Lubango Region in 5 days

Trip description

Discovery of Angola by visiting the capital Luanda, as well as the city of Lubango and its surroundings. Beautiful natural landscapes in perspective!

Day 1: First steps in Luanda

Day 2: Talatona, international district

Day 3: De de Mussulo

Day 4: Lubango

Day 5: Lubango and its surroundings

Day 1 : First steps in Luanda

©Dominique VERDUGO

Visit of Fortress S. Miguel followed by Cidade Alta and Cidade Baixa. Visit of museums and churches. Walk late afternoon on Marginal from the port of Luanda. Dine in one of the many restaurants in the city centre.

Day 2 : Talatona, international district


Visit of the Agostinho Neto Memorial and the Talatona district. Go (or return) by boat from the commercial port of Luanda, and take the other route along the long Rua da Samba to discover all its shops and "house" signs. Depending on the time dedicated to the visit of Luanda, the season (cacimbo or rainy season), your tastes (beach or no beach), integrate on Day 1 or 2 the visit to the Ilha do Cabo during the day or in the evening, or even better, both.

Day 3 : De de Mussulo

Visit of the Museum of Slavery and excursion to the peninsula of Mussulo. The visit of this museum can also be programmed towards Kissama National Park, towards the beaches of Cabo Ledo or south of the country. Remember that it is highly recommended to leave downtown at dawn (or before dawn) for day trips or large trips to avoid losing a large number of hours in traffic jams.

Day 4 : Lubango


The city, which was called Sa da Bandeira until 1975, was mainly developed by settlers from Madeira Island and is one of the highest cities in the country (1,720 m). It is 1h30 by plane from the capital (compared to almost 15h by bus). Keep a day to reach Lubango and if you have time, start your visit in the city centre.

Day 5 : Lubango and its surroundings


Visit of the city centre and direction Cristo Rei, a 14-metre statue with the effigy of Christ at an altitude of 2,130 metres. The day continues with the Estrada da Tundavala located northwest of Lubango. This natural site, which culminates at an altitude of 2,600 m, will give you a breathtaking view of Angola and its high plateaus. The rest of your visit will be followed by the Serra da Leba and its landscaped terraces, which will also offer you superb views and breathtaking natural landscapes. To get there, you will have to take 21 bends over 14 kilometres. A photograph worthy of a postcard at the end of the day, a beautiful reward, isn't it?

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