Long stay in Honduras

Trip description

This period is better suited to imprégner all facets of Honduras: wild ocean, Maya archaeological heritage, paradise sea, exuberant nature. This stay begins in Tegucigalpa, the political capital, and ends in Tegucigalpa or in San Pedro Sula, the economic capital (simplest option). Please note that the itinerary passes through places that are still not tourist.

Day 1: Cape Town on Fonseca

Day 2: Excursion to Isla del Tigre

Day 3: Mayan remains

Day 4: Discovery of local coffee production

Day 5: Ornithology day

Day 6: Cape heading north

Day 7: Canoe trip in the mangroves

Day 8: Along the Caribbean coast

Day 9: Quiet day in Guanaja

Day 10: Discovery of new islands

Day 11: Observation of the seabed

Day 12: Strong sensations on the Rio Cangrejal

Day 13: Magnificent wild nature

Day 14: In the heart of the jungle

Day 15: Second day of exploring the jungle

Day 16: Immersion in local culture

Day 17: Back to reality

Day 18: End of stay

Day 1 : Cape Town on Fonseca

Day1 : Cape Town on Fonseca ©milosk50 - Shutterstock.com

Hardly arrived in Tegucigalpa, no dead time, go to the Gulf of Fonseca.

Day 2 : Excursion to Isla del Tigre

Go to Isla del Tigre ("Tiger Island"), a land of adventure where landscapes evoke images from the ends of the earth.

Day 3 : Mayan remains

Day3 : Mayan remains ©Florie THIELIN

Return to the capital, Tegucigalpa, to take the bus to Copán Ruinas. The Mayan ruins of Copán are among the most beautiful archaeological sites in Central America

Day 4 : Discovery of local coffee production

Around Copán Ruinas, many excursions are possible: visit a coffee plantation, for example.

Day 5 : Ornithology day

Day5 : Ornithology day ©holgs - iStockphoto.com

You can also visit Macaw Mountain, where you can see many brightly coloured birds, toucans, macaws and parrots.

Day 6 : Cape heading north

Departure to reach Tela (via San Pedro Sula), a city bordering the Caribbean sea, not affected by tourism. The beaches next door are perfect places for swimming and sunbathing.

Day 7 : Canoe trip in the mangroves

Go for a walk in the mangroves and nature reserves of Tela, which are real jewels for ecotourism lovers.

Day 8 : Along the Caribbean coast

Day8 : Along the Caribbean coast ©mundosemfim - Shutterstock.com

Drive along the coast to Trujillo. Rest there if necessary and then take a boat to Guanaja, the wildest of the three islands in the bay. Perfect to immerse yourself in the lives of its inhabitants, very welcoming

Day 9 : Quiet day in Guanaja

Take a day to relax on the beaches and discover the surroundings.

Day 10 : Discovery of new islands

Day10 : Discovery of new islands ©Angela N Perryman - Shutterstock.com

Then go to the island of Utila (more festive) or Roatan (more tranquil). Ferries travel back and forth almost every day from La Ceiba.

Day 11 : Observation of the seabed

Diving or snorkeling day

Day 12 : Strong sensations on the Rio Cangrejal

Day12 : Strong sensations on the Rio Cangrejal ©Nicolas LHULLIER

Leave the island to join La Ceiba. From La Ceiba, go rafting on the Rio Cangrejal.

Day 13 : Magnificent wild nature

Visit one of the many nature reserves to observe the rich tropical fauna and flora (birds, monkeys...)

Day 14 : In the heart of the jungle

Day14 : In the heart of the jungle ©François JANNE DOTHEE

For those who want an adventure in the jungle, to meet the indigenous peoples, excursions can be organized from La Ceiba to La Moskitia (which is a little the Central American Amazon). However, there is a need for several days.

Day 15 : Second day of exploring the jungle

We continue this excursion to the jungle.

Day 16 : Immersion in local culture

Take a day to visit the Garifuna fishing villages around La Ceiba.

Day 17 : Back to reality

Day17 : Back to reality ©Mtcurado - iStockphoto

Go back to La Ceiba to take a bus to San Pedro Sula, or a plane (or bus, but much longer) to Tegucigalpa. From nature to city, change is rather radical...

Day 18 : End of stay

Plane to France.

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