parte Vieja to tour the tapas bars and walk along the Paseo de la Concha to watch surfers and beautiful buildings dominating the bay.

Day 8 : Santander Santander

Day8 : Santander Santander ©Philippe GUERSAN - Author's Image

Santander is a 1-hour bus ride from Bilbao. A day is enough to discover the most important of the capital of Cantabria, with beautiful gardens. Visit of the Magdalena Cathedral and Palace. Stroll through the bustling streets of the city.

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