Congo from north to south

Trip description

Climb the Congo River, watch gorillas, meet Pygmies, unforgettable experiences that await you in Congo, with many other surprises. From north to south, you will discover the riches of this wonderful country.

Day 1: Arrival in Pointe-Noire

Day 2: Pointe-Noire, the wild coast

Day 3: Beautiful scenery of Mayombe

Day 4: Excursion to Lebanda

Day 5: Cap on Brazzaville

Day 6: Along the Congo River

Day 7: Meeting with gorillas

Day 8: Crossing of the Plateaux region

Day 9: Departure on Odzala

Day 10: Excursion to Odzala-Kokoua National Park

Day 11: Observation of wildlife and flora

Day 12: Last hot of nature in Odzala

Day 13: Directorate Ouesso

Day 14: Immersion in Pygmy Culture

Day 15: Canoe day to Bornassa

Day 16: Walk in the canopy

Day 17: Hiking in Mbeli Mbai

Day 18: Return to Bomassa

Day 19: Walk in Brazzaville

Day 20: Last day in Congo

Day 1 : Arrival in Pointe-Noire

Arrival flight Paris - Pointe-Noire in the morning. Welcome to the hotel. Discovery of the city and the wild coast.

Day 2 : Pointe-Noire, the wild coast

Day2 : Pointe-Noire, the wild coast ©Stéphane DAMANT

Visit of the surroundings of Pointe-Noire in the direction of Madingo Kayes: Diosso gorges, Loango museum, fishing village.

Day 3 : Beautiful scenery of Mayombe

Day3 : Beautiful scenery of Mayombe ©Florence Danner

Departure by train to Dolisie, capital of the Niari region. Discovery of the door of Mayombe and Mount Mbamba. Installation at the hotel.

Day 4 : Excursion to Lebanda

Day4 : Excursion to Lebanda ©Florence Danner

Tours of Sossi waterfalls. After going to the tree of Brazza, visit the caves of Step, then return to the hotel.

Day 5 : Cap on Brazzaville

Day5 : Cap on Brazzaville ©Stéphane DAMANT

Departure in the morning for Brazzaville by plane. Hotel facilities and discovery of the city.

Day 6 : Along the Congo River

Day6 : Along the Congo River ©Stéphane DAMANT

Cruise on the Congo River. Mbamou Islands, Faignaud. Lunch at Otsina Lodge. Visit of the village of Yoro and return to the hotel.

Day 7 : Meeting with gorillas

Day7 : Meeting with gorillas ©Stéphane DAMANT

Departure from Brazzaville for the Mah village 100 km north. Visit of the Lesio Louna gorilla reserve. Meals at the lodge. Visit of Blue Lake. Accommodation at Mah.

Day 8 : Crossing of the Plateaux region

Day8 : Crossing of the Plateaux region ©Clarisse LHEZ

Departure to go to Gangs, locality on the edge of the river Kouyou.

Day 9 : Departure on Odzala

Stopover and lunch in the town of Palmeraie. Arrival and night at the Odzala (M'Boko) main camp in the heart of the national park.

Day 10 : Excursion to Odzala-Kokoua National Park

Guided tours in the park with its natural saltworks which are the focal point of all wildlife.

Day 11 : Observation of wildlife and flora

Day11 : Observation of wildlife and flora ©Congo Conservation Company

Departure for a safari in Odzala-Kokoua National Park

Day 12 : Last hot of nature in Odzala

After a last visit through the park, return and night in Gangs.

Day 13 : Directorate Ouesso

Day13 : Directorate Ouesso ©Stéphane DAMANT

Flight Gangs - Ouesso. Hotel facilities, visit of the city and its markets.

Day 14 : Immersion in Pygmy Culture

Day14 : Immersion in Pygmy Culture ©Clarisse LHEZ

Boarding on motorized canoe to Pokola. After an hour's walk, meeting with Pygmies. Meals and night in their camp.

Day 15 : Canoe day to Bornassa

Day15 : Canoe day to Bornassa ©Stéphane DAMANT

Return by pirogue on the Sangha river, with a stopover at noon in Ouesso. Arrival in late afternoon in Bomassa. Walk to Wali Bai. Meals and overnight at the hostel.

Day 16 : Walk in the canopy

Morning walk on the Wali River. We arrive in Wali Bai to see the bongos and buffaloes. Return to Bomassa camp for breakfast. Departure for the Ndoki camp by 4x4, then walk to Mbeli with arrival around 1pm. Installation and meals. Mbeli Bai is 2 km from the camp. This is where you can observe the animals. A platform is suspended above the canopy.

Day 17 : Hiking in Mbeli Mbai

Walk accompanied by a guide that knows the flora in the forest. Breakfast and camping around Mbeli Mbai.

Day 18 : Return to Bomassa

Day18 : Return to Bomassa ©Thomas Morgan

Last visit to Wali River, return to Bomassa and departure to Ouesso. Visit the port and walk along the river. Night at the hotel.

Day 19 : Walk in Brazzaville

Day19 : Walk in Brazzaville ©Stéphane DAMANT

In the morning, return by domestic flight to Brazzaville. Installation at the hotel. Last visits of the city (Massengo sculpture workshop, Poto-Poto painting school, Congo gallery...).

Day 20 : Last day in Congo

Departure for Paris in the evening.

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