Bangladesh, at the rate of water

Trip description

Rivers play an essential role in Bangladesh, both for the economy and for the transport of men and goods. If you want a different, slower pace and observe local life from your ship, this stay is made for you.

Day 1: Dhaka

Day 2: Morrelganj

Day 3: Khulna and Boat

Day 4: Cruise in the Mangrove

Day 5: Cruise/Khulna

Day 6: Cox's Bazaar and its beaches

Day 7: Idleness

Day 8: Teknaf

Day 9: Feet in water

Day 10: Back to Dhaka

Day 1 : Dhaka

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Arrival in Dhaka and visit the old town, from its lively alleys to its historical monuments. At the end of the day, go to the port of Sadarghat where you will take a boat to cross the river at sunset. Embark on an old steamer (rocket), or a more modern launch to reach Morrelganj, in Khulna district.

Day 2 : Morrelganj

Navigation and arrival in Morrelganj, where you will take a bus to Mongla.

Day 3 : Khulna and Boat

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Arrival in Khulna in the early morning. You can take a 3-day cruise in the Sundarbans, a rhythmic with mangrove excursions. The last night, night in Khulna.

Day 4 : Cruise in the Mangrove

Continuation of the cruise in the.

Day 5 : Cruise/Khulna

Night in Khulna to finish your cruise.

Day 6 : Cox's Bazaar and its beaches


In the morning, take a flight to Cox's Bazar, the largest seaside resort in the country. Walk along the longest beach in the world (120 km!) for a few hundred meters and enjoy the entertainment. If you prefer peace and quiet, settle in at Mermaid Eco-Resort, 15 km south of Cox's Bazaar, ideally located along a canal.

Day 7 : Idleness

Enjoy the wonderful beaches for bathing, water sports or simply sunbathing.

Day 8 : Teknaf

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Departure at dawn for Teknaf, the southernmost city in the country. At 9:30 am, the ferry to Île Saint-Martin weighs anchor. It is the only coral island in Bangladesh. On the program, swimming, snorkeling or diving, and of course idleness and coconut palms.

Day 9 : Feet in water

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Continue your aquatic tour in the waters of St. Martin. Don't forget to admire the sunset on the beach.

Day 10 : Back to Dhaka

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Departure at 3pm from Saint-Martin, then bus to Cox's Bazar. Flight the next morning to Dhaka.

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