Baroque weekend in Rome

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The Baroque Rome is almost without rival, if not Venice. Each of the two cities had its share of masters. Bernino or Caravaggio, to name but the best known, marked the Italian capital of their imprint and virtuoso soul. Two-day circuit through the marvels of Rome inherited from the baroque period.

Day 1: Piazza Navona and visiting galleries

Day 2: From Piazza Barberini to Trevi Fountain

Day 1 : Piazza Navona and visiting galleries

Day1 : Piazza Navona and visiting galleries ©Author's Image

One of the Baroque centres in Rome is Piazza Navona, with the fountains of the Bernino and the church Sant'Agnese in Agoni de Borromini. In the church of Saint-Louis-des-French, the cycle of Saint Mathieu painted by Caravaggio must not be missed. Some other Baroque churches are scattered around this centre. In the afternoon, a gallery visit, that of Doria Pamphili preferably, that of Spada or Colonna, will discover typical works and, for some, masterpieces of Baroque painting and sculpture.

Day 2 : From Piazza Barberini to Trevi Fountain

Day2 : From Piazza Barberini to Trevi Fountain ©Author's Image

Piazza Barberini and Palazzo Palazzo, works to which the Bernino and Borromini participated, will be the other centre of the baroque after Nyon. The gallery of Barberini is also to be seen. After discovering the grandeur of this illustrious family, visit the baroque churches surrounding this centre: San Andrea al Quirinale and San Carlo alle Quattro. It is then the Piazza di Spagna and the church of La Trinité-des-Monts that you will have to join, to finish your journey at Villa Borghese and its treasures. For evening, choose a meal around the Trevi Fountain: a jewel of Roman Baroque and Excellence image par excellence (if the legends try you, don't forget to throw a piece in the fountain, you will be sure to return to the eternal city).

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