From the peninsula to Borneo, Malaysia in 3 weeks

Trip description

In summer and winter, the Malaysian peninsula is open to you, to all, for all ages. To discover and live your Malaysian experience to the fullest, do not hesitate to think outside the box and take the time to familiarize yourself with the inhabitants and their customs

Day 1: From Kuala Lumpur to Malacca

Day 2: Malacca

Day 3: Kuala Lumpur

Day 4: Des Batu Cellars aux Cameron Highlands

Day 5: Cameron Highlands

Day 6: On the way to Penang and Georgetown

Day 7: From Penang to Langkawi

Day 8: Langkawi

Day 9: Kota Bharu and the East coast

Day 10: Kuala Terrengganu

Day 11: Pulau Duyong

Day 12: En route to Sarawak

Day 13: Starting from Kuching

Day 14: Bako National Park

Day 15: Meeting the Iban

Day 16: En route to Sabah

Day 17: Kota Kinabalu

Day 18: Mount Kinabalu ascent

Day 19: Kuala Lumpur

Day 20: Kuala Lumpur and Chinatown

Day 1 : From Kuala Lumpur to Malacca

Day1 : From Kuala Lumpur to Malacca ©Stéphan SZEREMETA

As soon as you arrive in Kuala Lumpur, decide to go directly to Malacca, only a two-hour drive south. More picturesque and less crowded, Malacca will allow you to acclimatise gently to local temperatures. Stroll through the small streets of Chinatown and let yourself be tempted by Nyonya cuisine, a delicious blend of Malay and Chinese flavours.

Day 2 : Malacca

Day2 : Malacca ©Stéphan SZEREMETA

For this new day in Malacca, visit the main sites of interest, such as Christ Church or the Stadthuys. Try the cruise on the Sungai Melaka, for a glimpse of the surrounding kampungs, with several beautiful shophouses. Lunch on site and enjoy the city's charms again, before returning to Kuala Lumpur in the late afternoon. Once settled, dinner on Jalan Alor.

Day 3 : Kuala Lumpur

Day3 : Kuala Lumpur ©Stéphan SZEREMETA

For the early risers, you can pick up your ticket for the Petronas Towers SkyBridge. Otherwise, start your visit to Kuala Lumpur with Chinatown and the colonial district. Several temples, Chinese or Hindu, are of interest in Chinatown. In the direction of the colonial district, the Central Market is a must for a shopping session. Further away, the beautiful Masjid Jamek can be visited at certain times, and the padang of Merdeka Square gives a beautiful view of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. If you still have time, visit the exciting Museum of Islamic Arts or KL Bird Park, with the largest aviary in the world. Evening on the Bintang Walk.

Day 4 : Des Batu Cellars aux Cameron Highlands

Day4 : Des Batu Cellars aux Cameron Highlands ©Yukiko Yamanote - Iconotec

In the morning, explore the Batu Cellars outside Kuala Lumpur. An exceptional site where every year the Hindu Festival of Thaipusam takes place. Return to Kuala Lumpur for lunch and departure for Cameron Highlands by bus. Late afternoon. Walk to Tanah Heights and dinner on site.

Day 5 : Cameron Highlands

Day5 : Cameron Highlands ©s-eyerkaufer

Visit of the Boh Tea Plantation. Stroll through the tea plants and enjoy British cuisine at the Smokehouse restaurant. Back on Tanah Ice, follow the hiking trails for an overview of the Perak jungle where Jim Thompson, the American silk Baron, disappeared without leaving traces. New night to enjoy the air of altitude.

Day 6 : On the way to Penang and Georgetown

Day6 : On the way to Penang and Georgetown ©Yukiko Yamanote - Iconotec

In the morning, departure for Penang and Georgetown. Choose to stay in Georgetown's old quarter, close to the Heritage Trail. Stroll through the monuments, art galleries and shophouses, each more picturesque than the next. Lunch and dinner in the local style, including some very good Chinese restaurants.

Day 7 : From Penang to Langkawi

Day7 : From Penang to Langkawi ©Yukiko Yamanote - Iconotec

Visit of Superbe Fatt Mansion Mansion and lunch at New World Park for a good overview of the Penang Hawker kitchen. Departure for Langkawi Island in the afternoon. Relax on the beach in the evening.

Day 8 : Langkawi

Day8 : Langkawi ©Stéphan SZEREMETA

Relax on Langkawi, with the possibility of discovering the mangrove. In the evening, flight for Kuala Lumpur.

Day 9 : Kota Bharu and the East coast

Day9 : Kota Bharu and the East coast ©Stéphan SZEREMETA

From Kuala Lumpur, departure for the east coast, its fishing villages and white sandy beaches. Cities rooted in their traditions and nature escape offer an interesting blend, including Kota Bharu for its atmosphere, local crafts and market.

Day 10 : Kuala Terrengganu

Day10 : Kuala Terrengganu ©Yukiko Yamanote - Iconotec

Next trip to Kuala Terrengganu, especially to visit its famous Chinatown.

Day 11 : Pulau Duyong

For relax or diving, visit the island of Pulau Duyong.

Day 12 : En route to Sarawak

Day12 : En route to Sarawak ©Stéphan SZEREMETA

Return to Kuala Lumpur to fly to Kuching in Sarawak.

Day 13 : Starting from Kuching

Day13 : Starting from Kuching ©Yukiko Yamanote - Iconotec

From Kuching, visit the Semenggoh Orang-utan Orang-utan rehabilitation centre.

Day 14 : Bako National Park

Day14 : Bako National Park ©Stéphan SZEREMETA

Also in the vicinity of Kuching, visit the nearby Bako National Park for an overview of the mangrove swamp and local flora and fauna.

Day 15 : Meeting the Iban

End your stay in Sarawak with a trip up the Batang Ai, to stay at the Nanga Sumpa longhouse and meet the Iban population

Day 16 : En route to Sabah

Day16 : En route to Sabah ©Stéphan SZEREMETA

Return to Kuala Lumpur to fly to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah.

Day 17 : Kota Kinabalu

After a little rest, discover the surroundings, including Tunku Abdul Rahman National Marine Park for a little snorkeling.

Day 18 : Mount Kinabalu ascent

Finish your stay by climbing (also possible in two or three days) from Mount Kinabalu, with or without ferrata.

Day 19 : Kuala Lumpur

Day19 : Kuala Lumpur ©Stéphan SZEREMETA

Return to Kuala Lumpur for a shopping session.

Day 20 : Kuala Lumpur and Chinatown

Day20 : Kuala Lumpur and Chinatown ©Stéphan SZEREMETA

Before returning to Europe, take advantage of your last day to visit Chinatown and once again take part in one of Malaysia's most picturesque neighbourhoods.

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