The Vatican and Christian Rome

Trip description

In four or five days you can have a very complete overview of the Vatican and Christian Rome. You only need to know that Sunday is not a visit to the Vatican, because the museums and the preconstantinian necropolis are closed. This is a well-filled itinerary, discovering the smallest state in the world. 

Day 1: The Basilica of the Apostle Pierre

Day 2: Vatican Museums

Day 3: Major and minor basilica and catacombs.

Day 4: From Château Saint-Ange to Renaissance and Baroque churches

Day 1 : The Basilica of the Apostle Pierre

Day1 : The Basilica of the Apostle Pierre ©Author's Image

You will have previously reserved your visit to pre-Constantinian necropolis, as indicated in the guide, to follow the guided tour of 9 h. It's finally a good way to start by going to the nearest grave of the Prince of the Apostles. At 10:30 a. m., surprised by what you have just seen, you will park Saint Peter's Square and admire the Bernin colonnade before entering the Basilica. In the Basilica you will also discover the small historical and artistic museum of Saint-Pierre, which is found in the sacristy. Depending on your hunger, you go out to the neighborhood for lunch, or you continue. There is still to be mounted on the dome and contemplate the gardens, and to visit the crypt of the popes.

Day 2 : Vatican Museums

Day2 : Vatican Museums ©Author's Image

Now complete the complete tour and cut off your visit to the Museums restaurant. Visit the Pio-Clementino Museum in the afternoon, with the pinacotha, the Gregorian Gregorian museum, the Pio-Christian Museum and the ethnological missionary museum. This will allow you to take your time in the rooms of Raphaël and the Sixtine chapel in the morning. Remember: You have until 6 p. m. In the evening, Rome is again yours! If you have a little courage, you can take a very original walk: the tower of the ramparts of the City by going back to the left of the museum exit to return square Saint-Pierre. You will see, among other things, the railway portal.

Day 3 : Major and minor basilica and catacombs.

Day3 : Major and minor basilica and catacombs. ©Author's Image

In the morning you go to Sainte-Marie-Major, built on the Esquilin, then walk off the avenue Giacomo Leopardi to visit Saint-Jean-de-Latran. You visit this other major basilica that happens to be the cathedral of Rome, as well as its baptistry. You can then, but at fixed time, visit the Vatican Historical Museum, using your ticket purchased the day before the Vatican Museums. It is located on the first floor of the Apostolic Palace of Latran. It is possible to find a cozy restaurant San Giovanni in Laterano, and visit the minor Basilica of Saint-Clément, after a macchiato coffee. On the north side of Saint-Jean-de-Latran, take a bus that leads you via Appia Antica and visit the catacombs, especially those of Sainte Domitille.

Day 4 : From Château Saint-Ange to Renaissance and Baroque churches

Day4 : From Château Saint-Ange to Renaissance and Baroque churches ©Stéphan SZEREMETA

Start your day with the visit of Saint-Ange Castle. Take the San Angelo Bridge to join the Victor-Emmanuel II course. On the right and left you will see many churches before you arrive Piazza Navona and then place the Pantheon. Treat yourself to a charming tour in these neighbourhoods before you reach the Spanish square by Calle Dei Condotti. You can lunch in one of the restaurants in this neighborhood and then climb the stairs to visit the church of La-Trinité-des-Monts, which belongs to the Pious Establishments of France in Rome and Lorette, and the new Propaganda Fidei Museum. You can then go to the palace of Quirinale by Rue des Quatre-Fontaines and enter the San Andrea church. From here you join Piazza Venezia and the Victor-Emmanuel II course. You can enjoy a pleasant dinner in the Campo di Fiori.

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