A big weekend in Split

Trip description

A weekend in Split makes it possible to make a precise idea of the Croatian city. Before coming back to explore the coast that leads to Dubrovnik.

Day 1: Diocletian Palace and shopping

Day 2: Market and gazebo

Day 3: Archeological Museum and Bathing

Day 1 : Diocletian Palace and shopping

Day1 : Diocletian Palace and shopping ©Author's Image

Head for the centre of Split from the Silver Gate and you will arrive at the Peristyle, the open, rectangular square that forms the heart of the palace. Surrounded by columns on the east, south and west sides, the Peristyle gave access to Diocletian's apartments, the mausoleum and temples. Enjoy a moment out of time. On your left stands the mausoleum of Diocletian, now the current cathedral. Take the time to visit it, then climb up to the last steps of the bell tower to admire the panoramic view Go down the steps leading to the underground rooms. When you leave, you will be facing the sea, on the riva. Continue by visiting the temple of Jupiter Then, take a stroll along the Marmont shopping street (Marmontova). Finish the day by visiting one of the art galleries in the centre or the city's historical museum

Day 2 : Market and gazebo

Day2 : Market and gazebo ©Author's Image

Start with a tour of the old town market (Stari Pazar), located to the east of the palace. Stroll along the river to reach the Veli Varoš district, located at the foot of Mount Marjan. Stroll through the alleys to contemplate the popular architecture of this former fishing district Enter the mountain Marjan and have your coffee at Terasa Vidilica, located next to the old Jewish cemetery. Take the time to enjoy the calm of the belvedere by admiring both the old town and the port from which ferries leave and return, linking it to the neighbouring islands. The temperature of the "green lung" is taken by a walk inside the pine forest. Go back down to the Ivan Meštrovic Gallery and finish with a swim at sunset.

Day 3 : Archeological Museum and Bathing

Day3 : Archeological Museum and Bathing ©Author's Image

If you have not had the opportunity to stop at the Archeological Museum of Split, this third day will allow you to complete your knowledge of the city by visiting this magnificent site. In the afternoon, enjoy a swim on one of the many coves that you can find west of the city.

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