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Trip description

This ten-day tour takes us to the centre of the country for a stay rich in experiences, which will immerse you in local life.

Day 1: From Paris to Yaoundé

Day 2: Visit of the capital

Day 3: Cape Town on Bafoussam

Day 4: Charming town of Bangangté

Day 5: History and tradition in Foumban

Day 6: Local dance and archaeological visit

Day 7: Trek in breathtaking landscapes

Day 8: Road to Bamenda

Day 9: Directorate the capital

Day 10: Last walk in Yaoundé

Day 1 : From Paris to Yaoundé

Day flight, arrival at the end of the day, reception and transfer to the hotel; free evening.

Day 2 : Visit of the capital

Day2 : Visit of the capital ©Sidy YANSANÉ

Visit of Yaoundé, the Belle (Mount Fébé, the Palais des Congrès, the monument of Reunification, the Ahmadou-Ahidjo stadium, boulevard du 20-May and its official buildings, the cathedral Notre-Dame in Yaoundé...), afternoon around the pool of Club Noah; " select "or" exotic "dinner in the city.

Day 3 : Cape Town on Bafoussam

Day3 : Cape Town on Bafoussam ©Jasantiso - iStockphoto

Yaoundé-Bafoussam. Morning departure for Bafoussam; arrival in the afternoon, welcome to the hotel, small tour of this crossroads city and free evening.

Day 4 : Charming town of Bangangté

Departure in the morning for Bangangté; On-site lunch and visit of the village and its leadership; return to Bafoussam late in the day after a stop in Bandjoun to visit the leadership; free evening.

Day 5 : History and tradition in Foumban

Bafoussam-Foumban. Visit of the UCCAO coffee factory in Bafoussam, then departure, late in the morning, for Foumban; On-site and afternoon lunch devoted to the visit of the Palace of the Sultan and its Museum, to the visit of the Museum of Arts and Bamouns Traditions and workshops of craftsmen (shopping opportunity); night in Foumban.

Day 6 : Local dance and archaeological visit

In Foumban, visit the CECCAN (Centre de la culture, de la choreographie et des arts du Noun) for a ritual dance. In the afternoon go to the site of Msem, these remains of the Noun warriors' fortification about ten kilometers from the Royal Palace of Foumban.

Day 7 : Trek in breathtaking landscapes

Sportive excursion to Mount Mbapit, admire its crater lake dominated by 200 m walls! Return to Foumban.

Day 8 : Road to Bamenda

Departure early in the morning for Bamenda and Ring Road. Night in Bamenda.

Day 9 : Directorate the capital

Day9 : Directorate the capital ©Jasantiso - iStockphoto

Bamenda-Yaoundé. Stop in Makénéné for lunch; road to Yaoundé and arrival in the capital late in the afternoon; hotel reception and free evening.

Day 10 : Last walk in Yaoundé

Free day in Yaoundé, possibility of walking in the city centre or relax (at the Hilton Hotel pool, Hotel Du Mont or Noah Club); departure for Paris late in the day.

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