Bosnia and Herzegovina in two or three weeks

Trip description

You will have an almost complete image of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It will only be for you, if you have more time, to deepen longer in some places or to follow all the routes proposed. Remember: Bosnia, it slowly discovers...

Day 1: Arrival in Sarajevo

Day 2: Sarajevo

Day 3: The surroundings of Sarajevo

Day 4: Hiking towards Lukomir

Day 5: H-Herh

Day 6: Mostar

Day 7: Neretva Valley

Day 8: The Charming Trebinje

Day 9: Farniente on the Adriatic

Day 10: Sutjeska Park

Day 11: Descent into rafting rafting

Day 12: The bridge on Drina

Day 13: Tuzla Tuzla

Day 14: Banja Luka

Day 15: Around Banja Luka

Day 16: Jajce

Day 17: Travnik

Day 18: Stroll on Mount Vlasic

Day 19: Rafting to finish

Day 1 : Arrival in Sarajevo

Day1 : Arrival in Sarajevo ©Shevchenko Andrey -

In-depth visit of the capital, monuments, mosques and old districts, including Bascarsija and terraces of La. Admire the atmosphere of the city and its eternal Bosnian atmosphere.

Day 2 : Sarajevo

Explore the city, climb in the Bistrik district on the left bank of the Miljacka and push, on the opposite hill, to the village of Vratnik, in height. In summer, enjoy festivals (cinema or music, for example) and finish the evening in a jazz club.

Day 3 : The surroundings of Sarajevo

Day3 : The surroundings of Sarajevo ©MehmetO -

Still Sarajevo but broadening your horizons to the surrounding area. Climb up one of the walking routes to the surrounding hills for the view and scenery of Bosnia, beyond the last few blocks. Try the Skakavac Falls, the highest in Europe, 10 km from the centre and finish with the springs of Bosna and the village of Ilidza.

Day 4 : Hiking towards Lukomir

Day4 : Hiking towards Lukomir ©mapraest /

The Olympic ski resort of Mount Igman and a real hike on the massif, with the tour-operator Greenvisions to the village of Lukomir.

Day 5 : H-Herh

Day5 : H-Herh ©François JANNE DOTHEE

Departure to Ireland and Mostar by stopping in the gorges of the Neretva, taking a detour through the lake of Boracko. Then, in Jablanica, stop at the edge of the lake and in the Canyon canyon at the Drezinca level, for example. Arrival in Mostar in the evening.

Day 6 : Mostar

Day6 : Mostar ©2Ban -

Visit Mostar and its old town, around the Neretva river, one of the most beautiful sites in Bosnia. Push to Blagaj a few kilometres away (possible by bus) to see the springs of the Buna gushing out of the mountain and visit the house of the dervishes next to the cliff. Return to Mostar to spend the evening in a restaurant overlooking the Neretva, then party on the terraces around the old bridge or climb to the cross overlooking the city.

Day 7 : Neretva Valley

Day7 : Neretva Valley ©Agence de Promotion de Madère

Visit of the valley of the Neretva and of the Republic of Bulgaria. Stolac and its ancient sites, then the lower valley to arrive at the natural reserve of Hutovo Blato where migratory birds stop in the marshes.

Day 8 : The Charming Trebinje

Day8 : The Charming Trebinje ©François JANNE D'OTHEE

From Hutovo Blato, go through the virgin karst plateaus of Ireland to Trebinje. Visit Trebinje and its old centre, an example of Mediterranean architecture.

Day 9 : Farniente on the Adriatic

Day9 : Farniente on the Adriatic ©Nightman1965 - iStockphoto

Néum, the beach, the Adriatic and the hinterland, beautiful 50 km walk to Stolac.

Day 10 : Sutjeska Park

Day10 : Sutjeska Park ©François JANNE D'OTHÉE

Head east to Sutjeska National Park. Stroll through the high mountains of the park or in the park (sleep at Tjentiste).

Day 11 : Descent into rafting rafting

Take the day to stroll around the canyon of the Tara River.

Day 12 : The bridge on Drina

Day12 : The bridge on Drina ©dejo / Adobe Stock

Push to Visegrad on the Serbian border in the footsteps of the famous bridge over the Drina. Take your time in the Gorges Gorge and visit Dobrun, the fortress and the monastery.

Day 13 : Tuzla Tuzla

From road to Tuzla. Evening in the completely romantic old town.

Day 14 : Banja Luka

Day14 : Banja Luka ©Eva Mont -

Visit this great city not like the others. The fortress and its evenings on the Bord in summer. With a little luck (at the level of dates), techno evening outdoor evening in the fortress.

Day 15 : Around Banja Luka

Day15 : Around Banja Luka ©joyt / Adobe Stock

The surrounding area of Banja Luka, in particular the Gomionica monastery or Mount Sehitluci. Get off the gorges of the Vrbas until Jajce, before the night.

Day 16 : Jajce

Day16 : Jajce ©Kamilalala -

You slept at Hotel Stari Grad and visited this city of history without forgetting the falls of the Pliva in the city. Take a tour at Lake Plivska at 5 km.

Day 17 : Travnik

Day17 : Travnik ©Boris Stroujko / Adobe Stock

The ancient Ottoman capital with its extraordinary Sulejmania mosque and the Plava Voda site at the foot of the fortress. Evening at Tarvan, especially if a cultural event takes place.

Day 18 : Stroll on Mount Vlasic

Day18 : Stroll on Mount Vlasic ©Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority

As you head north, climb Mount Vlasic and its ski resort, its forest. Try to get to Bihac before dark and visit the old town.

Day 19 : Rafting to finish

Beautiful rafting on the Una or walk in the upper Una to Martin Brod and beyond, on foot.

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