Chad: trip to Tibesti

Trip description

With both the name of a Chadian region and a mountainous massif at 3 415 metres, Tibesti reserves an exceptional adventure. This journey requires a certain physical condition in light of the extreme temperatures in the desert.

Day 1: Arrival in Chad

Day 2: Moussoro

Day 3: In the desert

Day 4: Ounianga Kebir

Day 5: Ounianga Kébir (bis)

Day 6: Gouro and Yebbi Bou

Day 7: Aneba

Day 8: Barda Oasis

Day 9: Gonoa

Day 10: Natron

Day 11: Zouar

Day 12: Zouar (bis)

Day 13: Dunes of Yoa

Day 14: Faya

Day 15: In the desert

Day 16: In the city

Day 17: Back

Day 1 : Arrival in Chad

Arrival from Paris (morning or evening), installation, rest and opportunity to walk to the market in the district of the mosque. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2 : Moussoro

Departure on Moussoro. This beautiful Sahelian village is the land of nomadic pastors Medel and Kred.

Day 3 : In the desert

Then direction the desert and the oasis of Faya by Bahr el-Ghazal and the dunes of the erg of the Djourab.

Day 4 : Ounianga Kebir

Road to Ounianga Kebir.

Day 5 : Ounianga Kébir (bis)

The journey continues towards the pink and ochre sandstone cliffs towards Ounianga Kébir.

Day 6 : Gouro and Yebbi Bou

Heading due west by Gouro and Yebbi Bou, so the crater of Emi Koussi will be to the east

Day 7 : Aneba

Visit of Erosions erosions.

Day 8 : Barda Oasis

Go up the Oued Zoumri. You reach the Barda oasis, after having bypassed the volcanoes of Tierko and Voon.

Day 9 : Gonoa

Visit of Gravures engravings.

Day 10 : Natron

Visit of the hole in Natron, in the shadow of the Pic peak, in the middle of the labyrinths of sandstone.

Day 11 : Zouar

Zouar, country of Derde, traditional leader of the. Night in a fairytale setting near Marmar.

Day 12 : Zouar (bis)

Continue your exploration in the country of Derde.

Day 13 : Dunes of Yoa

Crossing the superb dunes of Yoa towards the General-de-Gaulle roundabout after the Ehi Atrone and part of the Bilma erg.

Day 14 : Faya

Back to Faya.

Day 15 : In the desert

Thrilling crossing of the transverse dunes from the Djourab to Oumchalouba, leaving slowly and gradually visible a rare vegetation first, then the earth.

Day 16 : In the city

Return to civilization through Kalat, Biltine, Abéché.

Day 17 : Back

Arrival in N'Djamena and departure for Paris in the evening.

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