In the footsteps of Kongo's kingdom

Trip description

Discovery tour of the fascinating Central Kongo province, rich in history, geography, nature and culture, just a few hours from Kinshasa. In the past, this province covered part of the kingdom of Kongo, which extended from the Atlantic Ocean to the Kwango River in the former province of Bandundu. It was from the mouth of the river that the first European explorers discovered this region and set foot on the country's soil for the first time. It is also through this route that the caravan of slaves passed through as part of the Portuguese slave trade from the 16th century onwards.

Day 1: Zongo falls

Day 2: Kisantu

Day 3: Mbanza Ngungu

Day 4: Kimpese

Day 5: Matadi

Day 6: Matadi (bis)

Day 7: Luki

Day 8: Boma

Day 9: Moanda

Day 10: Point of Banana

Day 11: Nkamba

Day 12: Ngombe Lutete

Day 13: Kinshasa

Day 1 : Zongo falls

Departure for the Zongo Falls. Visit of falls and beach at the mouth of the Inkisi River and the Congo River. Night in Zongo.

Day 2 : Kisantu

Day2 : Kisantu ©C. Thirion

Botanique botanical garden created by Brother Gillet in 1900. Relaxation and accommodation at the Mbuela Lodge.

Day 3 : Mbanza Ngungu

Visit of the cave to blind fish and colonial buildings.

Day 4 : Kimpese

Day4 : Kimpese ©C. Thirion

Departure for Kimpese. Visit of the Vampa Falls. Continuation on Matadi.

Day 5 : Matadi

Day5 : Matadi ©C. Thirion

Visit of the city (belvedere, monuments to porters, the Mpozo valley...).

Day 6 : Matadi (bis)

Day6 : Matadi (bis) ©Ph. Wyvekens

Sports climbing to the Pallabala plateau to the first Protestant church in Congo and Diogo Cao rock. Alternative: guided tour from (or barrage d'Ingaback to).

Day 7 : Luki

Luki Biosphere Reserve (33,000 ha) managed by WWF in the Mayumbe Forest. Swimming, walks, exchanges with the villagers. Overnight in Luki's cottage.

Day 8 : Boma

Day8 : Boma ©C. Thirion

Visit of the city, monuments and historical sites (cathedral, residence of the first colonial governor, the baobab of Stanley...).

Day 9 : Moanda

Day9 : Moanda ©Ph. Wyvekens

Visit of Nsiamfumu and various places of memory on the slave route. Beaches (Tonde), swimming and barbecue.

Day 10 : Point of Banana

Visit of the mouth of the Congo River on the Atlantic Ocean. Boarding for a day of visit in the amazing Marine Park of mangroves (manatees, turtles, sea turtles). Night in Moanda or in the park.

Day 11 : Nkamba

Day11 : Nkamba ©C. Thirion

Stop on the way back to Kinshasa at the city of Nkamba (New Jerusalem), bastion of the Kimbanguist religion, via Mbanza Ngungu. Visit of the prophet's mausoleum, a temple with 37,000 seats... Night in Nkamba.

Day 12 : Ngombe Lutete

Departure for Ngombe Lutete (Protestant mission where Simon Kimbangu was baptized). Continuation on Mbanza Ngungu (formerly Thysville): visit of the court, the prison where Simon Kimbangu was imprisoned... Night in Mbanza Ngungu.

Day 13 : Kinshasa

Return to Kinshasa.

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