Architectural Tour of Miami

Trip description

The city is particularly known for its rich architectural heritage, the beautiful South Beach Art Deco buildings to the buildings MiMo (Miami Modern Architecture), testimonies of the architecture of the 1960s. We will also discover the amazing buildings of the Design District and the completely graffitied ones of Wynwood.

Day 1: Art Deco

Day 2: Skyscrapers of Brickell

Day 3: MiMo

Day 4: Street Art

Day 5: Design

Day 1 : Art Deco

Day1 : Art Deco ©Siegfried Stoltzfuss - Iconotec

Discovery of the colorful Art Deco buildings of SoBe, with rounded, geometric and symmetrical shapes. Built in the 1920s-1930s, these buildings classified as historic heritage are a strong symbol of Miami Beach.

Day 2 : Skyscrapers of Brickell

Day2 : Skyscrapers of Brickell ©Siegfried Stoltzfuss - Iconotec

Walk in the Downtown district of Brickell, Miami's business district, to make you feel dizzy by looking at the top of the tall buildings and feel tiny in front of these mirror towers.

Day 3 : MiMo

Day3 : MiMo ©Siegfried Stoltzfuss - Iconotec

The area called Miami Modern Architecture, or MiMo, stretches along Biscayne Boulevard from 50th Street to 77th Street, between Little Haiti to the West and the Sea on its eastern slope. It is characterized by an architecture of the 1950s and 1960s, exhuberant and glamorous, a style in response to the austere and minimalist post-war architecture. The MiMo architecture style is currently very trendy in Miami and particularly popular.

Day 4 : Street Art

Day4 : Street Art ©Tom Pepeira- Iconotec

Visit of Wynwood, a factory area that was completely transformed in the 2000s. Now, it's the kingdom of contemporary art galleries and street art. Whole walls are covered with beautiful graffiti! Lunch in the restaurant Wynwood Kitchen, a former factory transformed into a restaurant... In thqe courtyard, you can admire the graffiti of the famous Shepard Fairey.

Day 5 : Design

Day5 : Design ©Siegfried Stoltzfuss - Iconotec

The Design District area, stretching from 41st Street to Miami's 38th Street, has many design buildings that host luxury boutiques as well as showrooms or art galleries.

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