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The Bavarian capital is full of surprises! Whether you are travelling with family, couples or friends, Munich will be able to meet your expectations. We offer some ideas to discover the city from a different angle.

Day 1: Cultural itinerary

Day 2: Munich and its castles

Day 3: Munich and sport

Day 4: Technology and technology

Day 5: Half a day in Segway

Day 1 : Cultural itinerary

Day1 : Cultural itinerary ©Association du Tourisme Région des Cinq Lacs de St

Plan your visit to Munich accordingly. Thus, several days devoted to museums and architecture of the city are necessary. Here are the highlights of your stay: Odeonplatz-Theatinerkirche-Feldherrnhalle-Residenz-Wittelbacherplatz-Pinacothèques-Reich der Kristalle-Glyptothek-Lenbachhaus. Of course, the city is full of many other cultural sites, including a multitude of independent galleries

Day 2 : Munich and its castles

Day2 : Munich and its castles ©Peter Atkins - Fotolia

Nymphenburg, Amalienburg and Blutenburg. This is an opportunity to discover rural and traditional Bavaria, which is less and less common in the city centre. It is necessary to count at least half a day for each castle.

Day 3 : Munich and sport

Day3 : Munich and sport ©Lawrence BANAHAN - Author's Image

Visit the Olympiastadion, which hosted the 1972 Summer Olympic Games and climbed to the top of the Olympiaturm, the most beautiful 360° view of Munich with the Alps in the background. This is followed by a visit to the Allianz Arena stadium, where the matches of the city's two professional teams take place, and a stroll around the training grounds of the great Bayern Munich. For those who practice, don't hesitate to take to the water with your surf (an official spot) or climb the highest climbing wall in Europe (35 m) at the Olympic complex.

Day 4 : Technology and technology

Day4 : Technology and technology ©Lawrence BANAHAN - Author's Image

Discover the history of German transport through a magnificent collection of cars, motorcycles and other locomotives at the Verkehrszentrum of the Deutsches Museum. Then, a visit to the BMW factories is a must for all lovers of beautiful engines, technology... and James Bond in Pierce Brosnan style.

Day 5 : Half a day in Segway

Day5 : Half a day in Segway ©Lawrence BANAHAN - Author's Image

Or how to walk in Munich without effort... or almost. This new way of urban travel has been going on for many years. It's not surprising, therefore, to find guided tours on these drôles nommés machines. You can then discover the wonders of the city within a few hours.

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